How to connect Fitbit with Noom, troubleshooting advice

How to connect Fitbit with Noom, troubleshooting advice

How to connect Fitbit with Noom, troubleshooting advice

How to connect noom with fitbit

Video How to connect noom with fitbit

noom is a popular subscription-based application for tracking a person’s food intake and exercise habits. but did you know you can connect fitbit with the app and have your steps sync automatically? here’s everything you need to know.

what is noom?

Founded in 2008, New York City-based Noom wants to help you live a healthier life. Eight years later they released an app that has since become one of the most downloaded apps in the health and fitness category. the goal is to teach you how to develop a healthier relationship with food.

But instead of just telling you to eat less, the company has adopted a psychology-based weight loss course. you can complete the 10-part journey at your own pace. Each mini-course teaches you certain aspects and knowledge that will help you change your habits and the way you think about food. there are over 1000 different lessons you can access.

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For this personalized information to work, the user must record their meals and exercises. the app will then provide feedback in several different ways. this includes algorithmically, from a human trainer, from other users, through articles and quizzes.

connecting your fitbit account to noom

to make your life easier, you can connect the fitbit on your wrist to noom. this automates the registration of the exercise aspect of your noom account. not all metrics, just steps.

you will need to do the following:

  • in the noom app, go to settings>apps & devices.
  • then choose connect additional devices, find your fitness tracker in the list and tap connect.
  • You will be prompted to provide your fitbit login details. enter this and select all checkboxes when prompted. this is necessary to enable all permissions.
  • tap allow.
  • the last step is to go to settings&gt ;applications and device applications. choose step data source and select fitbit.

some things to keep in mind. don’t panic if his steps don’t sync right away. it may take several hours for this to happen. it might even take a day for the initial sync.

to extract the data manually, in the noom app:

  • Go to settings in the noom app, apps & devices>connect additional devices.
  • your fitbit should be listed as connected.
  • select update. it should be next to disconnect. A message will appear stating that you are requesting a manual update.

establishing a connection will not retroactively correct the step count. so whatever you have entered as the steps value for the previous days will remain as it is.

troubleshooting tips

If you find that your data is not syncing or has stopped syncing, please try the following:

  • close the noom app.
  • open the fitbit app.
  • sync your fitbit with the smartphone app. initialize this manually. it seems that manual data synchronization usually helps to send everything to noom.
  • wait a couple of minutes and then reopen the noom app.

Another thing you might want to check is that noom is also not trying to get your steps from the smartphone. make sure it is offline as it may cause a conflict.

If you are having trouble establishing the initial connection, it has been reported that the font size on your smartphone is of some importance. apparently lowering the font size allows noom to show all the options for other apps. just go to your phone settings, find the font or display option and reduce the size. once you have established the link between fitbit and noom, you can change the font back to its original size.

Also, you can always try disconnecting your fitbit account from noom and reconnecting it. basically starting from scratch.

the final word is from fitbit. the company says that noom is not an officially supported app. and that users reported difficulties linking the two, but it seems to be working for many.

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