How to Connect a MPPT Solar Charge Controller? |

How to Connect a MPPT Solar Charge Controller? |

Solar power generation system consists of solar cell, solar charge controller and storage battery (pack). If you want the solar power system to output 220V or 110V AC power, you need to set up a solar inverter. The solar charge controller regulates the charging and discharging of the battery, and controls the solar cell and battery power output to the load according to the power demand of the load, which is the core part of the whole system of photovoltaic energy.

Popular solar charge controllers in the market are mainly pwm charge controller and mppt charge controller. pwm solar charge controller adopts pulse width modulation control mode, which solves the problem of battery dissatisfaction, and the charge conversion efficiency is 75~80%, but the solar panel is not used completely. mppt solar charge controller is an upgraded version of solar power pwm controller. The MPPT charge controller can detect the voltage and current of the solar panels in real time and continuously track the maximum power, so the system always charges the battery with the maximum power. the mppt tracking efficiency is up to 99%, and the power generation efficiency of the whole photovoltaic system reaches 97%.

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mppt solar charge controller connection

The figure below is a basic wiring diagram of the mppt solar charge controller on Below we will show you step by step how to properly connect the controller with solar panel, battery and DC load.

MPPT solar charge controller connection diagram

1. before connection

Before wiring, first remove the cover and loosen the connection lock, and then you will see the wiring terminals for solar panel, battery, load, as well as temperature sensor and rs 485 port for pc.

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Before wiring of MPPT charge controller2. Connect batteries to MPPT charge controller

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Refer to the following wiring diagram for the connection between the charge controller and the batteries. Make sure the positive and negative terminals of the charge controller and batteries are properly connected. the batteries are connected in series. Please note that when connecting the batteries, you must turn off the circuit breaker.

Connecting batteries to MPPT charge controller

3. connect dc load to mppt charge controller

The mppt solar charge controller’s “dc load” terminal can be connected to a dc load of the same rated voltage as the batteries. the charge controller provides the power based on the battery voltage. The wiring diagram of solar charge controller and DC charging is shown below.

Connecting DC load to MPPT charge controller4. Connect PV panel module to MPPT charge controller

mppt solar charge controllers are suitable for 12v, 24v, 48v off-grid solar panel modules, and also apply for on-grid module whose open voltage does not exceed the maximum specified input voltage . the photovoltaic module in the solar system can not be lower than the system voltage. Please note that when connecting the PV module, you must turn off the circuit breaker. the connection is shown in the figure below.

Connecting PV panel module to MPPT charge controller5. Temperature sensor, MPPT charge controller and PC connection

mppt solar charge controller can be connected to temperature sensor and pc via rs485. RS485 communication line is optional. you can buy extra if needed.

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Temperature sensor & MPPT charge controller and PC connection

mppt solar charge controller installation

Besides the wiring, there is something that needs to be considered when installing the mppt solar charge controller.

1. environmental condition

  • the charge controller must be installed on a solid surface.
  • the installation site can be accessible at any time.
  • the charge controller must be installed on a solid surface. location where it can be disassembled at any time.
  • Ambient temperature should be -20℃ ~ 50℃, to ensure optimal working environment.

2. safety distance

respect the safety distance to ensure that other equipment or objects are not within this range, in order to ensure adequate cooling space.

Safety distance of MPPT charge controller

Buy low price but high efficiency solar charge controller at, including 10amp, 20amp,…60amp pwm solar charge controllers and 20a, 30a mppt solar charge controllers at 60a.

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