How to Add Polygon (MATIC) Network to MetaMask - DC

How to Add Polygon (MATIC) Network to MetaMask – DC

polygon is a layer 2 ethereum scaling solution that is built on top of the ethereum blockchain. It was created to solve ethereum’s problems, such as slow transaction speeds, high gas fees, and limited options for developers.

metamask is a famous cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to interact with the ethereum blockchain. it is compatible with ethereum tokens like erc-20, erc-721 and erc-1155.

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what is the need to add a network of polygons to the metamask?

  • can mint polygon based nfts on the open sea or any other nft market.
  • can send or receive matic in metamask.
  • can change matic for another token on decentralized exchanges (dexs) like quickswap, uniswap or more.

On February 6, 2022, the elon punk yacht club, a collection of 6,969 unique elon punks, offered a free nft mint.

In order to coin this elon punk nft, the polygon network must have been added in the metamask.

how to add a polygon network to the metamask

There are two ways to add a polygon network to a metamask.

  1. using polygon scanning
  2. manually

To add via polyscan, go to the polyscan website. scroll down to the bottom and click add polygon network. then click approve in your wallet metamask.

to add manually, open your metamask wallet. click the network selection dropdown located near the profile icon. then select add network and add network name, rpc url, chain id, currency symbol and block explorer url manually .

steps to add a polygon network (matic) to the metamask using polygon scanning

This is the easiest and fastest way to add a polygon network to metamask. however, you cannot use this for the metamask mobile app.

  1. go to the polyscan website
  2. click add polygon network
  3. click approve in metamask
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step 1: go to the polyscan website

navigate to the polyscan website.

polygonscan is a blockchain polygon explorer that allows users to explore transactions, addresses, tokens, and other activities.

once you are on the polyscan website, scroll to the bottom.

step 2: click add polygon network

If you scroll to the bottom of the website, there you will see the add polygon network button.

click on it.

add Polygon (MATIC) to MetaMask

step 3: click approve in metamask

When you click add polygon network, you will receive a notification in your metamask wallet.

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that will be nothing more than an approval notification.

just click approve.

Clicking approve will automatically import the name, url and string id of the polygon network into metamask.

and you will be automatically switched to the main polygon network.

In case you have any problems, you can try the manual method explained below.

steps to add a network of polygons (matic) to the metamask using the manual method

  1. click add network
  2. add details

step 1: click add network

launch your metamask wallet.

click the network selection dropdown menu.

then click the add network button.

add Polygon to MetaMask

step 2. add details

after clicking add network, a window will open to add a custom network.

You have to add the details one by one manually.

add Polygon (MATIC) to MetaMask

remember, trust only the authentic network. metamask will not be held responsible in the event that a malicious network provider logs your activity.

copy and paste the following details as appropriate:

network name: main network of the polygon

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string id: 137

currency symbol (optional): matic

block explorer url (optional):

after copying and pasting the above details, click save.

this will add the polygon network to the metamask.

once you have clicked save, your network will be changed automatically.

You can confirm that you have successfully added the polygon network by navigating to your metamask wallet.

in your metamask wallet, you can see the matic icon along with the matic balance.

add Polygon to MetaMask

You can also confirm this by clicking the network selection dropdown menu. if you can see the ‘main polygon network’ there, you have added it successfully.


This is how you can add the polygon network to the metamask wallet.

in the metamask mobile app, go to settings -> nets -> add network. then copy and paste the polygon network details.

now, you can send and receive matic in your metamask wallet and access dapps.

you can also create polygon based nfts for free.

if you want to switch back to ‘ethereum network’ in your metamask wallet, you need to click on the network selection dropdown menu and select ‘main ethereum network’.

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