What is Power over Ethernet and how can I implement it in my network? | Brainboxes

What is Power over Ethernet and how can I implement it in my network? | Brainboxes

what is power over ethernet?

power over ethernet (or poe) means passing electrical power through an ethernet cable along with data. Poe capable devices can be connected to both a power source and a network via a single ethernet cable.

some advantages of using poe are:

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  • use one cable instead of two
  • avoid the cost of installing additional outlets
  • use your existing network cable
  • fast , safe and simple to install

you can install ethernet on poe enabled serial devices, like our es-446, es-457, es-420 and es-413. these devices are particularly suitable for applications such as security cameras where it is difficult to install a lot of wiring.

brainboxes poe ethernet to serial uses the exact same software and drivers as our standard ethernet to serial devices. you will not notice any difference in the performance or reliability of the device, the difference is purely in the convenience of the power options.

what poe standard does the device use?

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brainbox poe devices use no more than 2.15 watts of power, so all devices use the ieee 802.3af standard. this standard gives up to 15.4w of power through the ethernet cable. brainboxes poe devices can be powered by other standards that provide more power, such as ieee 802.3at (25.5w), but because the devices are cheap to run, they don’t require as large amounts of power. To comply with the 802.3af standard, 48v must be supplied through an ethernet cable, so keep this in mind when choosing poe injectors.

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choosing an ethernet to serial product:

I have power over the ethernet network:

if you have a poe enabled network you can use our poe enabled devices or our standard ethernet for serial devices. Both types of devices will read data from the network, but only the poe device can receive power from the ethernet cable. our standard devices come with a power supply that will need to be plugged into a suitable outlet.

I still don’t have power over the ethernet network:

Our standard ethernet to serial devices come with a power supply and thousands of them are installed around the world providing a reliable serial connection over a network. however, you may want to look to the future. You can still use our poe devices in a normal network, but since only the data is transmitted through the ethernet cable, you will need to connect a separate power supply (pw-800). As soon as you add power to your network, the device is ready to receive power through the ethernet cable.

how can i enable poe my network?

Standard ethernet cables are capable of providing both data and power, so there is no need to upgrade to a special cable to connect poe devices.

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however, you will need to draw or “inject” power into your network. you can do this with a poe hub or switch or with a small injector device. There are many options available, but it doesn’t have to be expensive to start. you don’t need to introduce poe to your entire network at once so you can reassess your needs on the fly. remember that to be 802.3af compliant, the 48v must be supplied over an ethernet cable, so make sure your injector qualifies for this standard.

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dual redundant power supply: the added advantage of poe

Some apps are critical and making sure they are always on is a basic but vital requirement. having two power supplies connected gives peace of mind in case one fails or becomes unreliable.

all brainboxes poe devices are designed to be powered through the ethernet port, so they do not come with a power supply, however they do have a 5 to 30v power connector installed. if you want to connect a second power supply, you can use the pw-800 together with your poe cable.

brainboxes poe devices will automatically draw power from the stronger of the two sources.

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