Bluetooth Vs. MEATER Link Vs. MEATER Cloud: Which Should You Be Using? - MEATER Blog

Bluetooth Vs. MEATER Link Vs. MEATER Cloud: Which Should You Be Using? – MEATER Blog

Bluetooth Vs. MEATER Link Vs. MEATER Cloud: Which Should You Be Using? – MEATER Blog

How to connect meater to wifi

Find out which connection style works best for you!

meater gives you the ability to monitor the heat of your cook from virtually anywhere.

See our breakdown of each wireless connection type, so you can be sure to use the method that works best for your kitchen setup.

The easiest method to connect your smart device to your meater probe is via bluetooth. Bluetooth devices typically have a wireless range of approximately 30 feet (10 meters).


  • easy setup: Thanks to bluetooth support, you can pair a meater with the smart device of your choice with just a few button presses. find out how here!
  • standard for wireless products: bluetooth low energy is a widely adopted wireless protocol, which is why almost all smart devices made in the last five years they will be able to connect to meater.
  • standalone: Using bluetooth, no additional routers or access points are needed to connect your device.

ideal use: indoor kitchen: just like your bluetooth headphones or speakers, your wireless range can be limited by the material and amount of walls that the bluetooth signal rf needs to travel through. for example, bulky kettle-type grills and smokers with metal housings can limit the bluetooth range of your device. when used indoors with a standard kitchen oven, the probe’s bluetooth signal will be able to escape through the glass window in the front of the oven, allowing normal range.

if you’ve reached the limits of your meater’s bluetooth signal radius, then it’s time to increase your range over wifi using meater link.

meater link is a free service that transmits your cooking data over Wi-Fi, allowing you to monitor your progress from anywhere within range of your home Wi-Fi network. To use meater link, all you need is a second smart device (or meater block) and access to a Wi-Fi network.


  • Longer Range: Wi-Fi has a larger potential signal radius than Bluetooth, with ranges that could easily exceed 100 feet (30 meters).
  • indoors /outdoor: your cooking data is available from anywhere within your Wi-Fi network. throw a steak on the grill in the back, then feel free to walk inside. As long as your phone can still connect to wifi, you’ll be able to track your cook from anywhere in your home!
  • free service – meater link is a totally free service that already is integrated into the meater app.
  • Monitor cooks on multiple devices: With meater link, any smart device connected to your home Wi-Fi network can access data from tandem cooking. Now everyone in your family can control your barbecue remotely.

ideal use: barbecues, backyard grills, long roasts if you plan on cooking outdoors, but don’t want spend all day sitting by your grill, then meater link is for you! With Meater Link, you’ll be able to control your cook from anywhere in your home, making it ideal for indoor/outdoor cooks. simply place a smart device or meat block (which acts as the bluetooth-to-wifi bridge) near the grill, then freely walk inside.

For complete peace of mind, never worry about your wireless range again by enabling meater cloud.

meater cloud long range

Meater’s cloud service allows you to view your cooking data from anywhere your smart device can connect to the internet (using mobile data or Wi-Fi). meater cloud requires you to have meater link and a working internet connection.


  • infinite range: With meater cloud, you can use a smart device capable of internet access to control your cook. this allows you to take your dog for a walk, or even run to the store if you forgot an ingredient during a long roast.
  • cooking data stored online: all your Cooking data is stored on Meater’s secure cloud server. you can review previous cooking results at any time, even if you switch smart devices.
  • opens the door to future features: meater cloud will be used to enable a variety of upcoming features from meater, such as a web-based portal where you can monitor your cooks and home automation connectivity.

Ideal use: cooks who don’t want to worry about wireless range: If you’re already cooking with meater link, make sure you also have meater cloud enabled to get the most out of your device.

meater cloud monitoring

To set up meater cloud, go to the meater app settings page and select “log in to meater cloud”. From there, you’ll be prompted to sign in with an existing social network or account, or create a new account.

Warning: With infinite range comes infinite liability! for this reason, we do not recommend leaving a cook completely unattended. If you have to leave your cook, make sure there is someone nearby who can lend a hand in case of an emergency situation.

If you’ve set up meater link and meater cloud, you’ll be able to seamlessly switch between services, even during active cooking! no matter how far you go, meater will make sure you always have an eye on your cook.

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