&quotAlexa, Lock the Front Door&quot - Control your smart locks with your voice. - Kwikset Locks: Smart Security Blog

&quotAlexa, Lock the Front Door&quot – Control your smart locks with your voice. – Kwikset Locks: Smart Security Blog

This week, smart homes get smarter as smartthings and wink bring voice-controlled smart locks to your home. This week, the two home hub platforms will release an update that will allow users of their hubs and kwikset smartcode products with homeconnect™ to lock their connected products simply by asking Alexa, “Alexa, close the front door.”

how does it work?

connecting your smartthings or wink hub to alexa is easy. First make sure all your Z-Wave or Zigbee compatible locks are connected to your smart home hubs and set individual names for each door. these names are what you will use to activate amazon alexa, so use names that are easy to remember like “front door” or “garage door”.

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after your locks are connected to your smart home hub, you will enable the skill in the alexa app by going to settings>skills> [clever stuff] or [wink]> enable. ask alexa to “discover new devices” and you should be good to go. From there, it’s as simple as asking Alexa to close the front door.

At this time, the api used by smartthings and wink does not support unlocking your home security hardware. you can only lock and check lock status at this time.

what kwikset smart locks are compatible?

smartthings and wink use z-wave and zigbee wireless technologies to communicate with kwikset smartcode locks with home connect. Since all of our Home Connect devices communicate on these frequencies, a variety of devices are compatible. We anticipate our 910, 912, 914 and 916 smart codes to be compatible with Samsung Smart Things.

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kwikset 910 smart code

smartcode 910 is a five digit push button smart lock from kwikset. smartcode 910, one of kwikset’s best-selling smart locks, is available in traditional and contemporary styles and a range of finishes to complement a variety of home aesthetics.

kwikset smart code 912

smartcode 912 is a five digit push button lever from kwikset, perfect for adding extra security to an internal door to protect a home office or warehouse. smartcode 912 is designed with an elegant style to complement the interior of your home.

smartcode kwikset 914

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smartcode 914 is a 10 digit push button smart lock from kwikset. Re-released in 2016, the lock features traditional exterior styling, a sleek metal interior, and a silent locking system. smartcode 914 is one of kwikset’s best-selling smart locks.

"Alexa, Lock the Front Door" - Control your smart locks with your voice. - Kwikset Locks: Smart Security Blog

kwikset smart code 916

smartcode 916 is a touchscreen smart lock from kwikset that features the company’s patent pending securescreen™ technology. secure screen technology helps prevent the “smudge” attack problem associated with touch screen locks by requiring users to first touch two random numbers to display the full screen and enter the programmed passcode, encouraging continued use of full screen to mask correct access. code. The capacitive touchscreen also quickly detects contact for fast code entry and unlocking.

what hardware is required?

To connect your smart code with homeconnect to alexa, you will need 3 pieces of hardware:

  1. kwikset smartcode with homeconnect. shop our 910, 912, 914 and 916 products here, kwikset smart locks.
  2. samsung smart things or wink
  3. amazon echo or dot
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that’s it! With those three pieces of smart home hardware, you’re on your way to controlling your home security with your voice.

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