How To Connect Two Soundbars Together

How To Connect Two Soundbars Together

a single soundbar alone can give you a beautiful audio experience. but if you want to improve the sound quality even more when you’re watching a movie or TV series, you can connect two sound bars.

To connect two sound bars, connect one end of the cable to the output of the first sound bar and connect the other end to the input connector of the second sound bar. then power on the systems and adjust the settings.

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Connect Two Soundbars

Having two soundbars for your TV will dramatically improve sound quality. If you are using a project for your home theater, soundbars also make the audio better. The reason is that you can connect them to your projector.

steps to connect two soundbars

By connecting two sound bars, home theater enthusiasts can listen to two different sound sources produced simultaneously by a single set of a sound system.

however, both soundbars must have at least one output and one input connector. Fortunately, most sound bar sound systems you’ll find on the market have such connectors.

Here are the steps you need to follow to connect two soundbars:

1. find the jacks for both soundbars

The first thing you need to do to set up two soundbars together is to find the output jack of the first sound system. most of the time, you will find it on the back of the system. manufacturers label it as “output” or “headphones”.

Also, it would help if I looked for the input jack of the second soundbar. You’ll find it on either side of the system, labeled “input” or “microphone.”

2. connect the audio cables

Take one end of the audio cable and plug it into the output jack on the first soundbar. Once this is done, connect the other end to the output or microphone jack of the second soundbar.

3. turn on both soundbars

Now that you can reconnect the audio cables, turn on both sound systems. plays the first soundbar on the second.

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However, the setting of sound systems varies depending on the models you use. sometimes you will need to configure the auxiliary, audio input or line input of the second soundbar. in this way, you can place the two soundbars in their correct position.

will also allow the first sound system to pass through the second.

4. adjust settings

This process is the final step in connecting two soundbars. adjust the equalization settings and the volume of the first sound system.

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Doing this will allow you to perform all moderations applicable to your system.

Setting the equalizer too high will result in poor sound quality from the sound bar. for this reason, you must adjust the equalization and volume settings correctly. this will allow you to enjoy the full potential of your two soundbars. (1)

connect two soundbars? no problem!

Of course, every home theater has different makes and models of televisions. For this reason, some people contemplate whether or not they should buy a sound bar.

The reason is that they are not sure if the soundbar will work with their TV.

but will a soundbar work with any tv? find out here.

can you connect your soundbar’s sound system to a projector?

Many people use projectors as a home theater screen. the reason is that the image it projects can be larger than a television screen.

In addition, there are many sound systems available. but only soundbars come with lots of audio outputs and inputs along with the convenience. therefore, it is ideal that you connect your sound bars to your projector.

also the main connections you can find on soundbars and projectors are 3.5mm trrs connectors and rca connectors.

These two are compatible. Therefore, you can connect the 3.5mm output of the projector to the RCA inputs of your sound bars. however, you must first ensure that you have a suitable adapter.

To connect your soundbars to a projector, you must first turn off all devices. then connect the left and right rca cables to the projector’s rca outputs. Alternatively, you can connect a 3.5mm auxiliary cable to the projector’s 3.5mm audio jack.

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It would be helpful if you also connected the other end of your audio cables to their corresponding inputs on the projector. Finally, connect your input devices to the projector and turn on your devices.

Also, you can set the sound output of the projector to analog. but doing this step will also require you to set the soundbar input to analog as well. (2)

tips for choosing a soundbar for your TV

After all is said and done, you may want to upgrade your home theater’s sound system. if you want something that doesn’t take up a lot of space but can enhance your audio experience, then a sound bar is the way to go.

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But before you go out and buy your sound bar, you need to know how you can get the best unit.

the type of sound bar

Soundbars differ a lot when it comes to price. this factor makes your buying process more difficult. To narrow down your options, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Do you want to hear better sound from your TV or do you want a complete cinema-like experience?

Some sound bars also allow you to use them to listen to music. for this reason, you need to find a model that can accommodate music playback.

each requirement has its own sound bar model. therefore, you should understand your needs before purchasing one.

dialog improvement

When you use a sound bar, you’ll hear the sound from your TV fuller, louder, and more accurately. therefore, human voices in movies and series will sound clear.

However, some people have trouble understanding dialogue when there are background sounds around them. Fortunately, some soundbars offer a dialog enhancement feature. this feature makes voices louder and fuller than other sounds the TV makes.

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space consumption

Most sound bars on the market are small enough that they don’t block the TV when placed in front of the screen. however, you can also opt for wall-mounted soundbars. just make sure you get one with optional brackets or keyhole slots. (4)

surround sound function

A true surround sound system has a receiver that decodes surround sound signals from television, series, or movie soundtracks. it will then send various signals to each of the speakers in the system.

Just like a real surround sound system, a sound bar can decode sound signals. however, most of those sounds are limited to 5.1 channel formats. for this reason, sound bars distribute sound differently.

In addition, a soundbar can have anywhere from two to thirteen speakers, sometimes even smaller. these speakers are commonly known as drivers.

the drivers do not send discrete sound to different speakers. instead, the sound bar picks up the surround sound signal. it will then split the signal between its onboard drivers. (3)

connecting two soundbars: is it worth it?

You may think that buying two soundbars is not a worthwhile investment. however, thinking about how much it can improve the sound quality in your home theater makes the purchase worthwhile.

In addition, the soundbars have other features, including Alexa integration and music integration. For this reason, you can use it for more than just improving the sound your TV makes. With sound bars, you’ll have a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home theater.

also, a single sound bar can improve the sound of your TV. but connecting two sound bars together will give you a better experience.

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