Can A PS5 Connect To A Bluetooth Speaker? - CareerGamers

Can A PS5 Connect To A Bluetooth Speaker? – CareerGamers

Can A PS5 Connect To A Bluetooth Speaker? – CareerGamers

How to connect ps5 to speakers

Since its launch, PS5 has created quite a stir in the virtual world of gaming. Being an avid gamer myself, how could I stay away from all the excitement for long?

after setting up the ps5 with my 40 inch 4k led, i went to get my bluetooth speaker from the next room to connect it with my console. but no matter how hard i tried, it just wouldn’t let me connect the speaker to the console.

A stark revelation surfaced during my fruitless struggles.

can a ps5 connect to a bluetooth speaker? The answer is yes and no. PS5 (just like PS4) does not support Bluetooth speakers (or headphones) directly. However, you can connect a bluetooth speaker to your playstation 5 indirectly using a ps5 bluetooth audio adapter.

After you have connected the bluetooth adapter, you will be able to connect your ps5 to your bluetooth speaker and enjoy high quality audio from your bluetooth speaker.

Now that you know you can connect your speaker to your console, it’s time to shed some light on the most essential details to help you walk through the process.

can a ps5 connect to a bluetooth speaker?

a ps5 essentially has 3 ports that can be used to connect a bluetooth speaker adapter:

1. usb-a input port

2. type-c input port

3. the auxiliary connector of the dualsense controller

You can only connect a bluetooth speaker to the ps5 via bluetooth usb adapter or type c adapter. that is because the playstation 5 does not support bluetooth audio.

and I really don’t know why sony doesn’t take this issue seriously and listen to us gamers by installing a built in bluetooth adapter.

If you want to use a bluetooth speaker anyway, you need an external usb or type c bluetooth adapter. You can plug the adapter into the usb port (or type c, whichever you have) on your ps5 or your tv to connect and use.

which allows you to use your speaker via bluetooth. The only unfortunate thing here is that you have to buy a bluetooth usb adapter separately and plug it into a usb port on the ps5. plug the adapter into the console and connect it to the speaker via bluetooth.

Once you’ve done this, the sound will come out of your speaker.

Unfortunately, bluetooth adapters are not included in the package and you will need to purchase them separately from a third party. Also commonly known as a bluetooth dongle, this accessory is inexpensive.

You can get several affordable options on amazon.

If you’re looking for an affordable one to suit your needs, I highly recommend the Avantree Bluetooth USB Audio Transmitter Adapter.

Now that we know we can connect our new console to a bluetooth speaker, let’s understand exactly what steps to follow to connect a ps5 to a bluetooth speaker and where to get the corresponding accessories.

how to connect bluetooth speaker to ps5 using usb adapter?

Connecting a bluetooth speaker to your ps5 is pretty easy when you use a usb bluetooth dongle. I’ll show you how to do it next.

what you will need:

  • ps5 + controller
  • skull & co. bluetooth usb adapter

the method:

  1. connect skull & co. usb bluetooth adapter to the front of your ps5 using the usb-c slot. Turn it on.
  2. now on your ps5, open the settings from the top right corner of the dashboard after connecting the bluetooth adapter.
  3. then to make sure your ps5 has recognized the adapter, scroll down and go to ‘accessories’.
  4. in the ‘general’ settings, select ‘bluetooth accessories’.
  5. under ‘found accessories’, you should see the available adapters that are set to pairing mode.
  6. select your usb-bluetooth adapter as the default audio device
  7. then follow your bluetooth adapter instructions to pair your bluetooth speaker.
  8. once your speaker is paired, you need to set it as the default audio device.
  9. go to ‘settings’> ‘sound settings’.
  10. now select ‘audio output’ and then ‘output device’.
  11. Under this option, you will see a list of audio devices. select your bluetooth speaker as default.

here you go, you’ve done it. just plug in the bluetooth adapter, pair it, and then select it as your default audio output.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker using an Aux Bluetooth adapter

You may have noticed that connecting a bluetooth speaker with a usb bluetooth adapter is not exactly easy. You’d think, given how popular Bluetooth speakers are these days, Sony would give you an easy way to connect them to your PS5.

well, actually, you’ve been given an easier way:

You can use the dualsense controller’s aux jack, along with an aux bluetooth adapter to connect a bluetooth speaker.

here’s how to do it…

what you will need:

  • sonru aux to bluetooth adapter
  • dualsense controller
  • ps5

the method:

  1. first, buy sonru aux to bluetooth adapter. you’ll need it for this to work
  2. once you’ve received your adapter, make sure it’s fully charged before using. can be charged with the supplied micro-usb
  3. once the adapter is fully charged, connect the supplied short aux cable.
  4. then plug the other end of the aux cable into the bottom of your dualsense controller.
  5. Your playstation 5 should automatically detect that an auxiliary cable has been connected to your dualsense controller. the ps5 will not output sound through the aux instead of your tv.
  6. You will now need to pair your bluetooth speaker with the bluetooth adapter. follow the instructions of the bluetooth adapter and the speaker.
  7. Once you have paired your speaker with the bluetooth adapter, you should hear sound coming from your speaker.
  8. and that’s it, you have paired your bluetooth speaker with your ps5.

Extra Tips

  • You may notice that the bluetooth dongle hangs on the dualsense driver. To fix this, I bought a roll of Velcro tape. then i applied a part of the velcro to the back of the dualsense controller and a part to the bluetooth adapter. that way you can easily remove the adapter for charging.
  • remember that the adapter will need to be charged every few days.

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