9 Meaningful Ways to Connect with God

9 Meaningful Ways to Connect with God

Did you know that there are many ways people connect with God?

As Christians, there is no single way to approach God. Just as God has created us with different personalities, we also have different spiritual temperaments. Have you ever thought about that or discovered what yours is?

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I pray that knowing these 9 meaningful ways to connect with God will breathe life into your relationship with the Lord and give you ideas for how to help your kids connect with God, too!

I will never forget an eye-opening conversation I once had with my father.

where I’m a learner and a reader and writer who sits for an hour, my dad is an active, hands-on guy who keeps things moving.

When I was a teenager, I was constantly trying to get my dad to sit down and read a book that I thought might help him or develop a habit of solitude and silence. I struggled to understand how I could be growing if he wasn’t doing the things I was doing. (I know, I know. I realize how that sounds. I’ve grown a lot since then.)

One day, while expressing how meaningful those practices were to me, my father shared how deeply moving it was for him when he played music while walking or took time out of his busy day to fix something. for someone or anonymously leave a very generous gift to someone you knew he needed. he felt closer to god through certain types of music and when he was using his talents to serve others.

I realized that we both connect with God in very different ways.

I’m not the only one who’s misunderstood this. How many times have I seen people shamed for not fitting a certain mold for spiritual growth!

That’s not to say that there aren’t spiritual habits that can help us grow or that we shouldn’t develop habits that aren’t comfortable or easy at first. but it’s important that we recognize that god has created each of us uniquely, and that includes how we naturally connect with god!

While we all know that growing up in the lord requires spending time with him, many of us don’t realize that there are many ways to experience his presence. by In fact, throughout history, Christians have cultivated their personal relationship with God in countless ways.

god didn’t create us all to worship him exactly the same way.

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As Christians, there is no single way to approach God. Just as God has created us with different personalities, we also have different spiritual temperaments. Have you ever thought about that or discovered what yours is?

In his book, Sacred Paths, pastor and author Gary Thomas shares 9 different spiritual temperaments, or Sacred Paths, that people have. These are the ways we best connect with God.

let me be clear: when I say paths, I don’t mean there are different paths to god. the bible tells us that jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the father except through him.

Rather, when I refer to pathways, I mean the ways we feel connected to God. For example, some feel closer to God while in nature, standing on top of a mountain, or walking through the woods; while others feel the closeness of god through beautiful music or admiring great art. still others taste transcendence by serving others, or debating deep truths, or even being totally alone!

There is no one size fits all formula for spiritual growth or faith formation. that’s frustrating sometimes because a lot of us (including me) want instructions to be clear and detailed. Fortunately, God created us all uniquely and invites us to experience him in different ways.

9 meaningful ways to connect with god

1. naturalists: loving god outdoors

naturalists feel closer to god when they are surrounded by god’s creation. the mountains, the forests or the water awaken in them something that nothing else awakens. naturalists often learn their best lessons in the open air. In particular, being outside helps them visualize biblical truths, see God more clearly, and learn to rest.

Click here for ideas on how to help your children connect with God through nature.

2. sensates: loving god with the senses

the senses are amazed at the presence of beauty and feel closer to god when they can see, smell, hear or almost taste his majesty. Where naturalists are drawn to the wonder, beauty, and splendor of the outdoors, Senates are drawn to expressions of wonder and beauty. for example, things like incense, elaborate architecture, classical music, and formal language deeply move your heart.

3. traditionalists: love god through rituals and symbols

Traditionalists need rituals and structures in their worship. corporate worship, including rituals, symbols, sacraments, and sacrifice, are essential to their life of faith. In practice, this might resemble following a personal rule (or habit) of prayer, following and celebrating the liturgical calendar, using symbols as reminders of faith, and engaging in specific and regular personal sacrifice. while other spiritual temperaments may view them as lifeless rituals, the traditionalist sees these practices as life-altering experiences.

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Click here to read about four routines to help build your faith.

4. ascetics: love god in solitude and simplicity

Ascetics gravitate toward solitude, austerity, simplicity, and deep commitment. They find that discipline (for the sake of drawing closer to God), severity, and solitude awaken their souls to God’s presence, and they feel closer to God when they are alone with nothing to distract them from focusing on God’s presence. the self-denial of ascetics does not come from being a martyr or punishing themselves, but as a means or way to love god more.

5. activists: loving god through confrontation

activists feel closer to god when they oppose injustice. in fact, many activists define worship as standing against evil and calling sinners to repentance. In facing injustice, they feel that they are working in cooperation and partnership with God. activists readily engage in confrontation and defiance for the sake of truth, justice, and what they believe to be right.

6. caregivers: loving god by loving others

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Caregivers love God and feel more connected to him when they love and serve others. they are especially drawn to the poor, the needy, and the sick, and are usually the first to bring food, take a ride, or volunteer to help in other ways. caregivers are doers, they intervene to meet needs. They don’t just talk or sing about their love for God, they show it every day.

7. enthusiasts: love god with mystery and celebration

Enthusiasts tend to be the cheerleaders of faith. You’ll find enthusiasts shouting amen, dancing in the aisles and worshiping God with joyful celebration. They best experience the power and presence of God when their hearts are moved and they feel His presence.

8. contemplatives: loving god through adoration

contemplatives worship god. they fix their gaze on him and seek to be present in his presence. Contemplatives feel closer to God when their emotions are awakened and they feel God touching their hearts and speaking words of love and affection. Although they may serve God and do things in his name, their focus is to seek to love God with a deep and pure love. Contemplatives prefer to be alone with God than to sit in a formal liturgy or take a walk in the fresh air.

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9. intellectuals: love god with the mind

Intellectuals live in the world of concepts and ideas. they need to know what they believe, and they push the churches to define and maintain the proper doctrine. you’ll likely find them studying (or debating) doctrine and theology. intellectuals feel closer to god when they learn something new about him that they didn’t understand before or when they have time to study god’s word or other theological books.

how do you connect with god?

How liberating it is to know that God invites us to know and experience him in such varied and personal ways!

If you’ve ever felt embarrassed or criticized because your quiet time habit looks different than someone else’s, I pray this post is an encouragement to you!

May it also be an encouragement for each of us to ask God to meet us in different and new ways.

Do you want to experience God in a new way? After reading these 9 meaningful ways to connect with god, think about which path he is most drawn to and practice more often. then watch your spiritual rhythm. Would it be helpful to add more time to engage in that practice? Would it be useful to incorporate other paths to connect with God? let me encourage you to also think about which path you have not practiced or would like to try. schedule an hour to try it out! tell god your desire to connect with him and ask him to meet you there!

what a gift it is to learn from each other as we worship and experience god in unique ways, and what an opportunity we have with our children to invite them to experience god in various ways!

I pray that a better understanding of these 9 meaningful ways to connect with god will help bring your relationship with the lord to life. savesave


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