Skullcandy Sesh Evo Manual | Step-by-Step Pairing Guide

Skullcandy Sesh Evo Manual | Step-by-Step Pairing Guide

Skullcandy Sesh Evo Manual | Step-by-Step Pairing Guide

How to connect sesh evo earbuds

Video How to connect sesh evo earbuds

It is no secret that wireless headphones have become very popular among users due to the convenience they provide us. Because of this, skullcandy introduced its users to the skullcandy sesh evo, and today we are going to see the correct way to configure and use them in this new skullcandy sesh evo manual.

skullcandy sesh evo manual | everything you need to know!

skullcandy sesh evo manual – how to pair skullcandy sesh evo?

Step 1: Remove the earbuds from the charging case. then put them back on and make sure the LEDs on both earbuds turn red.

Step 2: Remove the earbuds from the charging case. this will automatically put them into pairing mode.

Step 3: Open the list of bluetooth devices on your phone, computer or tablet and select “sesh evo“. the headphone leds will turn blue when they are connected. you should make sure to select “pair” if you see the bluetooth pairing request.

skullcandy sesh evo manual – how to load skullcandy sesh evo?

To charge the headphones, all you have to do is place them in their charging case, as long as it has enough battery, and they will start charging automatically.

skullcandy sesh evo manual – led indicators

  • solid blue: charging complete.
  • blinking red and blue: in pairing mode.
  • blinking red: needs charging.
  • solid red: no battery.

Skullcandy Sesh Evo Manual - LED indicators

skullcandy sesh evo manual – controls

  • manually turn on the earphones: press the touchpad of both earphones for two seconds.
  • manually turn off the earphones: press the touchpad on both earbuds for four seconds.
  • play/pause music: press the touchpad on either earbud once.
  • answer/end a call: press the touchpad once on either earbud.
  • forward song: press the touchpad on the right earbud for two seconds.
  • previous song: press the left earphone touchpad for two seconds.
  • volume +: press the left earphone touchpad right earphone twice.
  • volume -: press the left earphone touchpad twice.
  • activate voice assistant: press panel touch three times on either earbud.
  • delete paired device: press the touchpad on either earbud for ten seconds.

skullcandy sesh evo manual: how to know when skullcandy sesh evo is loaded?

During charging, the lights on the charging case will be red. when fully charged, the lights will turn off.

Skullcandy Sesh Evo Manual - How to know when Skullcandy Sesh Evo is charged?

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skullcandy sesh evo case won’t load

In case the charging case is not charging, 4 operations can be performed:

  1. wait a few moments for the headset to connect; it normally takes only a few seconds to start charging.
  2. check and see if there is any debris that has blocked the charging pins in the case or earbuds.
  3. check and see if the removable in-ear gels have been placed correctly in the acoustic port and, which could be preventing the earphones from seating properly in the case.
  4. the same issue could be interfering with the case lid as it closes and if you find it difficult to close the lid properly; it is an indicator that the headphones have not been adjusted correctly or perhaps it is due to the interference of the gels.

skullcandy sesh evo audio delay

Audio lag issue is due to wireless settings. To possibly resolve this issue, it is recommended to remove any paired devices and re-pair them for an improved connection.


frequently asked questions

skullcandy sesh evo – warnings

  1. never disassemble or reassemble the product to avoid malfunction or fire hazard.
  2. keep away from corrosive liquids to avoid product damage.
  3. keep away from extreme environments temperatures below -10°c or above 60°c.
  4. keep away from children and pets.
  5. never touch the headset with sharp objects, otherwise Otherwise, it will be easily scratched.
  6. Do not use the product in stormy weather to avoid malfunction or electric shock.
  7. If it has not been used for more than a month, please charge it and please keep it in time to make sure it is safe.
  8. Since the bluetooth signal cannot be transmitted underwater, swimming or diving will cause the signal to be disconnected or intermittent.

Hopefully you now know how to operate the headset from the previous skullcandy sesh evo manual. Do you want to know something about headphones? feel free to ask in the comments section.

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