How to Sync Peloton with Facebook (In Under 5 Minutes!)

How to Sync Peloton with Facebook (In Under 5 Minutes!)

How to Sync Peloton with Facebook (In Under 5 Minutes!)

How to connect peloton to facebook

One of my favorite features of the platoon is the social integration. i love working out with my friends and peloton makes it very easy to connect to sites like instagram, facebook and more.

In this post, we’ll cover how to connect your platoon account to facebook, how to share your workouts, and more!

how to share peloton workout on facebook

Table of Contents

  • Why Connect Facebook with Peloton
  • How to Connect Peloton with Facebook
  • Sharing Your Workout on Facebook
  • Let’s Stay in Touch
  • Disconnecting Your Account
  • How to Find Facebook Friends on Peloton
  • Final Thoughts
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why connect facebook with platoon

Before we go too far, let’s see why you’d want to connect your facebook and platoon accounts. connecting them has some benefits:

find friends to travel with: If other friends have connected their platoon accounts, they will appear on your screen to add them when you click “find friends”. Facebook friends are not automatically added to your squad’s friends list, so you will have the opportunity to request them as friends.

share workouts on facebook: Connecting your account to facebook will also give you the ability to share your workout on social media. you can choose to have the workouts published automatically or do it yourself after a ride.

how to connect platoon with facebook

connecting platoon with facebook is easy to do!

on your bike or treadmill, click on profile settings, then scroll down to social networks.

You will see an option to activate social connections like facebook and strava.

connecting peloton to facebook

Click the checkmark next to Facebook to turn on the Facebook connection.

once the checkmark is selected, a box will appear allowing you to log in to facebook. type your facebook username and password and click login.

facebook login screen on peloton bike

The next screen will ask if you would like to continue and sync Peloton and Facebook. Click continue.

connecting facebook to peloton

You’ll return back to the Peloton settings screen and the checkmark will remain meaning the Facebook connection is successful!

connecting peloton to facebook

Something to note is that your Peloton log in will remain the same and connecting with Facebook won’t change your login name or password.

share your training on facebook

once your platoon account is connected, at the end of the ride you will have the option to share your training and you can choose to share it on facebook, strava or fitbit.

share screen on peloton

To share on Facebook, click the Share on Facebook. A popup will come up and let you type in a status update, and then decide if you share it on your newsfeed or stories (or both!).

sharing screen for facebook

Once you’re all set typing in what you want to appear (or you can leave it blank), click Post and it’ll post to your Facebook feed. Here’s how it’ll look on your feed:

facebook peloton post

I have noticed sometimes instead of having a preview of the workout with your stats, sometimes it’ll just post a link and no preview. I’m really not sure what causes it to do that and when it happens I’ll usually just delete and try it again.

trying to connect to instagram? click here on how to connect your accounts and share workouts

disconnect your account

If you no longer want to sync your accounts, you can go back to settings and uncheck the check mark next to facebook and it will unsync. anything you’ve posted in the past, however, will remain in your newsfeed.

I have noticed that sometimes my account gets disconnected at random times and I will have to re-authorize facebook to connect. this happens maybe every few months for some unknown reason.

how to find facebook friends in platoon

once your facebook and platoon accounts are synced, you can search for your facebook friends in platoon! if you click on their profile, a little button will appear that says “find friends”. there will be a facebook logo and when you click on it you will be able to see other friends who have connected their platoon accounts to facebook.

final thoughts

While it’s not necessary to sync your platoon account with facebook, it can be a fun way to make your platoon experience more social. I hope this guide helps you!

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