How to Connect Android to Mac: Best Methods (2022 Edition)

How to Connect Android to Mac: Best Methods (2022 Edition)

an android to mac connection is not as easy as connecting an iphone to your computer. In this article, we will look at some of the best ways to connect android to mac, including using software like android and macdroid file transfer, as well as connecting via wi-fi or bluetooth, or using online services. the cloud.

we’ll take a look at which solutions are the best and easiest, and the pros and cons of each to help you choose the best way to connect android phone to mac.

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mac and android connectivity issues

because macos and android are not supported natively (in the way that ios and macos are supported), you have to think outside the box and find third-party apps to connect them in most cases.

If you try to connect android phone to mac without using a third party app, you might experience connectivity issues and in worst case you might even lose the data you are trying to transfer like photos, videos, etc. etc. or irreplaceable files.

There are many ways to connect android to mac via usb or wirelessly, and we’ll take a look at some of the best.

method 1. usb connection

One of the best ways to connect android to mac is through a cable or usb connection. While it’s best to use the original USB cable that came with your phone or tablet, you can use almost any USB cable as long as it’s compatible with your device. There are specific apps that can help you with transferring files from samsung to mac. now, we will see some programs that you can use to connect android to mac via usb.

solution 1: android file transfer

android file transfer is a free application for android devices. It is compatible with MacOS 10.7 and above and makes it easy to connect an Android phone to a Mac and to view and transfer files between any Android device and a Mac computer (and vice versa).

It is completely free to download, but it has been criticized for being unreliable, not connecting to devices and failing frequently, so user needs to fix android file transfer. There are also some security issues where users have reported that the app installs malware when you download and install it on your mac.

Android File Transfer

here is how to connect android to mac using android file transfer; just follow these step-by-step instructions:

step 1: download android file transfer on your mac.

Step 2: Open the androidfiletransfer.dmg file and drag it to the applications.

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Step 3: Now use a usb cable to connect your android phone or tablet to your mac.

Step 4: Make sure your device is turned on.

step 5: double click android file transfer on your mac.

You should now be able to see all the files and folders on your android device on your mac as if it were just another drive. you can also delete, modify or copy/transfer files.

solution 2: macdroid

macdroid is a software designed for mac that allows you to connect android to mac via usb to view and transfer files. It works via USB (no wireless connectivity) and is compatible with MacOS 10.10 or later. It’s also compatible with all android and mtp devices and starts at $19.99 a year for a subscription, billed annually with auto-renewal.

The software allows you to mount your android device (phone or tablet) as a disk on mac, so you can see both internal and external storage. it also offers two operating modes: adb mode, designed for more advanced users, and mtp mode, ideal for beginners.

MacDroid app

Wondering how to connect an android phone to a mac via usb using macdroid? just follow our step-by-step instructions below.

to connect via mtp (single threaded) mode, quick and easy for beginners:

step 1: after downloading and installing, run macdroid on your mac.

Step 2: Make sure your android device is on, then connect android to mac using usb cable.

Step 3: In the pop-up window that appears on your device screen, select File Transfer.

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step 4: on macdroid, open the devices menu and select your phone from the list on the left side.

step 5: choose mtp mode.

MTP mode of the MacDroid

Step 6: Click mount (at the bottom right).

step 7: then select android phone > phone to see all the files and folders on your phone. You can also select the card to view the files on your phone’s external sd card.

to connect android to mac via adb mode (multithreaded), for more advanced users:

step 1: download and install the application on your mac computer.

step 2: start macdroid.

step 3: connect your android device to your mac using a usb cable.

Step 4: In the app, open the device menu and select adb mode.

Step 5: On your android device, check the Always allow this computer box, then tap OK.

ADB mode of the MacDroid

step 6: select your android device from the list in macdroid, click mount.

step 7: select android phone > storage for viewing and transferring files.

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method 2. wireless connection

if you don’t want to connect android to macbook via android usb connection, what about wireless? There are several different ways to connect your phone or tablet to your Mac wirelessly. Let’s look at some of the best ways.

solution 1: bluetooth

one of the best ways to connect android to mac is via bluetooth. it’s free, easy to do, and only takes a couple of minutes to set up. make sure your android phone or tablet is close to your mac while doing this, as bluetooth can easily disconnect if it’s out of range.

Connect Android to Mac via Bluetooth

here are the step by step instructions to follow to connect android phone to mac via bluetooth:

Step 1: Make sure bluetooth is turned on for both devices.

step 2: on mac, go to system preferences > bluetooth. make sure bluetooth is on and you should see “now discoverable as” and your device name.

step 3: on your android device, go to settings > bluetooth and make sure it is turned on.

Step 4: You should see your mac listed.

Step 5: Verify that the pairing codes match, then click pair on both devices.

step 6: to send files from android to mac, go to system preferences > share and make sure the box next to bluetooth sharing is checked.

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Step 7: Click the share icon on your android device.

Step 8: Select the files you want to share.

solution 2: Wi-Fi

Another great way to connect android phone to mac without android usb computer connection is using airdroid. airdroid is an android application that also has a web version.

you can choose between the free version, which allows android to connect to the computer for up to two android devices and sets a limit on the size of files and the amount of data you can transfer per month, or access to premium features and remove all limits of $2.50 per month.

With this android file transfer alternative, you can connect android to mac and transfer files, remote control your android device, mirror your phone screen on mac and even manage sms and notifications on your mac.

AirDroid app

here is how to connect android phone to mac wirelessly using airdroid:

Step 1: Download and install the airdroid app on your android device.

Step 2: On your Mac, go to

step 3: create a free account and log in with the qr code, your email or your facebook, google or twitter account.

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Step 4: Your device should now be connected to your mac wirelessly using airdroid, and you should be able to view and transfer files and manage your device from your mac.

method 3. cloud services

don’t want to download additional software or use any of the above methods to connect android to computer? there is another way you can connect android to mac with the help of cloud services like dropbox or onedrive, or using google ecosystem (google drive, google photos, etc).

This is quick and easy to do, though you’ll need to set up an account with one of these cloud storage providers if you don’t already have one.

If you are transferring or storing files that contain sensitive material (eg transferring photos from android to mac), you can use one of the other methods in this article as your files will be available in the cloud. Only you can see them, but there is a risk that others can access them if your account is hacked.

Google Drive

If you are wondering how to connect android to mac using cloud services, follow these handy step-by-step instructions. for this example we will use google drive, but you can also find instructions for using dropbox and onedrive:

Step 1: First, go to on your mac and sign in or set up an account.

step 2: download and install the google drive app on your android phone or tablet.

step 3: Sign in to your google drive account on your device app.

Step 4: Tap the plus symbol.

Step 5: Tap Upload, then navigate to the files you want to upload.

Step 6: You will be able to see the uploaded files on my drive until they are moved.

It may take some time for files to transfer if you are transferring multiple or large files.


We hope this article has helped you see that it doesn’t have to be complicated to create an android to mac connection. We hope it has also helped you explore the different methods to connect android to mac and choose the right one for your needs.

everyone is different and while some may prefer to connect via bluetooth, others may prefer to use software like macdroid and a wired usb connection, so it’s important to choose the best method for you.

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