How to Setup and Use Soundboard for Discord | TechLatest

How to Setup and Use Soundboard for Discord | TechLatest

discord is one of the largest gaming communities and no doubt has many people who want to add a flare while chatting or in voice or video calls.

Turns out there are soundboard apps that let you add a flare on call by letting users play a ton of sound effects, modulate their voices, and more, making them stand out from the crowd of potentially tens of thousands of users at once.

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soundboard is specialized software that allows you to add a bunch of sound effects and use hotkeys to remind you during a call.

You can change your voice when you speak from the soundboard app, though you’ll need to choose the appropriate app type to use this feature. This is how you can set up these popular soundboard apps on discord and how you use them.

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how to set voicemod soundboard on discord?

Step 01: Download and install voicemod on your computer and turn it on.

Step 02 – Log in to your discord profile and go to settings indicated by a gear icon on the far left of the application.

step 03: Go to app settings >> voice and video.

step 04: Under “input device“, select “voicemod virtual audio device“.

Step 05: In the “output device”, select the headphones/earphones you are using as your output device.

Step 06: Here are some settings to take care of.

  • manually set the “input sensitivity” slider to the correct level.
  • turn off noise suppression, echo cancellation, automatic gain control, noise reduction.
  • set the attenuation in the application to zero.
  • disable “when I speak” and “when others speak”.
  • set “audio subsystem” to any option selected to “standard”.
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how to set up soundboard soundboard in discord?

This is how you can set up healing on discord and believe me, it’s pretty easy to follow.

Step 01: Download and unzip the repair file and run it to install it.

Step 02 – You will be prompted to install the vb-audio virtual cable driver, so tap “install driver” and reboot your device.

Step 03: Run the ressanance application on your device.

Step 04 – Use the “add sound” button to add sounds, the hotkey button to add a shortcut or hotkey. the top section is self explanatory.

Step 05 – In the bottom section, you will see a list of devices that are detected. tap “disabled devices” to enable it. select “cable input” from the corresponding list of devices to enable it.

Step 06 – Change the input volume (what others will hear) and output volume (what you will hear) as you see fit.

step 07: Next, go to the volume (sound) icon on the taskbar (on the far right) and right click on it, and select “record devices”.

Step 08: Look at the detected “microphone” in the pop-up menu, right-click on it and select “properties ”.

step 09: Proceed to the “listen” tab in the corresponding pop-up menu and check “listen to this device” and change ‘playback through this device‘ to “cable input / strong> (vbvirtual audio cable)” and finally click “ok”.

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step 10 – You will get to the popup menu as seen in step 08 where you need to right click on “cable outlet >” and select “set as default device”.

Step 11: Open discord on your computer, go to settings >> voice >> input device and set it to “cable output“. finally select “input mode” as “voice activity” and you are all set.

how to set clownfish voice changer on discord?

Step 01: The basics here is to download clown fish voice changer, which is pretty basic knowledge to know. install it.

step 02: look for the clownfish voice changer icon in the system tray on the bar where you’ll find it after clicking an arrow pointing up, so launch it from there. right click on the app and go to “set voice changer“.

Step 03 – The app shows you all the sounds it can make, set the ringtone, add sound effects, change the microphone sensitivity, etc.

Step 04: Go to the icon of the application in the tray of the system strong>. , rightclick and select “listen microphone” and it will play your voice transformed into the character . you have selected in the application itself.

Step 05: Open discord and go to settings >> voice and video.

Step 06: Check the “input device” and select the microphone you are using and want the voice to be changed using” .

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Step 07: Select “voice activity”, adjust the input sensitivity and you are done. you can start calling your friends and more in discord with a discreet voice.

closing words – setup soundboard for discord

Now that you have installed any of these applications on your computer and connected it to discord, press the hotkeys to launch the sound effects.

You can set hotkeys for each sound effect or use the list of options as a hotkey to play the next or previous sound and so on, depending on the application you’re using.

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