Mustache Doesn&039t Connect To Your Beard? (Grooming & Styling Fixes!) -

Mustache Doesn&039t Connect To Your Beard? (Grooming & Styling Fixes!) –

Mustache Doesn&039t Connect To Your Beard? (Grooming & Styling Fixes!) –

How to connect moustache with beard

If you have a mustache that doesn’t connect to your beard, you might be wondering why. Beard-mustache spacing is usually due to genetics or possibly a lack of key beard nutrients in your system. the gap can be wider or smaller depending on several factors that we will see in this article.

If you don’t grow hair between your mustache and beard, it’s probably your genetics to blame. Most men’s beards are still developing into their 30s, so hair may still be growing. .

Keep reading to learn more about why your mustache and beard aren’t connected. I’ll also talk about what you can do to grow hair in space, and offer some tips for hiding patches in the meantime.

why is your beard not connected to your mustache?

If there is a gap between your beard and mustache, then it may look a little out of place when you look in the mirror. this small gap between beard and mustache is possibly due to several different factors and there may be a solution.

A beard that doesn’t connect to a mustache is usually due to genetics, but it can also be that the beard hasn’t grown long enough. You may also be deficient in key beard nutrients that promote hair growth in the areas around your mustache.

You may want to grow your beard and mustache as long as possible to get a better idea of ​​how big of a gap that is when you have a full beard.

there are also certain nutrients like vitamin e, vitamin d, zinc and vitamin b7 that can greatly help beard growth. I have personally seen a big difference in the healthy appearance of my beard and hair density since taking these vitamins daily.

Can minoxidil help connect the mustache to the beard?

minoxidil is a great product to apply to areas where you would like to regrow hair. studies show this to be true, even for areas with facial hair. however, if you decide to use minoxidil in the beard area, it is important to proceed with caution

Using 5% minoxidil on bald spots 1-2 times a day and keeping it there for about 4 hours may provide the best results. it is important to be careful when applying minoxidil to these areas as your skin may react negatively.

while rogaine is the most well-known brand of minoxidil, the kirkland signature and equate versions contain the same basic ingredients and will work in a similar way.

how to connect your mustache to your beard

If you’re not happy with the fact that your mustache doesn’t connect to your beard, there may be some styling and styling fixes you can try. Combining this with a beard nutrition supplement can go a long way in helping you grow a longer and denser beard.

If you have a gap between your mustache and beard, you can try a few methods to hide or cover it:

  • don’t hide it, bring it out!
  • encourage beard and mustache thickness
  • comb mustache into beard
  • use wax, pomade or balm to style it
  • try a hairstyle that doesn’t be connecting beard style

don’t hide it, move it!

Having a gap between your beard and mustache is nothing to be ashamed of and can be very stylish. there are many styles of beards that have the same characteristic.

The important thing is to let it grow naturally for as long as possible without trimming it or doing anything other than using beard scissors to cut off stray hairs.

This gives you enough time to see what it really looks like when it grows up.

encourage beard and mustache thickness

An easy way to start building mustache thickness is to not trim your beard at all to give it a strong base. You can also try using a beard oil that is suitable for your skin.

This will help stimulate healthy facial hair growth and possibly thicken it.

comb your mustache towards your beard

Combing or brushing your mustache downwards daily is also an easy way to encourage mustache thickness because it helps the hair pattern grow properly by getting rid of any odd bends or curves that will occur naturally without combing or brush daily.

use wax, pomade or balm to style it

If you want to grow a really long mustache, getting some mustache wax, pomade or balm is a great tool to start with.

Combining them with a new base of daily combing or brushing down will help train your mustache to grow thicker and look healthier.

try an unconnected beard style

Lastly, if you want to give it a try, you can choose from some of the unconnected beard styles below.

look at some celebrities and such to find some styles that suit you. you can use these styles as inspiration to discover a look you are happy with.

beard styles that don’t connect

There are some amazing beard styles of people who have a gap between the mustache and the beard no matter how prominent it is. In this section, we’ll look at some celebrities and famous people who sport the space between the mustache and the beard.

johnny depp

johnny depp does an amazing job of removing the space between the mustache and the beard, and it’s quite large. this is called the ‘van dyke’ style and I think it looks pretty cool.

keanu reeves

Keanu’s mustache and beard gap is a bit smaller compared to others, but his hair is also quite thin in the area. still looks great!

lebron james

lebron takes the van dyke style to a whole new level and keeps the mustache thin and defined while the beard is bushy and prominent.


ludacris looks impressive with a very large gap between his mustache and beard. it seems that he decided to shave the entire gap.

robert downey son

robert downey jr. is known for sporting this type of beard style. she keeps it clean and well defined.

orlando bloom

orlando bloom embraces the van dyke style with her look. this is my favorite style for someone who has a gap between their mustache and beard no matter how big it is.

zac efron

I like this one because zac efron isn’t necessarily going van dyke and he keeps all the beard except for the gap. I think many men who have the gap could pull off this style.

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