Does NordVPN Work with Netflix? Try This Fix [August 2022]

Does NordVPN Work with Netflix? Try This Fix [August 2022]

Does NordVPN Work with Netflix? Try This Fix [August 2022]

How to connect nordvpn to netflix

nordvpn is one of the best vpns we have reviewed, especially for netflix streaming.

also includes a feature called cybersec, which blocks websites known to host advertisements, phishing scams and protects you from ddos ​​attacks.

We review Nordvpn regularly, using our bespoke vpn testing methodology, and can confirm that it remains one of the best netflix vpns.

here is a summary of the transmission strengths and weaknesses of nordvpn:

  • unlocks 11 awesome netflix regions
  • can stream netflix to us using local servers
  • great to stream to your tv
  • uses a fully integrated smart dns feature
  • has extremely fast connection speeds
  • uses industry-leading security features
  • the company is openly committed to unblocking netflix
  • other vpns can unblock more netflix libraries
  • doesn’t work as often with us netflix as other major vpns

In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at the features that make NordVPN good and bad for Netflix streaming.

skip to the next section to learn how to use nordvpn with netflix. or check out this list of nordvpn servers that work with netflix.

nordvpn works with 11 netflix regions

This is much higher than average. nordvpn unlocks 9 more netflix libraries than pia and cyberghost.

While other vpns can access more libraries than nordvpn, the vpn service broadcasts all the largest and most important regions.

this means that because nordvpn works to watch netflix in japan, usa. uu. And the UK, there aren’t many major movies and TV shows that you can’t access with Nordvpn.

That said, if you like to see more niche content, windscribe vpn works in 32 regions.

stream netflix to us on local servers

a great benefit of using nordvpn with netflix is that it allows you to unblock US netflix from anywhere in the world.

connect to a vpn server located outside of the countries listed above and you will access the usa library. uu. when i log into netflix.

this is a great advantage for users who do not live near the us. Because they can browse the larger catalog of content without experiencing slower speeds.

generally, the closer you are to the vpn server, the faster your speeds will be. With this unique feature, NordVPN allows you to enjoy local connection speeds while streaming exclusive videos to us.

this sets nordvpn apart from many rival streaming vpns, but the company is silent on how it works. all we know is that nordvpn’s smartplay feature is responsible.

nordvpn smartplay feature

smartplay is a hybrid of vpn and smart dns technologies, which is automatically integrated into the nordvpn service.

just like a vpn, smart dns tricks websites into thinking your physical location is somewhere else to hide your true location and unblock region-restricted content.

To do this, a smart dns tool changes the dns server through which your traffic is routed.

Usually the main drawbacks of smart dns tools are that they do not encrypt web traffic and may require some technical knowledge to set up.

however, by combining smart dns with vpn software and integrating it automatically, nordvpn’s smartplay feature seems to avoid these drawbacks.

very fast connection speeds

Beating netflix blockers is impressive, but a vpn service must also have connection speeds good enough to stream effectively.

With poor connection speeds, you will be forced to watch low-quality video and endure a lot of buffering.

nordvpn is one of the fastest vpn services we have tested.

every vpn reduces internet speed to some extent, but the speed loss is barely noticeable when using nordvpn.

When connecting from the UK to servers in the US. In the US, we experienced an average speed loss of only 21%, while our normal download speed of 94 mbps dropped to 74 mbps after connecting to a server in new york .

These are impressive speeds for a long distance vpn connection, and our tests show that nordvpn consistently performs well on other international connections:

These speeds make nordvpn an excellent choice for netflix. even with a modest home connection, you should be able to stream without buffering and in ultra high definition.

huge network of servers

nordvpn has one of the largest server networks on the market. runs 5613 vpn servers spread over 59 countries.

Larger server networks are much harder for netflix to ban entirely.

netflix blockers work by identifying and blacklisting ip addresses belonging to vpn servers. so the more vpn servers, the more likely you are to find one that works.

some of the nordvpn servers also use obfuscation technology. Often services like Netflix can see that the traffic has been encrypted and deduce that it is VPN traffic.

obfuscation masks vpn encryption and makes your traffic look like normal https traffic. this prevents censorship systems from detecting your vpn connection.

To use obfuscation, select obfuscated under special servers and choose the desired location from there.


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