Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar-Complete Instructions - Manuals

Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar-Complete Instructions – Manuals

Polk Audio Signa S2 Ultra-Slim TV Sound Bar-Complete Instructions – Manuals

How to connect polk signa s2

Video How to connect polk signa s2


polk audio signa s2 ultra slim tv soundbar



  • special feature: voice adjustment, built-in music streaming
  • speaker type: sound bar
  • mount type: TV, sound bar, bar mount
  • brand: polk audio
  • model name: signa s2
  • soundbar power supply: ac 100- 230 v, 50/60hz operating temperature: 5°c – 35° c power consumption: 40w standby mode power consumption: 0.3w bluetooth standby power consumption: 1.6w
  • subwooferpower supply: ac 100 – 230v, 50/60hz operating temperature: 5°c – 35°c power consumption: 40w standby power consumption: 0.26w bluetooth standby power consumption: 1.1w


5 powerful full-range speakers deliver rich, beautiful sound with deep bass. polk’s exclusive voice tuning technology, combined with dolby digital decoding, improves sound quality and reduces voice delays. It has excellent sound and value, comparable to any mid-to-high-end soundbar on the market. It fits in most places at just over 2″ in height and can be easily mounted on a wall or placed in front of your TV. Will not interfere with the bottom edge of your TV or the IR remote sensor. On your 4K HD Smart TV, enjoy great picture quality and crystal clear sound while watching your favorite shows. connect any audio source via hdmi arc, optical or auxiliary input with a variety of connectivity options.

You can wirelessly stream music from your favorite streaming apps like Pandora, Spotify, Tunein and others using the built-in Bluetooth technology on your smartphone, iPad or other compatible device. you can set up your sound bar in minutes. Use the provided subwoofer to connect your TV to the sound bar, and the HDMI and optical connections to connect your TV to the sound bar. in just a few minutes, you’ll be listening to music.

what’s in the box

Polk-Audio-Signa-S2-Ultra-Slim-TV-Sound-Bar (1)

connect your signa s2 to your TV

is there an hdmi port on your tv labeled “arc”?

Polk-Audio-Signa-S2-Ultra-Slim-TV-Sound-Bar (2)

connect the included hdmi cable to the hdmi ports labeled “arc” on both the TV and the sound bar.

Polk-Audio-Signa-S2-Ultra-Slim-TV-Sound-Bar (3)

connect an optical cable between the TV and the sound bar. connect the included hdmi cable to any available hdmi port on the tv and to the “tv arc” port on the soundbar.

note: hdmi (arc) and optical support dolby 5.1 decoding.

remote battery installation

Insert the supplied AAA battery.

Polk-Audio-Signa-S2-Ultra-Slim-TV-Sound-Bar (4)

connect the soundbar’s power cord to an AC outlet

Polk-Audio-Signa-S2-Ultra-Slim-TV-Sound-Bar (5)

Locate the subwoofer and plug it into an AC outlet

(for the best performance spot on the same wall as the TV)

Polk-Audio-Signa-S2-Ultra-Slim-TV-Sound-Bar (6)

note: the signa s2 sound bar and wireless subwoofer are factory set to work together. If your wireless subwoofer stops receiving an audio signal, follow these instructions to re-establish the connection:

  • turn on your soundbar.
  • press and hold the sync button on the bar on the back of the subwoofer for 3 seconds.
  • simultaneously press and hold bluetooth and vol+ soundbar buttons for 5 seconds.

The soundbar will search for a connection while the first and second LEDs on the soundbar will flash intermittently. the lights will stop flashing when the soundbar and subwoofer are connected. If the soundbar and subwoofer don’t connect, the first and second led will flash together 5 times. repeat the above steps to establish a connection.

turn on your sound bar

press the power button on the sound bar or remote control.

Note: Make sure the TV’s internal speakers are turned off

remote control

Polk-Audio-Signa-S2-Ultra-Slim-TV-Sound-Bar (7)

soundbar top panel

Polk-Audio-Signa-S2-Ultra-Slim-TV-Sound-Bar (8)

sound bar back panel

Polk-Audio-Signa-S2-Ultra-Slim-TV-Sound-Bar (9)

sound bar led

signa s2 has a horizontal row of LED lights that provide status indications, such as source, volume, and listening modes.

Polk-Audio-Signa-S2-Ultra-Slim-TV-Sound-Bar (10)

optimizing your listening experience

Polk-Audio-Signa-S2-Ultra-Slim-TV-Sound-Bar (11)

listen to music

  1. To enable bluetooth, press the bluetooth button on the soundbar or remote control. a blue led will flash on the sound bar.
  2. go to the bluetooth devices section on your phone, tablet or computer and select polk signa s2. the led is solid blue when bluetooth is connected.

Note: To take control when another device is connected, press the Bluetooth button. Listening to your TV again: When you’re done using Bluetooth, press the source button on soundbar or remote control (tv, aux).

auto standby

When there is no input signal and no operation for 15 minutes, this unit automatically enters standby mode.

bluetooth standby

When the bluetooth connection is made from a registered bluetooth device, this unit turns on automatically. press and hold the [tv] button for about 5 seconds. (default is “from”).

frequently asked questions

what is the best way to connect my polk signa s2 soundbar to my tv?turn on your soundbar. for 3 seconds, press and hold the sync button on the bar on the back of the subwoofer. press and hold the bluetooth and vol + buttons on the soundbar for 5 seconds at the same time.

is there a polk signa s2 app? you can stream your favorite songs over wi-fi to polk omni s2 speakers, omni sb1 sound bar system, omni p1 adapter and /or to the omni a1 amplifier that uses dts’ innovative play-fi(tm) technology.

why won’t my polk soundbar work with my tv?all you have to do now is make sure the subwoofer’s power cord is plugged in and turned on. If you are having trouble pairing your sound bar and subwoofer, turn off the subwoofer and press and hold the “pair” button on the back of the sound bar until the LED light [1] on the sound bar starts flashing.

are polk soundbars any good? the polk signa s3 is a good soundbar for the money. It has better music performance, a more powerful subwoofer, and loads of extra features like HDMI ARC and Wi-Fi streaming.

is it possible to connect the polk signa s2 to alexa?the amazon alexa feature is not built into the signa s2, however it is available in the polk audio command bar.

what’s the best way to program my polk soundbar?for five seconds, press and hold the “mic mute” button at the top of the bar. “entering learning mode”, alexa will say. 2) Hold down the button you want to program for a few seconds. for example, on the provided polk audio remote, press “volume +”.

what is the purpose of the polk connect app? polk connect is the companion app to the polk command bar. will help you connect your polk command bar to your wi-fi network, as well as link your amazon account to enable alexa voice services.

how do you connect a soundbar to a tv that doesn’t have hdmi?connect it with a coaxial cable by plugging it into the output of the video or dvd player and the input of the tv . the audio output (typically rca connectors) must be connected to the soundbar. the coaxial and rca inputs are likely to be on the vcr or dvd player.

what is the procedure to reset my polk signa s2 soundbar?for at least 10 seconds, press and hold the “power”, “source” and “vol+” buttons on the bottom product top. – then all bar settings are cleared.

what’s wrong with my polk soundbar?check the hdmi connection if your polk soundbar is not working. make sure the hdmi cable is plugged into the correct port. use only the hdmi connection between the tv and the polk soundbar to prevent the soundbar from connecting to other sources.

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