Starting the Second Row of Crochet: Working Into the Foundation Chain - Crafty With Ashy

Starting the Second Row of Crochet: Working Into the Foundation Chain – Crafty With Ashy

One of the main things you need to master when crocheting is working in the foundation chain. this is how you start your second row of crochet, and you should do it for almost every project where you work in rows. once you learn this, you’ll be ready for the rest of your project.

how do you start your second row? After you’ve finished your initial chains, rotate your work so you can work from right to left (if you’re right-handed). you will then insert your hook into the chain that is second from your hook and complete a single crochet. then make a single crochet in each chain across.

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so that’s the very basic answer to the question, but if you’re like most people who start knitting, that doesn’t mean much to you. what does the “second chain from the hook” mean? where do I put my hook in the chain stitch? Read on for a detailed description of how and where to work on your strings, and for helpful troubleshooting tips if you run into problems.

how to start crocheting in the base chain

working in the foundation chain is crochet lingo for when you’ve finished the row of chains required in your pattern (or to the length you want your project to be if you’re not following a pattern), and then you hit You go back to your work and crochet your second row, which is the first row of your “real” crochet stitches.

*for the sake of clarity, I’d like to point out that the row of full stitches you crochet into the foundation chain is actually called “row 1” in your pattern. the row of the base string does not count as a row when numbered. In the rest of the post, I will refer to the row of stitches worked in the foundation chain as “row 1”.

each of the basic crochet stitches actually requires a different way to start row 1. change a different number and insert the hook in a different place for each type of stitch.

so how do you start row 1 with each of the basic crochet stitches?

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