PayPal Checkout - WooCommerce

PayPal Checkout – WooCommerce

woocommerce paypal checkout allows your store to accept payments via paypal and uses customizable smart payment buttons. When your customers use PayPal Checkout, they can pay with PayPal or any major credit or debit card without ever leaving your site. shoppers can shop directly from your product pages and pay in 26 currencies. in usa In the US, customers have the added benefit of smart payment buttons™. this feature automatically presents relevant payment options, including paypal, pay in 4 and paypal credit*, allowing your customers to shop now and pay later while paying you in advance.

install ↑ back to top

  1. go to: plugins > add new on your wordpress site.
  2. enter woocommerce paypal checkout in the search plugin bar. the author is woocommerce.
  3. install now and activate.

more information at: install and activate plugins/extensions.

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requirements ↑ back to top

  • a paypal business account – go to to sign up or log in to your existing account
  • paypal referral transactions via express checkout for subscriptions: apply for and enable referral transactions if you intend to use and sell woocommerce subscriptions

what’s new in v2.1.0 ↑ back to top

  • pay in 4 from paypal has been added as a payment option.
  • paypal credit messages have been updated to show new pay in 4 and paypal credit messages

installation and configuration ↑ back to top

to set up paypal payment:

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments.
  2. Use the toggle next to PayPal Checkout to Enable it.
  3. Click Set up or Manage to configure your PayPal Checkout settings.
  4. Configure your settings:
    • Title – Choose the title shown to customers during checkout
    • Description – Add a description shown to customers if they use PayPal Checkout
    • Account Settings – Environment – Select Live to accept payments and Sandbox to test payments.

    api configuration ↑ back to top

    connect a new or existing paypal account.

    1. Click the Setup or link an existing PayPal Account button to add your API Credentials automatically by logging into your PayPal account.
    2. When prompted log into your PayPal account.
    3. Click Activity near the top of the page and select API Access
    4. Scroll to NVP/SOAP API Integration (Classic) and click Manage API Credentials.
    5. Copy and paste the credentials into the corresponding fields on your WooCommerce site:
      • Live API Username
      • Live API Password

      paypal hosted payment setup ↑ back to top

      1. Enter a brand name to be displayed during checkout on the paypal site, eg your company/store/site name.
      2. enter the url of an image you want to display as the logo image and header image during checkout (optional).
        • add a logo/icon or photo in: add image > upload files.
        • or use an existing one in: add image > media library.

        advanced settings ↑ back to top

        1. Check enable logging when troubleshooting your site. otherwise, leave it unchecked or disabled.
        2. Enter an invoice prefix to identify the transaction from this site. wc (woocommerce) is entered by default.
        3. check the box to require billing address during checkout. *note: this feature is no longer supported by paypal. if you need to collect the billing address, you can disable the checkout buttons on the product and cart pages, and collect that information using the normal woocommerce checkout fields.
        4. check the box to request the number phone number if needed customers enter their phone number at checkout.
        5. select a payment action from the dropdown menu. ‘sale’ captures funds immediately. ‘authorize’ only checks the availability of funds; then you must capture the payment.
        6. check the box if requires instant payment. the customer must use a payment method that allows immediate capture (for example, no checks).
        7. select a subtotal discrepancy behavior preference for occurrences when totals of paypal and woocommerce are different.

        paypal credit message settings (pay later) ↑ back to top

        1. Make sure enable paypal credit messages is checked to display paypal credit messages on the shopping cart page.
        2. Set the preferred style for Paypal credit message layout, logo, logo position and text color from the dropdown menus.
        3. configure individual settings for each single product page and regular checkout messagesenabled to display paypal credit messages on product and checkout pages.

        Graphical user interface, application Description automatically generated

        button configuration ↑ back to top

        1. select a button color, shape, label, layout and size from the dropdown menu.
        2. select hide funding method(s) > if you don’t want to show certain payment methods.
        3. check the box to pay on the cart page, if you want to show paypal payment buttons on the cart page cart.
        4. configure individual settings for each individual product page, mini cart and regular checkout buttons you have enabled.
        5. save changes.

        Single Product Button, Mini-Cart Button, and Regular Checkout Button Settings

        PayPal Checkout Buttons

        Graphical user interface, application Description automatically generated

        how to get paypal credentials ↑ back to top

        this applies if you choose to manually enter your paypal credentials.

        1.Sign in to your paypal business account at:

        2. in the navigation menu, click activity > api access.

        3. scroll down to nvp/soap api integration (classic) and click manage api credentials.

        4. make sure request an api signature is checked and click accept and submit

        5. Click Show to reveal your credentials and copy the API Username, Password and Signature into your WooCommerce PayPal Checkout settings.

        Processing Orders ↑ Back to top

        use with paypal accounts and credit/debit cards

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        this extension bypasses most of the woocommerce checkout process and customers leave your site from the cart page to complete the payment through paypal.

        paypal checkout buttons on product and cart pages are intended to reduce the amount of data entry required by the customer. To accomplish this, PayPal sends the customer’s billing information after they log into PayPal and authorize the transaction.

        typical scenario:

        • customer buys on your site
        • customer adds products to cart
        • customer reviews cart page
        • from checkout page cart, customer selects “pay with paypal”
        • customer is redirected to paypal, and woocommerce sends the order subtotal, customer information, and shipping address to paypal (customers can enter a new shipping address).
        • customer logs into paypal and authorizes transaction*
        • paypal redirects customer back to woocommerce and sends customer authorization token and billing information
        • on the woocommerce review order page, the customer reviews the taxes and chooses a shipping option
        • the customer finalizes the order and the transaction is completed with paypal

        *order authorization is obtained for an amount that is 150% of the subtotal to anticipate taxes and shipping costs. if there are no taxes or shipping charges, the original amount is used. if there are shipping charges/taxes, the updated total is used.

        use with paypal in 4

        customers will see the option to use paypal credit or pay in 4 at checkout, if the checkbox enable paypal credit for customers Eligible is checked in the paypal checkout settings and if the customer is in an eligible location.

        The store/site owner receives full payment up front. customers enjoy financing and are given time to pay.

        admin usage ↑ back to top

        capture charges from woocommerce order manager

        This extension allows you to authorize charges during checkout and then manually capture funds later. you can do it through your paypal business account or from the woocommerce order edit page. I’m not sure what this means? see this tutorial on authorization vs. authorization and capture.

        When an order is authorized for payment, the status of the order is set to “on hold”. you can edit the order by going to woocommerce > orders, and then click the order number to edit it. In the order actions dropdown menu, select the “capture charge” action to capture the payment.

        once you select capture charge and save the order, payments are captured through paypal, the order status is updated to processing and the order notes update to reflect these changes.

        customization ↑ back to top

        make billing address not required ↑ back to top

        Billing address fields may be optional only in a certain scenario. the filter below is for the scenario when a customer pays from the paypal button on a cart or product page. after they return from paypal to the site, they land on the order confirmation page. are the billing address fields on that page that are affected by this filter.

        so that the billing fields are not mandatory, you can use the following code:

        The “require billing address” setting should also be disabled.

        remove “proceed to checkout” link on cart page ↑ back to top

        troubleshooting ↑ back to top

        You can enable logging for this plugin through the plugin settings:

        Enable logging

        Logs will be available via WooCommerce > System Status > Logs.

        frequently asked questions ↑ back to top

        does paypal payment include support for subscriptions? ↑ back to top

        yes, paypal checkout supports recurring payments when used with woocommerce subscriptions (separate purchase).

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        You must request and enable referral transactions via paypal express checkout for this plugin to work with subscriptions. more information at: paypal reference transactions for subscriptions.

        why has the debit/credit card button disappeared? ↑ back to top

        the debit/credit option is only shown if there are no subscription products in the cart. this button is hidden with subscription products by default. Due to the recurring nature of a subscription, subscription product types require the customer to use a PayPal account to establish the billing agreement. therefore, the guest payment “debit or credit card” button is removed by default. to offer customers debit or credit cards for subscription products, another payment gateway must be used.

        why do i get errors when i test the paypal payment process in sandbox mode? ↑ back to top

        You cannot have the “paypal sandbox” option enabled and use production api credentials. go to and create a buyer and seller profile to create a sandbox account.

        You can request sandbox credentials the same way you request live credentials once your account is set up. put seller api credentials in woocommerce admin for paypal checkout and use buyer credentials to test purchases.

        when you want to go back to production mode, switch back to production/active api credentials.

        paypal checkout not appearing on my checkout page ↑ back to top

        Make sure the paypal brand checkbox is checked in the normal payment button settings.

        what are the regular payment button settings? ↑ back to top

        These settings apply to the default woocommerce checkout page and payment options displayed on this page.

        is there an additional fee to offer paypal credit or pay in 4 to customers? ↑ back to top

        There is no additional charge for this service for the store/site owner.

        if you are a merchant that accepts paypal, paypal credit and payment in 4 are already included at checkout at no additional cost to your business. you only pay your current paypal transaction fees.

        paypal credit and payment in 4 are available in all countries? ↑ back to top

        is available without limitation in the united states (us).

        paypal credit is available by invitation only in the united kingdom (uk), and qualifying merchants will be contacted directly by paypal for the technical setup required to enable it on the site.

        do i need to accept paypal to offer paypal credit or pay in 4? ↑ back to top

        yes. you must have an eligible paypal payment solution integrated with your website to offer paypal credit and pay in 4 (either via paypal checkout or as a paypal credit or pay later button) and to advertise financing on your website.

        when do i get paid if my clients pay with paypal credit or pay in 4? ↑ back to top

        You get paid in advance, even if your customers have more time to pay. Payments typically show up in your PayPal account within minutes, similar to any other PayPal transaction.

        can i use paypal legacy checkout? ↑ back to top

        since paypal checkout 2.0, smart buttons are enabled by default through integration with paypal’s new javascript sdk. if you want to use legacy javascript you can use this filter:

        if you want to opt out of smart checkout buttons, you can use this filter:

        questions ↑ back to top

        Do you have any questions or need help? contact a happiness engineer through the help desk.

        *paypal payment in 4 and paypal credit subject to consumer credit approval.

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