How to Miracast on iPhone? (Know All About It)

How to Miracast on iPhone? (Know All About It)

the miracast app doesn’t work on ios, leaving you with its official apple equivalent, airplay. To use it, you need to open control center, tap airplay and connect to the device you want to mirror to. first make sure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

recently a friend wanted to know how to mirror iphone to tv and came to me for help. I showed him what to do and discussed the steps I followed next. read on to find out.

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how to miracast on iphone?

as mentioned, you can’t miracast on ios. you’ll have to use apple’s built-in alternative, airplay.

This is what you do:

  • connect your iphone and apple tv to the same network
  • swipe down to open control center
  • click airplay icon to start setup airplay (rectangle with a triangle inside)
  • go through the list of devices and select your TV
  • enter your password if prompted
  • wait to have your iphone screen projected on your tv if you want you can change the aspect ratio and zoom settings

why miracast not working on iphone?

the answer has to do with apple’s operating system: ios. was made unable to support the application.

what are some alternatives to iphone miracast?

yes, you can use airplay, but there are other 3rd party alternatives available. just be aware that most of them will only allow you to mirror to your computer.

I have reviewed 2 personal favorites below.

let’s get to it:

option 1: any mirror

anymirror is a very good option. In case you’re wondering, it’s free.

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this is how to use it:

  • go to the anymirror website
  • download the tool to your pc
  • go to the apple app store and download it to your iphone/ipad
  • connect iphone to your desktop using usb or lightning cable
  • run anymirror tool
  • tap screen mirroring
  • tap ok to confirm
  • get your iphone then open anymirror app
  • click the screen mirroring button
  • touch usb
  • click the start button to start, and then tap start streaming
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option 2: any trans

Most users have heard of anytrans: it is a popular repair software. however, it comes with a neat feature that will allow you to duplicate. once again though, you will only be able to mirror your iphone screen to your computer.

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this is how to use it:

  • go to the anytrans website
  • download the tool to your computer
  • wait for it to install and run
  • connect the mobile to your pc
  • click the screen mirroring function at the bottom of the page
  • connect your mobile phone and pc to the same wifi network
  • swipe down to open control center (on your iphone)
  • tap the screen mirroring button
  • click the connect to anytrans button

what do you do if airplay on iphone doesn’t work?

There are a couple of tricks to try, and they include:

solution 1: remove any obstacles

check if there are any obstacles in the way. will use wireless technology to transfer your screen, so objects in the way can cause mishaps. just move anything in between and check if you’re ready to go now.

Solution 2: Restart your TV

If your TV is responsible and it wasn’t working due to a random error or crash, restarting it might help. there are no complicated steps like with force restart. just press the power button and then turn off.

solution 3: disable your apple/android tv

Check if bluetooth is enabled on your TV. the problem may appear if so. go to your tv settings, disable bluetooth, turn it on and try again. you should be ready to go now.

solution 4: change tv input

check your TV’s input; it may be in hdmi cable mode or another mode that does not allow you to connect wirelessly. get your remote and check and fix this quickly if it is the case.

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solution 5: update ios

when was the last time you updated ios? not doing so could be another cause of the problem.

Before updating ios, please make sure you have a stable internet connection and enough space for the firmware file.

This is what you do:

  • open the settings app
  • go to general
  • click the software update button
  • tap the firmware file

Solution 6: Update your TV

You can also try upgrading your TV. Depending on the smart TV you own, the process to do this is different. however, you should have some luck if you’re dealing with a bug or crash.

solution 7: restart your wifi router

Your Wi-Fi router may be failing. press the power button, wait a minute or two, and then turn it back on.

as mentioned, your iphone and the device you are screen mirroring on are connected via wifi. therefore, a glitch in your router may have been the culprit, which a reboot should fix.

solution 8: reboot iphone

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restart may work if it is a persistent software problem. Since I want to cover all the bases, I’ll walk you through the process. first press the power button and tap restart on the menu that appears. On iPhone 8 and later, you’ll need to press one of the volume buttons along with the power button to bring up the reboot message.

If a restart doesn’t help, you can improve things and force a restart. it’s similar, except it’s a bit more complete. all running applications and processes would be terminated abruptly.

solution 9: third-party software

still no luck? you may use third party software. dr.fone is a good option and I have used it every time I have faced software problems.

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this is how to use it:

  • Go to the dr.fone website
  • Find the download button on the page and press it
  • Wait for the tool to install
  • connect your mobile device to your computer via usb or lightning cable
  • tap the system repair button on the screen
  • follow the on-screen instructions that appear

solution 10: factory reset

Lastly, you can try a factory reset. this would wipe your system to clear whatever is causing the problem. just remember that all your personal data will be lost in the process. Please back up your files before continuing.

This is how you back up your data:

  • open the settings app
  • click general
  • press the back up now button

This is how you restore to factory settings afterwards.

  • go to settings app
  • tap general
  • click transfer or reset iphone button
  • tap reset
  • select delete all content & setup
  • enter your apple id and password to confirm

wait for your phone to reboot now. all your data will be erased but the problem you are facing should be gone.

final thoughts

Mirroring your iPhone screen to a larger screen is quite simple. iphone users will not be able to use miracast, but airplay instead. ios devices do not come with miracast, because apple did not configure their operating system correctly.

If you have an android device, you cannot transfer your mobile screen using airplay.

Unfortunately, you may run into some problems during the transfer process. force restart should make your iphone or ipad screen working again. Also, updating your apple device may do the trick.

The points discussed will help you enable wireless display on various iphone models, no matter how old they are. I hope you found them useful.

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