Long Distance Sex for Couples: The Lovense Guide

Long Distance Sex for Couples: The Lovense Guide

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, don’t think that intimacy will be deterred by distance. there are many ways couples can keep the passion alive, even from afar. it all comes down to finding a system that works for you and your partner. here comes the fun part, experimenting with the game in pairs!

so what are some long distance partner play activities?

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There are so many options you can explore together. You can use Bluetooth-controlled Lovense toys to please each other, even when you’re not in the room together. some toys can even interact with each other. Explore the options available on the market today and start pleasuring each other!

The compiled list of steps you need to take and the available options are listed below. technology has come a long way and the options are very promising to keep the passion alive even when the two are apart.

Take a look and try some for yourself. you won’t be able to wait until your partner is gone to try some of these!

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virtual reality sex guide

long distance sex is possible

The idea may seem strange since you assume that sex can only be had when people are present in the room. however, there is a way that both of you can be present in the room even when you are not physically together.

Both parties can use lovense sex toys to sync along with other options like video chat and recordings to enhance the experience. so don’t worry about your partner being gone for a few weeks or even years if you’re in the military.

There are ways to keep intimacy alive. they might even be so good you’ll want them gone just so you can use these tools! your software is always privacy protected, so don’t worry if your conversations get leaked.

It is a simple process of setting up the toys and chats over an internet connection so that both can interact simultaneously.

Also, make sure your partner knows you’re hooking up! It may seem like common sense, but you don’t want to scare or surprise your partner when they’re not expecting an “intimate” moment with you.

You can even use the video chats as foreplay so you’re both ready for lovense toys and more sex play.

If the lovense video links don’t work, you can always use another platform like skype to be able to play and tease your partner. In addition, both have complete control of both toys. so you can choose to control their toy, yours, or sync them!

then, let’s get them ready with some long distance sex toys!

connected sextoy lovense

step by step guide

buy the necessary equipment

First things first, you need the right toys and setup to get things moving in the right direction. lovense offers two sex toys for what you would like to do with your partner.

There’s the Nora, which is the female sex toy that connects to the Max/Max 2. These toys work simultaneously with each other to simulate the two of you having sex right now.

bonus for same-sex or adventurous couples! you can combine two max 2 or two nora and have fun at the same time. the same rules apply for two of the same toys as for one of each.

everyone wins!

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download the right apps

You can have full control of your partner’s toy and your toy depending on what turns you on. To do this, you need to download the appropriate apps on your phone, tablet, or computer.

First, you need to download the Lovense remote app, which can be found in the Android or Apple store. it can also be downloaded on a desktop, mac, or pc.

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Next, you’ll want to download the lovense video chat app or another video sharing app like skype so you can chat and tease your partner. You can even sync music from your computer or phone to make your partner’s toy vibrate in a certain way.

if you have a premium account with lovense, you can also use spotify with your toys!

synchronize your toys

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once you have the apps and sex toys, you can sync them to your lovense remote. you just have to search for your toy in the app and connect it via bluetooth once you find it!

After pairing your toys, you can always access them through the app whenever you want to use them. this gives you the power to control your toy and that of your partner.

The app also gives you the power to pair music, your video recordings and chat with the toys as well. this will help keep the toy game interesting and novel each time they are paired! Furthermore, the app also has links to cam models, if you want to add that to your game or just want to watch while they both masturbate. it’s up to you!

have fun!

once all of your toys are in sync, you’ve both agreed on a time to do the “feat”, you can have some fun!

Explore all the settings, features and options when you play with your partner. take turns controlling the toys or get hot and heavy from the start. There is no right or wrong way to tease and arouse others, so have fun.

long distance sex


1. There are certain requirements that you need when you decide to dive into the world of sex toys. lubricant is the first requirement, and don’t forget! lovense offers lube at a reduced price with every toy purchase! it will make the toys feel better and will be closer to real sex. you don’t need friction burns or discomfort to ruin your sexy plans.

2. you also need an internet connection. everything is connected wirelessly, so you won’t have much luck if you don’t have internet. Fortunately, most hotels have Wi-Fi included in the room price. Some phone providers have also offered wireless access points that allow you to access your own wireless connection from anywhere.

3. you’ll need an outlet to charge all your electronic devices. The only downside to technological advances is that many survive on electrical charges. therefore, you won’t be a happy camper if you don’t have access to a power outlet or charging port of some kind. again, most hotels will have these for you, but that may be more difficult for those out of the country.

4. the most important thing is to be open to trying new things and to communicate openly with your partner. let them know what feels good and what doesn’t. It probably sounds like a broken record to all those relationship gurus out there promoting communication, but it really is important. these toys should make your time apart more fun instead of disappointing or unwanted.

5. finally, you will have to experiment. You won’t find your perfect beat or even what feels right on the first try unless you’re really lucky! The Lovense Remote app lets you control vibrations, patterns, and sync with your or your partner’s toy. With so many possibilities, it will take several tries before you find the rhythm that’s right for you.

shedule long distance sex

the best toys to play with as a couple

We have already talked about nora and max/max 2 as the ideal synchronized toys to have an interactive game with your partner. there are other products that you can also use during partner play if you want to play more or even other options besides nora or max / max 2.

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see some of the options below!

lush 2

lush 2 is a vibrator that can be inserted or used for external stimulation. It can be used alone or remotely controlled by your partner as a vibrating panties.

It’s also bluetooth connected, so you or your partner can control it from anywhere. you can also use it in addition to using a max or nora for extra stimulation.


hush is the first bluetooth controlled anal plug that you or your partner can control from anywhere. can be used for solo play or for extra stimulation in conjunction with another lovense sex toy.

It also has one of the largest batteries compared to other butt plugs on the market. so you’ll get the most intense vibes on the market!


ambi is a clitoral vibrator that works like a vibrating bullet. It has a more rounded shape with a sharper tip at one end, as opposed to the universal shape of a bullet vibrator. its shape adapts to the type of stimulation you want depending on the side of the device you use.

you can use it alone or with another lovense sex toy for a more intense orgasm.


edge is a lovense bluetooth sex toy designed to stimulate the prostate for men from a distance for solo or partner play. Similar to the toys above, your man can add edge when he uses max/max2 for extra stimulation.

can be worn around the anus or inserted according to your preferences. men need to find their g-spots too!


domi is a “mini-wand” that has a reinforced neck to allow pressure to be applied anywhere. there are also male and female accessories that you can combine with to alter the power each vibration feels.

you can use them together with other toys or alone if you wish. It’s also bluetooth enabled for complete control for you or your partner.


osci is the first sex toy designed to hit your g-spot by making the head move in and out instead of vibrating. it’s a strange thing to look at, but will most likely feel amazing inserted. this can be used alone or in conjunction with a butt plug or external vibrator for your added pleasure.

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lovense smart sex toy

live control

It was mentioned earlier in this article that you can have live control of your partner’s toy with your app or your synced lovense sex toy. This feature is one of the main ones to recreate sex with your partner, even when they are far away. It will help both of you feel closer and like they’re in the room with you.

It can also increase intimacy between the two of you when you know you’re driving your partner crazy with what you’re doing to them.

That’s usually part of why having sex can feel so good! therefore lovense toys create that enjoyment and can even give you the picture of you through your cam model or skype.

Live monitoring can also help you learn how your partner is feeling, and what’s working and what needs to be changed. It can be hard to tell what they’re really thinking with just their voice, so the added video can help you really know how they’re feeling.

Also, her smoky gaze can also help you get turned on. if your toys are in sync, you can also see what they’re doing with you.

synchronization function

the synchronization function between nora and max / max 2 allows you or your partner to control what the other feels.

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When the toys are in sync and you move it in a certain way, the matching toy will react and let your partner feel what you are doing to them. this can really give the illusion that the two of you are having sex in real time.

The sync function of the toy and your phone also gives you a level of control. If you or your partner know you’re driving him crazy and can control his reactions with the push of a button, these toys will satisfy that urge. Plus, your partner can be discreet in public while you writhe in ecstasy, or vice versa.

You can also both use these toys in the privacy of your own home. The many uses that come with these devices mean you can also use them when you and your partner are together.

This will give you another world of exploring your desires that both of you can enjoy together.

lovense domi longdistance sex


How do you take care of your sex toys when you’re not using them?

many can be washed with soap and water, and most are completely waterproof! solo max / max 2 and dormi cannot be fully submerged and must be washed carefully. all of the other sex toys mentioned above can be used in water, which means bath time can be fun too.

Your sex toys are electrically charged, so you’ll have usb cables you can use to charge your toys and keep them working optimally.

A toy can stop working or only spend half the time with your partner if you don’t maintain the battery. If the cable stops charging your device, you can always contact support for a replacement within the first year of purchase.

If you have further questions about maintenance of your various lovense products, we offer user guides for all of them online for your convenience. How many times have you thrown away a manual thinking you’d never need it until you did? lovense has your back, and their support is just a phone call or virtual chat away!

what if they don’t work?

So, you have your toys, internet access, and a video call, but your toy doesn’t work! it can be a disappointing situation for anyone ready to play. but never fear!

lovense offers a one-year warranty on its products. so if you unpack your toy and notice any immediate defects or it won’t charge etc, you can file a return claim and get a replacement.

lovense offers excellent information and support on their website for all of their products. feel free to go there for information on how to get a return and what policies they have on returns. for example, they will not accept a return if it has broken down for its intended purpose. wear and tear is not covered under warranty.

Also, make sure any area the toys will be exposed to is free of rashes, irritation, and swelling. It will be a rude and possibly painful awakening. lovense states that they take pride in the quality of their products and want to make sure you are safe with them.

in summary

we have talked about how to use lovense products for long distance couples play with your partner.

You have a variety of options, depending on your preference and what sounds good to both of you. You can always contact support or check the lovense website if your toys stop working or if you need help setting up the app.

Whether you want to synchronize the toys to play together or be in control of each other’s pleasure, the choice is yours.

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