TheNotice - We-Vibe Moxie review: Smartphone toys for the app age - theNotice

TheNotice – We-Vibe Moxie review: Smartphone toys for the app age – theNotice

the concept behind we-vibe moxie

I love a toy that does something new, or something old, but couldn’t be done before. we-vibe moxie is a stylish interpretation of a classic idea: one of the last remaining holy grails of sex toys. Many brands have tried to create a good panty vibe, and from what I’ve heard, none have succeeded. they’re all too big, too loud, or too noisy.

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the moxie isn’t perfect (it’s not really quiet and app control is atrocious), but it’s really good. coated in silky silicone, it’s completely waterproof and rechargeable . Using your phone or the remote control, you get about 2 meters distance for control; Using the app over Wi-Fi, your partner can theoretically control the device from anywhere in the world.

what makes moxie special is that it fits on any item using a set of triple magnets. there is one on the device, one to place it on and one to hold it on the outside. it’s small enough to fit into that little bit of double lining that underwear usually has, and thin enough to wear in a thong. the body of the toy is a bit thick, but in a good way; I think it allows me to cross my legs to have more pressure.

we-vibe app control: wrestling and snuggling

As much as I love we-vibe toys… controlling their app is tricky when all you want to do is snuggle. It’s easy to connect the moxie to your phone (just press and hold the power button for five seconds and tell the app to pair), but it’s significantly more difficult to “connect lover.”

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(why couldn’t you just say “partner”, we-vibe? why did you have to make it weird?)

moxie works perfectly with your remote control, as does we-vibe sync ($229 cad). app control, however, is patchy at best. It takes me and my partner, on average, around 15 minutes to pair our phones, and then the connection inevitably drops within the next 10 minutes.

I don’t know much, but I do know one thing: There are very few painkillers as effective as a rogue vibrator. We’re talking about painkillers like… from heights as yet undiscovered. For two cranky, tech-savvy people, introducing moxie into the bedroom can go one of two ways:

  1. use the remote and you’re ready to race right away, or:
  2. get the device paired with your phone in 30 seconds. an additional 10 are needed to pair your app with your partner’s. while you argue about how terrible all patterns other than “heartbeat” are, your phones stay paired. they say they are connected, but the app control drops. the moxie continues to buzz in your pants, wild and untamed. you can’t turn it off without crouching down and applying pressure to the area. the we-vibe moxie, with an almost irresponsible joie de vivre, zooms out the side of your underwear and onto the floor. you should have put it in that little double-layered portion of your thong (a classic newbie move).

how strong & rumbling is the we-vibe moxie?

good. All that said, we-vibe moxie is a great toy. am i frustrated with the we-connect app? constantly. but is the concept good? unfortunately for my indecisive brain: also yes.

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the we-vibe moxie is loud, but not thunderous like the we-vibe tango. it’s a dead ringer for we-vibe sync: the two share the same silicone, color, charging mechanism, app and engine. on low, the moxie is quiet enough to hide under the hum of my laptop fan; loud, it never gets loud enough to be heard in a club.

the moxie is about the size of three of my little fingers put together; I’d say about two fingers, on someone who’s not essentially the size of a child. If I hold it in my hand and use it like a bullet, it’s surprisingly easy to have an orgasm, as long as the app isn’t involved. hands-free is more difficult, but my body is stubborn; according to the statistics, yours probably won’t take that long.

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the verdict on the we-vibe moxie

I know I don’t normally include a verdict on sponsored posts, but I couldn’t help it! This is not your typical sponsored post: I went to ask about the we-vibe moxie, and the folks at luxury vibrators generously humored me.

we-vibe moxie isn’t a perfect toy, but if you want to try a panty vibrator, I absolutely think this should be it. is louder than anything on the market today, with a small, unobtrusive silhouette. As far as “couples toys” go, I found the moxie to be much more comfortable and enjoyable than the we-vibe sync, with a lower price tag and longer battery life. while it differs in that it’s not designed to be used during intercourse, I like the change; there’s no pinching or weird placement with this one, and the lack of an internal engine isn’t that insensitive.

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My only recommendation for this toy is simple: stick to the remote. the app is incredibly cool in theory, but it’s one of the biggest mood killers I’ve come across. I can’t promise you’ll like moxie as much as I do, but I can absolutely say I recommend it!

Update March 26, 2020: The we-vibe we-connect app has been updated and now works perfectly with moxie. forward & buy!!

Availability: $139 cad at (on sale for $132 cad at time of publication)

This post is sponsored by, who I love working with. You can see some of my freelance work for them on their youtube channel where I do bite sized sex toy review videos! They are always shipped discreetly and are very pleasant to work with.

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