How to Use OBS Studio with Restream | Restream Integrations

How to Use OBS Studio with Restream | Restream Integrations

👀 summary

obs (open streaming software) is professional software that allows you to record and live stream your video content. it’s completely free and open source, which means you can download and use it right away or even create your own plugins for the software and edit its code.

🧐 pros and cons of obs

obs has many great benefits, but just like any other software, it also has some downsides that you should be aware of. here are the main pros and cons of obs studio:

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  • very simple installation process
  • easy to connect to streaming platforms
  • smooth switching between sources and scenes during your stream
  • great editing tools to help you design what your viewers will see
  • high-quality live video produced by obs studio
  • lots of custom plugins to extend the capabilities of obs


  • the user interface can be quite overwhelming at first
  • a high learning curve makes the process of learning the program more time consuming
  • the onboarding process of plugins can be awkward
  • delayed feature releases on mac and linux

🧐 who can benefit from obs studio?

Whether you are a professional streamer or a newbie, obs studio can definitely be your choice of live streaming software. Millions of streamers around the world are using this tool to stream their content. These are gamers, merchants, artists, bloggers, influencers, churches, major business corporations, and many others! obs can also be used as a last tool in complex production chains for large studios.

💬 obs study use cases

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obs studio is designed to help you live stream and record your video content. allows you to add multiple sources on one screen and stream worldwide on a streaming platform of your choice. obs studio is absolutely great for:

  • live video games
  • presentations
  • zoom conferences
  • church services
  • product launches, and more! !

🦑 obs studio and

Although obs studio is incredibly powerful live software on its own, you can take things even further thanks to the broadcast and obs integrations. Let’s take a quick look at how this combination can benefit your live streams.

multistream + obs studio

obs allows you to broadcast live to a single platform. However, by choosing as your streaming destination, you can stream your content to as many platforms as you like, including major ones like youtube, facebook, twitch, linkedin, and twitter, all at the same time with no internet bandwidth required. added!

chat + observation study

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Live streaming platforms have their own chats. so when you broadcast to multiple platforms, it becomes quite difficult to keep up with the communication. however, with relay chat, it’s no longer a problem. restream chat brings together all chats from streaming platforms in one place to help you stay connected with your audience.

analysis + observation study

By streaming directly to restreaming with obs, you gain access to tons of useful information showing your current live stream status and future development. Thanks to broadcast analytics, you can know what drives your audience, capture all the trends and determine your most successful broadcasts.

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study + observation study

restream studio allows you to stream live directly from your browser to multiple platforms with just two clicks. with restream studio you can also invite people directly to your live stream, moderate the chat, add your own branding and much more.

rtmp source feature allows you to connect obs studio to restream studio and create complex and professional live streams. With this feature you can combine all the benefits of restream studio and obs. For example, by running obs through restream studio, you can apply additional custom visual effects, easily change lower thirds, and always have your branding regardless of camera source.

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