Rockford Fosgate Power Series Amps - Crutchfield

Rockford Fosgate Power Series Amps – Crutchfield

Rockford Fosgate Power Series Amps – Crutchfield

How to connect rockford fosgate amp

amps aren’t just for making your music louder. the extra power will make your music sound clearer and fuller, even at lower volumes. And if you like volume, the extra power of an external amplifier is exactly what you need.

how to choose an amplifier

You’ll see many options when choosing an amplifier, and making the right choice depends on what you’re trying to do:

  • Want to add more power to your factory stereo and speakers? choose a 4-channel amp with 45 or 50 watts per channel and make sure it has speaker-level inputs.
  • trying to power one or two subwoofers? get a lot of power with a single or 2 channel amp.
  • if you want to power your speakers and a subwoofer, then you need a multichannel amp with four (or more) channels.
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Below, we’ll briefly explain the different types of amplifiers and some of their key features. For more details, read our car amp buying guide.

types of car amplifiers

Each “channel” of an amplifier is a discrete source of energy intended to drive a loudspeaker. There are ways to use one channel to power multiple speakers, but be careful, this is an advanced trick. you can also combine two channels to power a single speaker. this is called “bridging” and it produces much more power than the separate channels would.

Mono Amps: If bass is your primary goal, check out these amps. single channel amplifiers or “monoblock amplifiers” offer the most performance per dollar for driving subwoofers. They offer a simple system setup and more power at lower impedances.

2-channel amplifiers: These amplifiers are used to drive two speakers (ideal for ATVs or older pickup trucks, for example). they can also be switched to mono mode to power a subwoofer.

4-channel amplifiers: 4-channel amplifiers offer a lot of flexibility in powering your car’s audio system. you can power all four speakers in your car, or you can use two channels to power your front speakers and the other two channels to power a subwoofer box.

5, 6 and 8 channel amplifiers: These amplifiers give you “full system” power in one box. A 5-channel amp has four channels to drive your four speakers, plus a higher-power fifth channel for your subwoofer. These amps are a popular choice for anyone who wants a system with simple setup and minimal loss of headroom. 6 and 8 channel amplifiers offer even more flexibility.

Mini Amps: These tiny power packs fit into small, out-of-the-way places in your vehicle, so you can put big power where it never would before. they are great on small cars. 2-channel versions are popular with motorcycle owners.

what to look for in a car amplifier

speaker level inputs: special type of inputs that allow you to connect the amplifier to a factory radio.

Built-in DSP: All amps have controls for basic sound adjustments. Amplifiers with a built-in digital signal processor (DSP) give you much more sophisticated sound-tweaking tools, usually through an app for your phone or tablet.

bluetooth connectivity: the ability to stream music wirelessly from your phone to the amplifier.

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