Set up email in the Outlook for Android app

Set up email in the Outlook for Android app

once you begin the registration process, you must complete the process in its entirety, as a pause of more than a few minutes will usually halt your progress and require you to start over. if this process fails, you must return to the company portal app to try again.

  1. open the google play store. search for and download the intune company portal app.

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    If you are prompted to create a work profile during the enrollment process, refer to the Create a work profile and enroll your device in Intune article. Otherwise, follow the procedure in the Enroll your Android device in Intune article to enroll your Android phone or tablet. Set up a work profile

    open the outlook app for android. If you were prompted to create a work profile, use the Outlook work profile instance to add your account.

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    touch start.

    if your account is found, tap continue.

    enter your email account password, then tap sign in.

    Your company may also have controls in place that will require you to register before you can proceed. By registering, you are verifying your identity so that your organization can validate the device. if prompted to register your device, tap register.

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    If your IT admin has set additional policies, you may need to tap Activate and Activate again.Activate

    Now you are ready to start using outlook for android! take full advantage of outlook:

    optimize the outlook mobile app for your phone or tablet

    outlook cheat sheet for android

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