Can a Ring Doorbell Use the Existing Chime? - Drill Warrior

Can a Ring Doorbell Use the Existing Chime? – Drill Warrior

I’m interested in getting a doorbell chime, but I’ve gotten used to my current doorbell. it can be difficult to make the transition, so it would be good to know if a doorbell can work with the existing doorbell. so I decided to look into it.

so can a doorbell chime use the existing doorbell? If the doorbell doorbell system is connected to the existing wires from the old doorbell, then it can work with the existing doorbell. it is also possible to turn off the doorbell so that it does not make noise when it is not wanted, such as during siesta.

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There are certain doorbells that are compatible with a doorbell chime and others that are not. luckily, for the compatible ones, the installation is not too difficult.

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what doorbell chimes are supported?

When it comes to any doorbell, it’s good to know what will work with it first. AC powered door chimes that operate between 8 and 24 volts will be compatible with a doorbell chime.

will not be compatible with any doorbell or intercom system that uses a DC transformer or any wireless door chime.

This site has an excellent list of exactly which doorbells are compatible with a doorbell chime.

also makes the distinction between mechanical and electrical or digital bells. mechanics will use a real bell and a mechanical hammer to make the “ding-dong” sound most people think of when it comes to doorbells.

as for electronics, it will play a pre-recorded sound through a speaker, and these sounds are often the ones you can choose from.

My family’s house when I was growing up had an electric doorbell with many chime options, from various classic public domain songs to Christmas music, which was great for the holidays and a lot of fun to change.

That’s the kind of thing that would be fun to keep around as a doorbell. Fortunately, there are some mechanical and electrical option doorbells that can work with doorbell chimes. and there are some that just may not work.

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how to install a doorbell chime with the existing doorbell

Once you’ve found out if your doorbell will work with a new doorbell chime device, it’s time to install it. Fortunately, this is not too difficult a task.

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The steps are also quite similar with ring doorbell 2 and ring doorbell pro.

1. load the doorbell chime

will start loading the doorbell chime. To do this, connect the micro USB cable that came with the back of the doorbell and plug it into a power source, which will cause a blue LED light to appear on the front of the doorbell. the battery should be at 100 percent once the ring is fully powered on.

2. delete current ringtone

After that, you’ll want to remove the ringer you currently have. From here, you will see whether or not there are any existing wires to connect to the doorbell.

I’ll talk about an option later in this article if you don’t want to connect to a current doorbell, but for now, I’ll continue as if you could connect to your current doorbell chime.

3. connect existing wires to ring the doorbell

after removing the old chime you will take the two wires coming from the door and run them through the base plate of the ring in the middle and then connect them to the two screws that are there on the base plate. With a digital or electronic doorbell, you will install the diode between these two screws.

4. secure base plate to door frame

After this you will secure the base plate to the door frame and make sure the included level is level after placing it in the middle. then you will use the screwdriver to drive the screws into the base plate and door frame.

“so now every time the doorbell button is pressed, it will ring the existing doorbell. since the doorbell chime…is connected to the existing wiring, it will also ensure that the battery is charged.”

Before finishing this, you’ll want to download the ring app and create and then log in to your account. After you do that, follow the steps for setup, including your home location and where you’re putting the doorbell.

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5. adjust wifi/video settings

After you do that, press the front button on your ringtone so you can check the video quality. If it’s not what you want, you may need to adjust your Wi-Fi settings, move your router, or use a Ring Chime Pro which can be used as a Wi-Fi extender.

6. fix doorbell chime to motherboard

After the video is how you want it, you can attach the ring doorbell to the motherboard by loosening the two screws on the bottom of the doorbell and sliding it onto the motherboard until it snaps into place.

then you can tighten the screws with the screwdriver that came with the device.

7. adjust settings from the calling app

and that should be it! all other settings can be adjusted from the ring app.

Among those other settings that can be adjusted, the volume itself can be turned off. To do this, open the app, click on your doorbell and select the gear icon to go to settings.

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From there, select “doorbell kit settings” and choose your doorbell type, either mechanical or digital, and uncheck the button where it says “ring my home doorbell”.

You can also turn the volume all the way down in the settings where it says “ringtone volume” so it doesn’t make any sound on the ringtone.

bell bell

What if you really don’t like the ringing of your doorbell or your doorbell isn’t compatible with your ring doorbell device?

ring actually has a great solution for this, and it’s in your device’s ringtone.

basically, ring chime is “a wireless notification appliance that can connect to all your ring devices,” according to ring support. all you do is plug it into a wall outlet on any wall and then connect it through the ring app.

There’s also a Ring Chime Pro that does the same thing, plus acts as a Wi-Fi booster in your home for your Ring Doorbell devices.

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the doorbell chime will use a preset tone to alert you when someone presses the button on your doorbell chime. however, it will not allow you to speak to whoever is at the door, as it is just a speakerphone.

You can adjust the ringtone settings with the call app. You can change the ringtones by selecting your ringtone in the app and choosing “ringtones” and choosing one you like from the list of options it gives you. you can also adjust the volume here as well.

once you save the ringtones you chose, your bell will flash to indicate that it is downloading. when the light turns solid blue, it means the download is complete and you can start using the new shades.

This can be a fun option if you like to switch things up from time to time. You can get many doorbell devices and place them all over your house too so that if you don’t have your phone with you, you can still get an alert of someone at the door.

related questions:

does the doorbell chime ring inside the house? if the doorbell chime is connected to your existing doorbell and chime, then it will ring inside the house as it would have done before. otherwise it will only ring on your phone unless you have ringtone devices configured.

can a doorbell chime be connected to multiple devices? a doorbell chime can be shared with multiple users on multiple devices. there is an option to share it within the ring app. multiple devices can also be logged into a single ring account so more than one person can access all features.

Does a doorbell chime require power? A doorbell chime can be plugged into a house or it can use rechargeable battery power. most batteries will last six months to a year before they need to be recharged. if it is connected to the house, it will not be necessary to charge it for it to work.

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