Is Roblox on Oculus Quest 2: How to play Roblox in VR on Oculus Quest 2

Is Roblox on Oculus Quest 2: How to play Roblox in VR on Oculus Quest 2

Is Roblox on Oculus Quest 2: How to play Roblox in VR on Oculus Quest 2

How to connect roblox to oculus

wondering if roblox is available in oculus quest 2 or not? we’ve got you covered!

roblox supports vr, as long as you’re using an oculus rift or htc vive. but whether or not it is now available in quest 2 is the question we are examining today. Unlike Rift or Vive, Quest 2 is designed as a stand-alone device, so you don’t specifically need a computer to use it.

so has roblox made a version compatible with quest 2? Let’s find out.

is roblox on oculus quest 2?

Yes, you can play Roblox on Oculus Quest 2. But it’s not as easy as just buying the game from the Oculus Quest store. That’s because Roblox is not designed to run on standalone hardware. Rather, it supports VR headsets, as long as you’re running it through your PC. hence support for htc vive and oculus rift.

The good news is that you can use your PC to play Roblox on your Oculus Quest 2. It only takes a few extra steps and then you’re good to go. You can do this using an oculus link cable or you can connect wirelessly to your pc and play the game that way. We explain everything below.

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how to play roblox in vr in mission 2

to play roblox quest 2 via link cable, this is what you need to do:

  • download and install the oculus app on your pc
  • open the app, click devices and add headset
  • select your search 2 and continue
  • connect the headset to your pc using the link cable and continue
  • once your pc says setup is complete, you can press close
  • put on your headset and enable your oculus link
  • within the oculus app on your pc, go to settings > generals > enable unknown sources
  • choose a roblox game that supports vr and press play
  • put on your headset and you’re good to go.

You can also do the same thing without the link cable using the air link. You must ensure that both your headset and your computer are running version 28 of the Oculus software. To do this, Oculus advises:

from your pc:

  • download and update the oculus pc app.
  • open the oculus pc app and select settings.
  • select the beta tab. select the button next to airlink.

connect from your headset for the first time:

  • put on the quest 2 headset and press the oculus button to open the universal menu.
  • select settings and then select experimental features.
  • find and select the button next to airlink.
  • read the airlink requirements and then select continue.
  • find and select your pc in the list of available pcs and then select pair.
  • once pairing is complete, you can now click start.

It’s worth noting that not all roblox games will support vr, so if you’re trying to play a specific game without success, this may be the reason.

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can you play roblox on oculus quest 2 without pc?

Currently, you can play Roblox in VR only through your PC, as the game is not available on the Oculus store. however, rumor has it that roblox will soon be available on oculus quest 2.

bloxy news, a website dedicated to all things roblox, tweeted that the game would be coming to the metaverse soon. however, there have been no official announcements from either the roblox or meta folks.

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