Set-Up Roblox For Your Children on Xbox, PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones

Set-Up Roblox For Your Children on Xbox, PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones

Set-Up Roblox For Your Children on Xbox, PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones

How to connect roblox to xbox

roblox is one of the most popular games right now. in fact, it is much more than a single game. as we describe in our roblox guide, it offers players a lot of different and evolving experiences to play.

Because this content is user generated (created and customized by other players) and the games are played online with others, it is important that you understand how to set up the game.

set user account

You set-up a user account on your web browser at Follow the steps to create a basic user before proceeding to specify security and interaction settings:

  • fill in date of birth, username and password.
  • specify an email address check regularly .
  • confirm your email address.
  • turn on two-step verification to protect your account.
  • turn on account pin to ensure no changes are made without permission.
  • turn on account restrictions to limit available games to those selected by roblox and limit online interactions.
  • add credit to spend in game.

verify age

Certain features in Roblox, such as the ability to talk to other players in-game with voice chat, require you to have verified your age. you do it like this:

  • open your settings page.
  • select the account information section.
  • click at verify age .
  • follow the instructions to provide your government-issued photo and ID.
  • once verified, you can use the section privacy to turn voice chat on or off.

Please note that if you enable voice chat, this is outside of the filtering that occurs for text chats in the system and it is possible to share information more easily with other players.

install roblox to play on pc or mac

To play Roblox games on your PC or Mac you need to install the Roblox software:

  • click the game you want to play.
  • click the play icon.
  • click to install roblox and run the installer when prompted .
  • your game will start.

install roblox to play on xbox

To play Roblox on an Xbox One, Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X you need to follow these steps to download and configure the game to use your account:

  • Sign in to your xbox with the xbox account you want to use to play roblox.
  • open microsoft store on the xbox console.
  • search for roblox and click download .
  • you will receive a confirmation email from xbox.
  • load roblox and click login to roblox.
  • login your username and password.
  • link your xbox account to roblox like described below.
  • select a game you want to play. You’ll need to play five roblox-selected games before you can choose from the larger list.

link xbox account to roblox

To be able to access online content and interact with other players you need to follow these steps on your Xbox console:

  • with roblox open, press x to see account settings.
  • you may need to grant access to multiplayer features:
  • login as your primary user.
  • navigate to settings | manage family accounts.
  • select the child user who will play roblox.
  • select view details and customize.
  • set can join multiplayer matches to allow.
  • set can view and upload community creations for everyone.
  • save these settings.
  • login again as a secondary user.
  • once configured, you should see three green circles in the account settings page for roblox.

configure smartphone and tablet

You can also set-up and play Roblox on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. This enables you to create user accounts and play in one place:

  • download roblox from the app store on your device.
  • sign in with your roblox account.
  • enter the verification your email receipt.
  • select settings to confirm that account information, security and interaction settings are appropriate.
  • select the game you want to play and tap play.
  • please note that if multiple children use the same device, it is important to set up 2 verification steps so they can’t use each other’s accounts without permission.
  • You should also make sure that the in-app purchase settings on your device require a password before it can be used. complete any transaction.

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