Transfer Files from Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC and Vice Versa Transfer files from Phone to PC (Windows 7, Lollipop/Marshmallow) vs PC to Phone (Windows 7, Lollipop) vs PC to Phone (Windows 7, Marshmallow) . and 1 more - VisiHow

Transfer Files from Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC and Vice Versa Transfer files from Phone to PC (Windows 7, Lollipop/Marshmallow) vs PC to Phone (Windows 7, Lollipop) vs PC to Phone (Windows 7, Marshmallow) . and 1 more – VisiHow

Transfer Files from Samsung Galaxy S4 to PC and Vice Versa Transfer files from Phone to PC (Windows 7, Lollipop/Marshmallow) vs PC to Phone (Windows 7, Lollipop) vs PC to Phone (Windows 7, Marshmallow) . and 1 more – VisiHow

How to connect s4 to computer

how to backup files on samsung galaxy s4?

Files are lost for a variety of reasons, so it’s important to always back them up. There are various ways to backup, and one of the most recommended is to use kies software. this will allow you to back up your important files and sync them with your computer.

  • download the kies installer with your s4 connected to your computer via usb.
  • basic information will be provided when the download is successful.
  • click the tab that says “back up or restore” and choose the files that need to be backed up.
  • reminder: do not turn off your phone during the process.

To create a backup, simply go to your phone settings, then go to privacy, from there you can find the option to create a backup of your phone.

There is another way to create a backup, but you will need software called kies and a computer. First is to install the latest driver on your phone computer, and download kies app for your computer and connect your phone with usb cable.

i am connecting my s4 to my pc, but i cant find the paste option. however, I have chosen both mtp & ptp i can transfer pictures from my device to pc, but i can’t transfer files from pc to device. how can i do that?

well you can try pressing ctrl + c and ctrl + v to see what happens. you can also drag the file from your pc to the pictures folder or memory card on your samsung galaxy s4. either one should work. Also, when you save it to the memory card, it will be in your phone’s external memory. so check there. if you save it in the images folder, it is more likely that you will find it in the internal memory of your phone, right in the images folder where you saved it.

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Is there no samsung kies available for windows 8?

Samsung Kies is also available for Windows 8. You can download the version compatible with your Windows 8 computer from the Samsung official site to download Kies and Kies 3. Windows 8 requires Microsoft’s Media Feature Pack. This package includes Windows Media Player and the necessary software.

The pc version of kies available on the samsung site is compatible with windows xp, windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8 operating systems. See system requirements here:

you can get the latest version of kies from the samsung site here.

what is mtp & ptp and when should I use which mode?

By the meaning of its acronym, mtp is a media transfer protocol, while ptp is an image transfer protocol. mtp allows the transfer of other media files from your galaxy s4 to your computer while ptp only allows the transfer of images. in a sense, mtp is the updated and improved version of ptp, so whenever possible make sure to use mtp. older computing devices don’t support mtp, so you can only use ptp with them. ptp should only be used when the device does not support mtp.

well here the meaning of that;

  • mtp stands for Multimedia/Media Transfer Protocol
  • ptp stands for Photo Transfer Protocol

mtp can be used when transferring files such as videos, music and images in your gallery. however, ptp is used to transfer photos that are captured directly from your phone or device.

The computer does not detect or connect to the device?

problem with usb cable

If the computer does not detect your device, you should check these possible causes:

  • . The usb cable may not be properly connected to the computer or your samsung galaxy s4. Make sure to securely insert the USB cable into both terminals to start the connection. also make sure you have a working usb cable. if your galaxy s4 charges when connected to computer then usb is ok; if not, replace the usb cable with a working one.
  • . the problem can also be in your computer or in the usb port of your galaxy s4. make sure other devices can connect to your devices using the same ports. You should also check both ports for impurities and dirt, as these foreign materials can interfere with the connections. if you notice dirt in any of the ports, gently remove it with a stick.
  • . If your computer does not have the drivers for your phone, please download and install Samsung Kies on your computer. Upon opening, connect your computer and phone using a USB cable. samsung kies will automatically install the correct drivers for your galaxy s4.

if your device won’t connect to your computer then the fault could be the cable, please make sure the cable you are using is 100% original to avoid mistakes while doing something. You can eventually replace it by going to any samsung store and buying a cable that is compatible with your device.

yes, depending on the cable you are using, it may have a negative effect on your device’s ability to transfer. when in fact you are using a dedicated chord only for charging, your device will not be detected by the computer.

Also make sure you go to settings>>>>my device>>>developer options>>>>>select usb debugging which will allow your device to connect to the computer

unsupported file on samsung s4/file format converters from unsupported formats to supported formats for video on s4?

supported audio formats

By default Samsung Galaxy S4 has these supported media file types:

  • – mp3, aac, aac+, eaac+, flac, wma, wav, amr, ogg, midi
  • – mpeg4, h.263, h.264, divx, xvid, wmv, avi, 3gp, flash video

If your file is not supported, you can convert your unsupported file to a supported one by downloading and installing file converters on your computer. You can also refer to this detailed article on converting media files (video/audio/photo) from one format to another + other useful features using your computer. you can also search mx player on play store or download directly from mobile web. mx player supports all popular video formats. before converting your file, try using mx player and see if the app reads it. this way, you won’t have to go through the hassles of transferring and converting files.

There are a variety of audio formats that can be played by your Samsung Galaxy S4. however, there are still some formats that such a device does not support. you can try to download from the play store the application called mx player. This app supports almost all common audio and video formats. if you don’t want it, you can try to convert it on your computer and transfer it to your phone.

samsung galaxy s4 says it can’t find software on my pc that recognizes my device; I am using a windows 7 pc and the phone is connected via usb cable.

If your computer can’t find the correct drivers from your phone, please download and install samsung usb driver on your computer. once the installation is complete, connect your phone to your computer and your computer should find the proper drivers for your phone. You can also download kies and follow the instructions on how to transfer files from galaxy s4 with samsung kies earlier in this article for more detailed tips.

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transfer music from cell phone to windows media player so i can burn a cd?

I plugged in my usb and all the music came out, but it won’t let me put it in the record list and it disappears when I unplug it. however, on the other computer in the house, i guess with wifi, it removed all the songs from the phone and will allow me to burn them to disc. i tried the kies air and it only goes so far and then stops. I have more than 650 songs on my phone. I need to get these songs on both computers to have double the backup

Instead of burning directly from the phone’s memory, first transfer the files to your computer, and then burn the files from your computer to a cd.

As part of copyright protection, some music files cannot be shared wirelessly, so copying them over a USB cable would be a feasible option. Once all the music files are copied from your phone to your PC, you can now continue to burn your files to the CD for backup purposes.

I suggest you first copy and paste the songs from your usb and save them all to your computer. now, instead of using windows media player to burn your music, use a program called cdburnerxp. you can download the program here.

It seemed like I copied the images from the s4 to the computer. i deleted them from s4… now i can’t find the files on the computer. Is there any chance that I can recover the lost data?

It seemed that I had copied the images from the s4 to the computer. i deleted them from s4… now i can’t find the files on the computer. Is there any chance that I can recover the lost data?

yes, you can recover it, but to do so you will need software called dr. phone for android installed on your computer. to download it just go here and download the file choose free trial. After downloading, please install and run the software, and connect your phone via usb cable.

On your device, you need to enable debugging mode, to do so, follow the instructions below.

  • all android versions 2.3 or earlier: go to “settings”, tap “applications”, tap “development” and < check> “usb debugging”
  • all android versions 3.0 to 4.1: go to “settings” < tap > “developer options” and< check >”usb debugging”
  • all android version 4.2 and later: go to “settings”, tap “about phone”, tap “build number” until you get a note “is on developer mode” &lt ; return to > “settings”, tap “developer options” and < check > “usb debugging”.

Now if you still get an error in the software about debugging, try disabling it and reboot your device. ten just follow the software instructions, click ok to scan your device data. sometimes it may take a long time, but please wait patiently. once it is done scanning, now you can see the files that were deleted, you just need to select the files you want to recover on your phone and you are good to go.

When I plug in the usb cable, nothing appears on the computer screen?

transfer files from samsung s4 to pc

you will need to enable usb connection on your s4. you will see it in the notification bar once you connect it. will look like this:

enable it and your computer will recognize it.

This may be due to the driver problem of your device connected to the pc. Once your device is connected, look at your phone and you will see some options on how the phone connects to the pc. just choose usb storage device or something similar. it will install a driver on your computer. now, once installed download the kies application and install it on the computer. run kies software and search for device driver troubleshooting to allow kies to update your device driver on your computer. once the update is done, restart your computer. then try to connect it again and you can fully manage your files on your computer using samsung kies software.

kies doesn’t see my phone. not connecting?

when i connect my phone, kies doesn’t recognize it

what samsung phone model do you have? if you have a high end smartphone such as the note3 or one that has the updated jelly bean 4.3 firmware you will want to use the latest kies 3.0 software found here:

download kies

It could also be a case of the usb drivers not installing correctly. If you have an older version of kies, I suggest you upgrade to kies 3. You may experience errors during the setup process, but just continue to allow the drivers to install. this worked on my note 2 while still on firmware 4.1.2.

if all else fails, try using a different usb port on the back of your computer or change the usb cable. Sometimes it’s the little things that we miss.

I am going to change from a 32gb sd card to a new 64gb sd card, i need to move the contents of the 32gb card to the pc. I guess this is what I should do.

I’m open to suggestions, but mostly I’m worried about missing key information, so I have to be careful/

yes, the best way to do it is through your pc. you will need a usb microsd card reader for your pc. They are quite cheap and can be picked up from any online store, like amazon or rakuten. here’s one you can refer to:

basically you just copy the contents of the 32gb card to your computer using the reader and then transfer it back to the 64gb card using the same reader.

h3>hello, thanks for wanting to help me?

my galaxy s4 can’t connect to my pc even though i have kies 3 installed on my pc

During the kies 3 installation process, did the drivers successfully install and recognize the s4 device at some point? you may need to uninstall and reinstall kies to fix this issue.

You can also try using a different usb cable or connecting to a different usb port on your computer to see if there is any damage to any of the components. it is recommended that you use the ports located on the back of the computer for best compatibility.

I can’t move files from my computer to my phone. when i copied the file from computer and pasted it to my phone, the file was uploaded for so long. what will i do now?

There are many reasons why you are having trouble copying files from your computer to your phone. If the transfer process is slow, try checking these fixes:

  • Download the latest drivers for your phone to your computer. Your computer may not have the updated drivers for your phone. you can download and install samsung usb drivers or samsung kies, so your computer will automatically install the correct drivers for your phone.
  • make sure your phone has enough memory to store the copied file completely. your phone may not have enough space to fit the file you are pasting from your computer. check if the remaining storage capacity of your phone is larger than the size of the file you are copying.
  • check the size of the file being transferred. the size of the file you are copying to your phone determines how long it takes to transfer. if you’re copying a large file, such as a copy of a blue-ray movie, don’t expect the transfer to complete right away. take a break and come back 30 minutes later to see the transfer status.
  • check your usb transfer speed. If you have an older USB port on your computer, transfer speeds are significantly slower compared to USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. if this is the case for you, you may need to wait a few minutes before the transfer completes.

there is no option for document transfer in kies 3. only music, photos, videos, story albums are allowed to transfer

kies 3 does not support transfer of other files except media files and story albums. however, there are still other options to transfer these files and all the popular ones are explained in this article. Please check the other ways to move files such as transfer to micro-sd card or use usb cable to transfer files from your phone to your computer.

is there any other way to transfer files from phone to computer without using samsung kies?

There are several ways you can transfer your files from your phone to your PC. not to mention, without using your samsung kies. You can do it as in: using the card reader, attaching to your email, wireless transfer, and directly connecting the phone via USB to the computer.

To get started, let’s talk about how to attach your email address. basically it’s the same as you are composing and email address on your phone and attaching those files and sending them to yourself or your other email address. Just keep in mind that there is an attachment limit per composition, which is only up to 25MB. beyond 25mb it would be another composition on your phone. once you have sent it to yourself, go to your computer, then download the attachment to your computer and save it, then watch as much as you want.

using an sd card reader. this is a very cheap adapter that you can buy at any electronic store to insert your sd card and have the computer read it. however, files that are in the phone’s internal memory will not be included. Just take out the SD card from the phone and then insert it into the card reader. If you have a laptop that has an SD card slot, you can skip buying a card reader.

wifi transfer. you can simply download an app from your google play store to transfer wirelessly. Download the app called wifi file transfer, this app is free but it has a transfer limit. You can only transfer files smaller than 5MB and must not be larger than 5MB. both devices must share the same local network.

connecting your phone via usb to your computer. you just need to get your phone ready and connect the phone to your computer via usb and select the mass storage on your phone and go to your computer and find the removable files and transfer from phone to computer.

windows 8.1 displays a transfer error every time one tries to start a transfer. what should i do?

not sure what error message you get when you try to transfer files from your samsung galaxy s4 to your windows 8.1 pc. This is a normal problem with Windows 8 operating system that Windows Firewall prohibits you from transferring files from one device or another, not only with your Samsung phone but also with other devices. what you can do is check the firewall and then disable your public firewall, instead of allowing access.

if you have the same problem disabling the windows public firewall, you can reinstall the windows os as there might be a problem with sftp/scp. for me to also check if this is not a problem with your phone and to isolate it try transferring some files to a different computer. If you also have friends with windows 8.1, you can ask them a favor to try it on their computer and see if you can transfer it.

if you want to transfer some files from your phone to your computer. you can also do it by email and bluetooth, although the transfer by email has a limited attachment of 25mb per composition and if you exceed it it would be another composition. for bluetooth, you just need to pair your computer and phone so they talk to each other and can transfer files from one to the other.

no icon appears on the screen

“”I downloaded samsung kies and still no icon appears on the screen””

if you already downloaded samsung kies for your computer, you should go to the downloads folder and find the installation to run it. during installation, in the final step, you will see there a box that would say create a desktop shortcut, then check the box and click finish to create a shortcut. if you already installed kies and didn’t create a shortcut during installation, you can create a shortcut instead. you can do it in two ways on how you can make one, just follow the steps below:

You can also just start the application from the folder where you found the application. here is another way to make a program shortcut.

samsung kies is a pos software program. I have to reinstall it every time I try to move files. that’s a ridiculous plan

Each town has its own opinion about certain products with which it was not satisfied or satisfied with what it bought. each town has its own pros and cons for each product they have. You should note that it might not be the issue with the samsung kies that you downloaded and installed on your computer. if you think it is a problem with kies, you can copy the installer and install it on another computer and do the usual if you find the same problem to find out if the problem is with the computer or with kies. you can ask your family or close friends for a favor to know the cause why you are still having the same problem when transferring files using kies.

If you encounter the same problem, you can simply contact samsung support (the contact number varies depending on the country you are in). for contact, you can go to this link for support

computer and phone do not recognize each other

If the phone is not detected by the computer when you plug it in, you should consider whether there is a security or something that could cause the phone and the computer to not recognize each other. what you need to do is isolate things to find out what is causing this problem. these are the things you need to do:

1. check the drivers. Normally, the drivers for the phone can be installed by simply connecting the phone to the computer and they will automatically install on your computer. Since phone and computer don’t recognize each other, you can download samsung drivers from this link.

2. try turning off the computer and phone. while the computer is off, turn on the phone, restart the computer and wait a couple of minutes and see if the phone is recognized by the computer. you will notice a message near the time indicating that the phone is being recognized or not.

3. try to start your computer in safe mode and check if the phone is being detected or not. if the phone is detected then it should install everything you need (drivers only).

4. try another usb cable as the cable you are using might have a problem at some point. if you don’t have a spare, you can simply call a friend and borrow or buy one from an e-shop as it is very cheap.

5. try turning off your computer’s firewall and antivirus as it may be the cause of the problem where the two devices are not communicating with each other. If you are afraid of getting viruses while both are off, you’d better turn off wifi on your computer or internet, and then check if the phone is being detected.

6. if all else fails i suggest you try another computer and see if the phone can be recognized that way. if so, then there is a problem with the security features of the computer (especially for multiple security like 2 antivirus, firewall, etc.). If you encounter the same problem that the phone is not detected, then the problem lies with your phone and you need to take it to an electronic repair center to check and solve it.

even when i open kies, my galaxy s4 device is not recognized by the mac.

the macintosh computer does not come with antivirus, as it has its own security features built into the computer. what you can do is uninstall then reinstall the samsung kies which you have downloaded for your macintosh computer. also try restarting the phone and the computer, then connect and reconnect the phone. you can also use a different macintosh computer and check if it detects the phone. Steps 4 through 6 above can be applied to a macintosh computer so you can isolate the problem and learn the cause of the undetected problem.

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