How to Convert SFP to Ethernet?

How to Convert SFP to Ethernet?

How to Convert SFP to Ethernet?

How to connect sfp to ethernet

sfp ports and rj45 ports are the most common interfaces used in gigabit ethernet applications. and we complete the fiber to ethernet or ethernet to fiber conversion through these ports. How much do you know about sfp ports and rj45 ports? and do you know how to convert sfp to ethernet? this article will explain these questions.

what are sfp ports?

sfp ports are hot-pluggable input and output interfaces. they are seen in network switches or network interface cards. and the sfp port is capable of working with the 1000base-sx, 1000base-lx/lh, 1000base-zx, or 1000base-bx10-d/u standards.

Currently, network switches are often designed with two or more sfp ports, which comply with the ieee 802.3ab standard. Please note that in all cases, the SFP transceiver module must be inserted for the SFP ports to work. ports make it possible for gigabit switches to connect to fiber and copper cables, converting sfp to ethernet or ethernet to sfp and completing the switching function.

what are rj45 ports?

The rj45 port, which stands for registered connector 45, is the ubiquitous ethernet-style data port seen on switches, routers, and network cards, following the 1000base-t ethernet standard. only support rj45 cables such as cat5e, cat6 with 1gbit/s transmission speed. By far the most common use of the RJ45 port is with Ethernet data connections from computer network cards, wireless access points, network switches, and routers in home and business networks. the rj45 ports on a data switch use the embedded design. Connecting two rj45 copper switches, we only need cat5e or cat6 copper cables. but if we want to convert ethernet to sfp, an rj45 sfp transceiver is required.

fs solutions to convert sfp to ethernet

From the above, we have a good understanding of sfp ports and rj45 ports. are the interfaces to convert sfp to ethernet or ethernet to sfp. but how? here fs offers two solutions for you.

As we mentioned earlier, network switches on the market are usually equipped with sfp ports. thus, under this circumstance, we can use sfp modules to complete the interconnections between switches or servers. insert the sfp ethernet module into network switches, then plug one end of cat5e or cat6 cables into transceivers, and the other end connect with other terminal devices. this figure shows how we can use sfp transceiver for our conversion need.

convert SFP to Ethernet

we can see that this is a complete solution, covering the following equipment.

if your switch doesn’t have sfp ports then you need an ethernet media converter. It is a device used to interconnect fiber and copper cables to facilitate communication between them. This device looks like a small box where fiber and copper cables can be plugged into it. here is the sfp to ethernet converter from It has one rj45 port and one sfp port. and the mini converter can support utp convention from 1000base-x to 10/100/1000base-t. Designed with a compact package size, it is a reliable plug and play converter. therefore, simply plug the fiber and copper cables into the slots and connect the other ends of the cables to the terminal devices, ensuring that the entire network works properly. The following video shows how to use fs fiber optic media converters to convert sfp to ethernet.


Using sfp transceiver module or ethernet media converter can help us convert sfp to ethernet, which can better expand network function. offers a wide selection of complete sfp to ethernet or ethernet to sfp solutions. choose for the right product to meet the needs of your conversion project.

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