Alza NiteBird SL1 LED USB Light Strip User Manual - Manuals

Alza NiteBird SL1 LED USB Light Strip User Manual – Manuals

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nitebird sl1 usb led light strip riser

The product user guide contains product features, instructions on how to use the product, and operating procedure. Please read the user manual carefully to get the best experience and avoid unnecessary damage. keep this manual for future reference. If you have any questions or comments about the device, please contact the customer service line. +44 (0)203 514 4411 a.s., jankovcova 1522/53, 170 00 prague 7 , www

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product package

  1. light strip
  2. smart controller
  3. user manual
  4. 8 piece adhesive tape

led light strip

input: dc 5v, 1arated power: 5wwifi frequency: 2.4 ghzlight emission mode: rgb

install usb led light strip

connect it to the 5v 1a usb port of the television. Please press the round power button of the USB controller for about 5 seconds until the light strip flashes blue quickly.

  1. The light strip should be placed on a clean and dry surface and secure the four corners with 8 black adhesive tapes, two on each corner after the light strip is installed.
  2. the controller usb cannot hang.
  3. if the usb controller is hanging, it should be fixed with adhesive tape.

3m enhanced stronger adhesive

  1. Upgraded Stronger 3M AdhesiveThe surface should be clean, dust free and as dry as possible before installation.
  2. Tear adhesive tape of strip light and keep it clean. Upgraded Stronger 3M Adhesive-1
  3. Make sure to press the tape firmly into place when installing, press it for 10 seconds at least.
  4. Fix the strip light stand in the corner via black sticky tapes so that the strip light is more stable. Upgraded Stronger 3M Adhesive-2
  5. The led strip light only works when connected like this

download the gosund app

  1. search “gosund” and download gosund app in app store or google play, or scan the qr code below and install it.
  2. open “gosund” app. click sign up and enter your email address to automatically create an account, or enter your phone number to get a verification code to register an account. If you already have a Gosund account, simply click Sign In and enter your account credentials.
  3. The free “Gosund” app is compatible with mobile devices that support iOS 8.0 and above or Android 4.4 and above. top.
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connect the device with the application

  • Easy Mode Connection – LED Light Strip blue lights flashing quickly
    1. Press and hold the on/off button for more than 6 seconds until the light strip flashes quickly → Open Gosund App → Choose the “+” symbol → “Lighting” → “Strip lights”Connecting the Device with App
    2. Make sure the Light Strip is now rapidly flashing and confirm this in the app.Connecting the Device with App-1
    3. Choose your home WiFi (make sure that the WiFi connection you choose is the same connection/WiFi you used on your phone/device, and that it is 2.4GHz, not 5GHz.)Connecting the Device with App-2
    4. Finally, wait for the device to successfully configure itself, then tap “Completed”.Connecting the Device with App-3
    1. Please switch to “Other Mode”, press “AP Mode”.AP Mode
    2. Press and hold the on/off button until the Light Strip flashes slowly.AP Mode 1
    3. Make sure the Light strip is flashing slowly, confirm in the app.
    4. Choose your 2.4G WiFi, enter your password and confirm in the app.AP Mode-2
    5. 5. Tap “Connect now” and choose the WiFi hotspot named “Smartlife-XXX”, then go back to the Gosund application.AP Mode-3AP Mode-4
    6. Finally, wait for the product to successfully configure and tap “Completed”.

    AP Mode-5

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    note: if the connection fails in “ap mode”, please check if your router uses dual band wifi. if so, please enter the router management interface to split 2.4g and 5g with wifi, and then connect 2.4g wifi. After connecting to the network, press the on/off button to switch to different colors, long press the on/off button for 2-6 seconds to turn off, press the button for more than 6 seconds to restore the factory settings .

    getting to know the gosund app

    you can create certain scenes and groups in gosund app, it allows you to control different smart devices in different rooms at the same time.

    music automatically changes colors to the beat of the music when you play music on your TV.

    using amazon echo

    make sure your echo dot is connected with your amazon alexa and you have a “gosund” app account.

    • Enable Our Skill in Alexa APP Log into your Amazon Alexa, press “Skill” in the option bar, then search “Gosund” in the search bar. Select “Gosund” in the results and press “Enable”.Using Amazon Echo
      1. Input your Gosund account name and password. When you set the right page, it means your Alexa account is connected with your Gosund account.Using Amazon Echo-1
      1. To discover the device, simply say “Echo (or Alexa), discover my device.” To your Echo (or Alexa). You can also say “add device” to discover the Smart Light Strip. Echo will start to search for the device that is added in the Gosund app. It will take approximately 20 seconds to show the result. Or you may click “Discover Device” on the Alexa app, it will show available devices.Note: Echo is one of the wake-up names, the other two names are Alexa and Amazon. Using Amazon Echo-2
      2. Support Skill List You can control devices by instructions, as shown below: “Alexa, turn on/off (name of the smart light strip).” “Alexa, turn on the light strip.” “Alexa, turn off the light strip.”Note: The name of the light strip must be consistent with the name of the lamp on the Gosund app. It is recommended that the name utilizes only easily pronounceable English words. (Amazon Echo supports only English.)

      light strip control via siri (iphone)

      1. open the gosund app and make sure the light strip is connected to the app. 2. Click tap to run, then click the “+” symbol at the top right. 3. select your scenes and device, then select the command you need. For example: turn on. 4. After the process is complete, you can see “on” next to the command on the interface. 5. Press “add to siri” at the bottom right, then record your command. for example, you can say: “open light”. 6. after complete, you can control the light strip through siri. Say “hey siri, open the light”, the light strip will turn on.

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      Using Amazon Echo-3

      warranty conditions

      a new product purchased in the network of sales has a guarantee of 2 years. If you need repair or other services during the warranty period, please contact the seller of the product directly, you must provide the original proof of purchase with the date of purchase. the following is considered a conflict with the warranty conditions, therefore the claimed claim may not be recognized:

      • use the product for any purpose other than its intended purpose or fail to follow the instructions for maintenance, operation and service of the product.
      • damage to the product by a natural disaster, the unauthorized person or mechanically caused by the buyer (for example, during transportation, cleaning by improper means, etc.).
      • natural wear and aging of consumables or components during use (such as batteries, etc.).
      • exposure to adverse external influences, such as sunlight and other radiation or electromagnetic fields, fluid intrusion, object intrusion, network surge, electrostatic discharge voltage (including lightning), power supply faulty or input voltage and improper polarity of this voltage, chemical processes such as used power supplies, etc.
      • if anyone has made modifications, modifications, alterations to the design or adaptation to change or extend the functions tions of the product compared to the purchased design or the use of non-original components.

      eu declaration of conformity

      Importer identification data: a.s. registered office: jankovcova 1522/53, holešovice, 170 00 prague 7 iČo: 27082440

      subject of declaration: name: smart wifi led light strip model: sl1 the above product has been tested in accordance with the standards used for the demonstration in accordance with the essential requirements established in the directive(s): directive no. 2014/53 / eu directive no. 2011/65/eu modified by 2015/863/eu prague, 27.11.2020


      This product must not be disposed of as normal household waste in accordance with the eu directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment (weee – 2012/19/eu). instead, it will be returned to the place of purchase or delivered to a public recyclable waste collection point. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. contact your local authority or nearest collection point for more information. Improper disposal of this type of waste can result in fines according to national regulations.

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      documents / resources

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