How To Connect Your Lovense Toy To The Lovense Remote App

How To Connect Your Lovense Toy To The Lovense Remote App

How To Connect Your Lovense Toy To The Lovense Remote App

How to connect lovense to app

adult entertainment interactivity; in the same room or anywhere in the world teledildonic action of sharing and sharing alike; make your toy dance to your favorite songs or any sounds you or your partner can make; create, share, or test custom playlists; making your toy wake you up with exciting vibrations… everything here and more is what makes lovense products so exciting, exciting and fun to use.

but only if you can get your sex toy to connect to the lovense remote.

Fortunately, the recent update to your application greatly simplifies the process. although that does not mean that you may experience some difficulties.

so to help recognize what might be going wrong, tips and techniques to deal with them, and how to prevent them from moving forward, here’s our handy step-by-step guide to using the lovense remote app with any of lovense’s bluetooth-enabled toys.

the basics

To cover virtually all technological bases, lovense has android or iphone smartphones, including tablets and the like, as well as versions for pc or apple desktop.

lovense USB bluetooth adapter connect

Whatever the type, they all need bluetooth to communicate with a similarly equipped Lovense product.

For the sake of completeness, bluetooth is a short-range wireless uhf radio system commonly used by phones and computers to communicate with and control accessories such as headsets and buttons, mice, keyboards, smart watches, and a host of other devices.

and, what we’re all here for, lovense sex toys. not that bluetooth is the only game in town when it comes to sex tech interactivity as other carriers have been known to use wifi as well, but on average that’s not as easy to set up as bluetooth.

how lovense toys work with lovense remote app

To give you an idea of ​​how this all fits together, imagine you have a hot male masturbator and an android phone.

once they’re connected via bluetooth, you can control the speed and intensity of the toy, create your own custom set to play whenever you want, and have its heat respond to whatever’s happening in an adult video or an explicit game like wildlife or lovense’s own mirror life.

you can also connect your heat to any other smart lovense toys. though this is where it gets a bit more complex, like when it comes to close quarter play. when you and another heat, dolce, gush or any other vibrator, massager or any other pleasure product are in the same room, bluetooth is the way to do it.

how to use lovense app

but suppose you’re further away or want to set it up so that what happens to one toy affects what the others do. in this case, the lovense remote application uses a wifi or handline, lan or wan network if it is the desktop version.

so if you want to teledildonically interact with a similar lovense toy in close proximity or anywhere else in the world, you’ll need wifi and bluetooth.

and if you just like the idea of ​​controlling any number of smart lovense products, playing interactive porn, or putting together your own playlists, you don’t necessarily need wifi.

it’s all about bluetooth

all good so far, but it’s worth mentioning that some people may not realize when using pc or apple’s lovense remote app, your computer has to be bluetooth compatible.

This probably won’t be a problem for laptops or new hardware, but if your rig is, shall we say, “less than new,” it may not be. If so, it’s not particularly difficult to get your hands on a Bluetooth dongle and, after plugging it in, have your computer use it to connect with a Lovense toy.

using a lovense toy with the lovense remote app

OK, you’ve got your new lovense toy and you’ve downloaded the lovense remote app, so what’s next?

how connect phone to LOVENSE

For the sake of argument, let’s say you have an android smartphone again. before you do anything, and this is the same for all lovense products, whether it’s bluetooth enabled or not, read the manual that comes with it.

And if the print is too small, you misplace it, or you want detailed instructions, you can always check out the excellent Lovense site, which has everything you’ll need to know, even if you’re afraid to ask about everything they sell.

That aside, you’ll have to fully charge your toy before you can do anything. then, after it’s loaded and ready to go, and you’ve downloaded, installed, and opened the lovense remote, look at the top right corner of the app, where you’ll see a chain link icon next to a little plus sign.

To start connecting your sextoy, click on the chain link. if you’re curious about the second, it opens a mini-menu to set up interactive play sessions with one or more people and use your toy with interactive adult entertainment sites.

then turn on or put your lovense toy in bluetooth standby mode. If you don’t know what to do, check your manual, which provides detailed step-by-step instructions.

The next screen will display another plus sign inside a measured circle. tap the center and the app will start looking for your toy.

If all goes well, it will only take a second or two to find it. Once that’s done, you’re ready to start exploring all the exciting and exciting things you can do with your lovense toy, and with yourself of course.

lovense toy compatible iOS

If you are using the PC or desktop app, this process should be similar. however, i would be remiss if i didn’t mention that apple, with which i have some experience, is often not as easy as the smartphone app.

hopefully lovense will update it as well, but until then, you might want to keep a smartphone handy in case you can’t get it to work.

troubleshooting your lovense remote app or lovense toy

In addition to issues you may or may not experience with the desktop version of the app, there are a few things that may prevent it from linking with your lovense product.

The most common is waiting too long to turn on your toy or open the app on your smartphone. this can be easily resolved by consulting your toy manual or the lovense site to determine which should be opened/turned on first.

Another is forgetting to turn on bluetooth on your phone or not giving the app permission to use it. One possible solution is to check your settings to make sure you’ve approved their use, and have tried turning bluetooth off and on or rebooting your phone.

If you’re still having connectivity issues, you may be able to determine what’s going wrong and where by testing if your phone’s or computer’s bluetooth really works to see if it can connect to another accessory.

use lovense app connect toys

by successfully passing this test, the difficulty could be a software problem. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but even though an app advertises that its hardware and/or operating system are compatible, if one or both aren’t up to date, it might be time to upgrade.

something else to consider is interference or a system conflict. bluetooth, after all, uses radio waves and it’s well known that certain appliances, other electronic devices or conflicting signals can mess it up.

If you suspect this might be the case, try turning everything off or moving your lovense toy closer to your phone or computer. If you think another app, accessory, or your operating system may be to blame, the same kind of step-by-step removal of possible suspects might help you uncover the cause.

Lastly, it might be worth checking out the old tried and true solution of turning your lovense toy off and back on, as well as rebooting your computer or smartphone. As simple as it sounds, you’ll be surprised how often it works.

lovense is here to help

when all else fails, every lovense product comes with a one year warranty.

That said, it only covers potential manufacturing errors, not user damage, and is automatically void if you attempt to repair a toy yourself.

so, if you’ve exhausted all possibilities and have consulted lovense’s many support documents and guides, you can certainly contact them to receive a replacement.

the verdict

Here’s a little story for you, one that I sincerely hope will help put your mind at ease about using the lovense remote app along with their vibrators, massagers, and many other exciting products.

It all started about three years ago, in my early days of reviewing sex toys. Back then, whenever I received one that was once heralded as the next, biggest, brightest, and most teledildonically amazing toy, instead of an excited squeal, I’d usually let out a groan of disappointment.

because nine times out of ten, they turned out to be nothing more than abject failure: apps refusing to recognize toys, manufacturers not informing customers when software updates are needed, poorly designed and executed interfaces…you get the point. the idea.

I was “so” giving up on the idea of ​​interactive sex toys. then lo and behold, a company appeared that renewed my belief that the future of sexual pleasure really does lie in sextech.

You got it right: Lovense era and its new remote control app. it may not be perfect, as there is always room for improvement, although the current version is very close to it.

so even if you run into issues with that from time to time, have faith that lovense has your back, and the next iteration of their app, and the ones after that will probably be easier to set up, use and give us many more teledildonic pleasures to explore.

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