How to Hook Up Roku to TV Without HDMI in Seconds - Robot Powered Home

How to Hook Up Roku to TV Without HDMI in Seconds – Robot Powered Home

Last week I decided to buy the new roku stream stick as paying separately for each online service platform was quite expensive and complicated to be honest.

Curious about making the purchase, I immediately ran over to amazon and started looking at different roku models, ordering the roku streaming device.

Reading: How to connect roku without hdmi

Within a couple of days the package was delivered and I was very excited to set it up.

However, all of this only lasted until I found out that my old TV doesn’t have an hdmi input port.

that was really disappointing. but i was sure to find some way to connect the roku to my tv. so i did a deep dive on the internet.

After browsing the internet a bit, I found a couple of ways I can use to connect the roku to my tv.

to connect roku to tv without hdmi use an hdmi to av converter. This converter module converts the HDMI input to a Composite (RCA/AV) output that connects to the RCA ports on the back of your TV. Also, make sure the AV cables are plugged into their respective colored ports.

Besides this, I’ve also mentioned some other details that might help you lessen the hassle.

check what inputs your TV has

It is super important to know the type of input and output jacks available on your TV before buying any kind of extension.

There are a variety of input and output ports that you might find on a TV.

they can be hdmi, rca/composite, scart input/output (euro connector), ethernet/rj45 input, usb ports, auxiliary jacks, toslink, optical input/output, etc., to name a few.

hdmi and rca inputs are what we are going to discuss here. these are the common types of input systems we see on televisions.

hdmi is a comparatively new connection system and therefore may not be found on older TV models.

but on newer models, you may find hdmi and rcv ports.

how to set up roku on tv

Roku devices are capable of supporting a wide range of audio and visual standards, including 4K, HDR, Dolby standards, and others, and do so at sensible rates.

They also contain a number of useful features to enhance the viewing experience, such as an upgraded remote that can be pointed anywhere to operate the TV, or voice assistants that let you control the TV with your voice.


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it’s easy to set up a roku device:

  • connect the roku device to your tv via hdmi.
  • connect the device to a power source.
  • turn on your tv and select hdmi as input.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your roku, then enjoy your favorite streaming video.

get an hdmi to av converter

many roku models come without a composite connection port and this makes older tvs not compatible with roku.

This can be fixed by using an hdmi to av converter. These hdmi to av converters come with a video converter, power cord, and usb cable.

To set up the team, all you have to do is:

  • connect the hdmi output cable from your roku device to the converter adapter.
  • now connect the rca cables to the av input on the back of your tv.
  • Now connect your Roku device, converter adapter and TV to a power outlet using their respective power cords. and turn them on.

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the roku signal should appear on the TV screen if the setup was successful. Use your Roku remote to select the display source. select the tv/av option.

make sure the color of the wires matches the color of the plug it plugs into.

these cables carry the output signals from the roku device to the tv device through the converter.

use the roku express plus 2018 with your tv without hdmi

in 2018, roku launched its express plus model. an upgrade to your existing roku express.

This model is specially designed to turn any TV into a SmartTV. it comes with analog and hdmi ports.

this makes the device compatible with older and newer versions of tv.

To connect the Roku Express Plus, all you have to do is connect the output cable from your Roku device to the docking port on the back of your TV.

in this case, we use the composite input port. most analog TVs and newer TV models come with these composite input ports.

now connect the micro usb cable to the roku player. For the best experience, use the included power adapter to plug directly into a wall outlet.

if this is not possible, you can connect the other end of the micro usb cable to the usb port on the back of your tv. turn on the settings and enjoy.

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get a converter box for versatile connections

a converter box can be used to connect a roku player to your tv. translates a digital hdmi signal into an analog composite signal.

this, in turn, sends audio and video to the television.

Roku Premiere and Roku Express users can connect to their analog TVs with ease.

all that is required is that the roku device’s hdmi cable is connected to the converter box.

three rca/composite cables are located on the side of the converter box.

connect the analog composite cables to the corresponding 3rca port on the TV.

if the connections are successful, your device will be up and ready to be set up and you can now start streaming.

if you use a roku stream stick, you don’t need to have an hdmi connector to connect to the box. you can plug the device directly into the converter box.

“no signal” message on roku

This scenario can arise due to different elements. some of them are:

bad configuration/input:

You may have selected the wrong entry for your device. choose hdmi input if your roku device is connected to your tv via hdmi.

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but as in this article, if you are connected to a composite input, select the tv/av input.

power supply problem/no power supply:

your roku device needs an external power input to work. you can plug the device into a wall outlet or plug it back into the TV with the included cable.

however, it is recommended to connect the roku device to a wall socket or external source for maximum performance.

ports/defective device

a bad port can cause this problem.

Try connecting another device that supports the same port system and check if the connected device is working properly.

if yes, the problem is most likely with your roku device. having it checked by a professional (roku exec) might solve the situation.

contact support

for further assistance, you can visit the official roku website and access the support section where you can post queries and report complaints.

if a complaint is logged, the roku executive may contact you regarding the issue. so you can find a solution.


if you were puzzled about how to connect roku to your tv, i hope you are not now.

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Roku devices come with an HDMI output system and with the help of an AV converter, you can connect Roku to TVs that only have RCA input ports.

with roku express plus 2018 model, you can connect directly without any converter as they come with hdmi and composite output systems.

the only problem with connecting the roku to a composite input is the compromise in signal quality, especially video quality.

hdmi connections can support higher quality signals, such as 1080p, while the composite input system will not be able to handle or maintain this quality.

this is one of the main drawbacks of the composite system compared to the hdmi system.

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frequently asked questions

can roku connect to tv wirelessly?

yes you can connect roku to tv wirelessly. All Roku models are capable of connecting to a router via Wi-Fi.

how do i connect roku to tv without usb port?

You don’t need a usb port to connect your roku to your tv. all roku models connect to an hdmi input system, except the roku express plus, which has hdmi and rca/av output systems.

will a roku work on a regular tv?

technically, the answer is “no”. as all roku devices come with an hdmi port system. so any roku player is compatible with tvs with an hdmi input slot.

however, roku express plus comes in a hybrid configuration, with both hdmi and rca/av port systems, so it can be used on almost all TV models.

the other roku models can be connected to an older tv with the help of an hdmi to av converter.

how do i connect my roku to my wifi?

To set this up all you have to do is: turn on your devices >> press the home button on your remote >> now in the roku menu select settings >> select the network option >> now click on settings connection option >> select wireless >> wait for your device to be detected.

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