Does Nest Work With Alexa? How to Connect Devices

Does Nest Work With Alexa? How to Connect Devices

Does Nest Work With Alexa? How to Connect Devices

How to connect nest with alexa

  • yes, your nest device can work with alexa to control your amazon echo speaker via voice command.
  • you can connect alexa to the nest video doorbells, thermostats, cameras and other devices.
  • Currently, the nest home security system cannot be connected to alexa and must still be managed directly through the app nest.
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love sleeping in a cold room but hate getting out of your hot bed in the morning? Want to know what’s going on on the front porch but don’t feel like getting out of your warm bed?

well, you’re in luck, assuming you have nest and an amazon echo device as part of your life.

you can connect nest with alexa voice control to use nest thermostat and nest camera skills. Then you can ask Alexa to change the temperature in your home and show you a video from your Nest Cam.

after connecting nest with alexa, you can control your smart home with minimal effort.

here is how to connect nest with alexa.

see the products mentioned in this article:

iphone 11 (from $699.99 at apple)

samsung galaxy s10 (from $859.99 at walmart)

amazon echo (from $79.99 on amazon)

google nest e thermostat (from 138.99 usd at walmart)

how to connect nest devices with alexa

1. open the alexa app on your iphone or android.

2. Tap the three lines in the upper left corner.

3. In the menu that appears, tap “skills and games”.

4. In the menu that appears, tap “skills and games”.

5. tap the magnifying glass icon at the top and type “nest” in the search bar. (you can be more specific to save time, using e.g. “nest thermostat” instead).

6. Once you’ve located the correct “skill” for the device in question, tap “enable to use” and enter your login information when prompted, then tap to allow the connection.

7. Now tap “discover devices” and your alexa device and nest will be connected and ready for voice control.

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