How To Connect Karaoke Mic To Soundbar? | Passive Makers

How To Connect Karaoke Mic To Soundbar? | Passive Makers

You’ve got the karaoke mics and lyrics playing on the TV, and the sound bar is almost ready. still, something seems a bit off. the soundbar does not have a microphone input option. so can the mic be plugged into the soundbar? if yes, “how to connect karaoke microphone to sound bar?”

It is not as complicated as you imagine. first get a mixer and connect it to the television. hook up the mic & sound bar with karaoke mixer and karaoke system is ready to go.

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As a newbie, you might be wondering, why would you need a karaoke mixer? If you are not technically savvy, the whole procedure may seem a bit confusing. don’t worry as we have answered all the queries in detail below. So take your first step and get ready to rock the karaoke party now!

is the sound bar good for karaoke?

Yes, the soundbar is the best option for hosting a karaoke party if you can’t afford to invest in a full-fledged home theater system. they can play and amplify the music as per the requirements and let you rock out at the karaoke party. don’t worry as they are totally worth every penny. Plus, they’re inexpensive and offer the best possible sound quality.

can i connect the microphone to the soundbar?

Take a look at the back of the sound bar and you’ll see maple ports for audio connection. They have poets for rca and hdmi cables. So how will you host a karaoke night with a soundbar if it doesn’t have a mic input option?

The manufacturers didn’t think you’d try to run two inputs through the soundbar at the same time. however, in order to do karaoke, you need to hear the singer’s voice and the music simultaneously. only a karaoke mixer can solve this problem.

how does a mixer solve the sound bar problem?

karaoke mixers are basically a device that responds to the combination of different instrumental tracks and voices. As it has several microphone input options, a karaoke mixer is indeed a solution to connect the microphone & soundbar together.

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they have different ports (for example, 3.5 mm auxiliary ports) for audio input and output. therefore mixers can create a ‘music’ audio path and then a ‘mic’ input path & music together.

Before combining music and voice, a user can adjust the & from the singer; separate music volume using dedicated mixer knobs. however, be very careful before investing in a mixer, as the soundbar must be compatible with the mixer. for example, buy a mixer with the input ‘hdmi & out’ only if the sound bar has ‘hdmi input’.

what are the best sound bars for karaoke?

  • boat avante bar 1500 2.1 channel sound bar for home theater
  • blaupunkt germany sbw100 120w wired sound bar
  • f&d e200 plus 5 watt wireless bluetooth speaker

how to connect the karaoke microphone to the soundbar?

disconnect audio resources from the sound bar:

  • sound bars are usually connected to a computer, xbox, television or any other device via an hdmi cable.
  • first determine your preferred audio source and disconnect it from the soundbar.

TVs typically connect to the sound bar via optical, rca, or hdmi.

connect mixer to tv:

  • take the hdmi or rca cable from the TV and connect it to the audio input port of the karaoke mixer.
  • check the model of the mixer , as all models are not compatible with hdmi or rca cables.
  • If you cannot connect the cable to the mixer, please invest in an adapter for better compatibility.

Nowadays, most smart TVs have hdmi cables that can be easily connected to the mixer. For earlier models, you can opt for a 3.5mm analog cable. In most cases, the RCA to 3.5mm adapter will be compatible.

hook the mixer with the soundbar:

I think you already know the karaoke mixer ports. Just like the audio input ports, find the mixer’s audio output ports and connect it to the soundbar.

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Similar to the previous step, the cable from the sound bar must be compatible with the output port on the mixer. if it doesn’t match, you’ll need an adapter such as a 3.5mm to rca cable.

connect microphone & the blender together:

Once the mixer is connected to the TV and the sound bar, it will act as a router between the TV and the sound bar. soundbar now, focus on your microphones. Whether you have multiple microphones or just one microphone, connect them with the mixer.

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if you have a karaoke mixer with a microphone ready to go, then this is the best option.

  • if you have a wired microphone, you will find a ¼ inch input plug. just take the cable and plug it into the karaoke mixer, and you’re good to go.
  • if you have mixer-ready wireless microphones, they’ll pair with the mixer automatically as soon as they’re ready. on.
  • For a normal wireless microphone, there should be some on/off switch for pairing.
  • Some mixers They specifically have a bluetooth microphone in the options to connect the microphone with the mixer.

take the test:

once everything is hooked up, try it out before the karaoke party.

  • play your favorite karaoke video on the TV and see if you can hear the proper sounds from the soundbar.
  • if the sound doesn’t is audible, check the volume of the television, mixer and sound bar independently. once you adjust them, you will definitely hear clear sounds.
  • pick up the microphone and check if your voice comes out of the microphone correctly. if you have any problem, increase the mixer volume and make it louder than the music input.

how to connect the bluetooth microphone to the sound bar?

  • first get a pc as an intermediate or host device.
  • now connect the devices with the host computer via an invitation. if the software allows it, the pc can connect to the mic & the speaker at the same time.
  • take the bluetooth microphone and pair with a bluetooth compatible mixer.
  • pair the bar sound with the mixer via bluetooth as well.
  • once the mixer is configured, the microphone will act as an input device while the speaker is an output device .
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once you’re done with the karaoke party, you can disconnect them from the computer.

frequently asked questions:

can the microphone be connected to the soundbar?

soundbars do not have specific microphone input options to connect the soundbar & microphone together. therefore, you cannot connect them directly using cables. instead, you’ll need mixers to connect the microphone to the soundbar.

how does the wireless microphone work?

wireless microphones have built-in transmitters to send output signals. This transmitter is responsible for encoding the output signal and sending it to the receiver. once the receiver receives the signal, it will decode it to achieve the connected mic input.

how do wireless microphones connect to speakers?

  • open the sound settings option from the pc by right-clicking on the sound icon.
  • from the sound settings , open the input section.
  • the input section will display a list of devices. choose microphone and connect with speaker via computer.

final words:

can you directly connect the mic and sound bar? how to connect karaoke microphone to sound bar? As a beginner, it’s natural to have these queries.

Don’t be embarrassed, as all of us were beginners at some point. I think you already have a clear idea how to connect the karaoke microphone to the soundbar.

Investing in a sound bar is a great idea, as home theater systems are expensive and take up a lot of space. just get a mixer with a suitable cable or adapter, and you’re good to go!

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