FIX: WiFi is showing limited access in Windows 7

FIX: WiFi is showing limited access in Windows 7

wifi limited access windows 7

There’s only so much that can go wrong whenever you’re using a wireless connection. It gets worse when the connection drags, drops, or cannot connect at all.

some of the common causes when wifi shows limited access in windows 7 include:

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  1. missing updates
  2. incorrect network connection settings
  3. corrupt or incompatible drivers
  4. hardware or software problems
  5. wrong wep security keys or passphrases, wpa or wpa2
  6. boot into safe mode with networking
  7. configure wlan settings
  8. verify the router settings
  9. configure winhttp proxy settings to use direct access

here are some tips and solutions you can use when wifi shows limited access in windows 7.

what to do if wifi shows limited access in windows 7

  1. use automatic troubleshooting
  2. reinstall wireless network adapter driver
  3. update wireless network drivers
  4. check and reset the hardware
  5. perform a system restore
  6. change your wireless environment
  7. update the router firmware
  8. boot into safe mode with features network
  9. configure wlan settings
  10. check router settings
  11. configure winhttp proxy settings to use direct access

If your computer has a wireless key or button, press it to enable your wireless adapter. once wireless activity is activated or a light comes on, it is enabled. try connecting to the internet again.

however, if you don’t have a wireless key or the lights are off, try the solutions below.

1. use automatic troubleshooting

Use the automated troubleshooter built into Windows 7. The Windows 7 Network & Internet Troubleshooter tests your network for problems and attempts to fix any problems found, automatically.

  • right click start
  • select control panel
  • click view by and choose large icons
  • click troubleshooting
  • click network and internet
  • click advanced
  • make sure the apply repairs automatically box is checked, then click next
  • click troubleshoot my internet connection and follow the instructions to check for problems

if problems are found, you will see detailed information about these problems or actions you can take. windows can also show you what it fixed.

try to connect again and if wifi shows limited access in windows 7, continue to the next step.

2. reinstall the wireless network adapter driver

This clears the registry values ​​and resets the settings so the drivers can be properly configured for windows access. you can do it via device manager as described below:

  • right-click start> type device manager > launch the tool
  • search for network adapters and click to expand
  • right click on the name of your wireless network adapter and select uninstall
  • click ok and wait for uninstall process is complete
  • go to action in device manager
  • select scan for hardware changes. your computer will reinstall wireless networks and the name of the network adapter will be reflected in the category.
  • close device manager and restart your computer, then try connecting to the internet again
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2.1 updates drivers automatically

However, manual updates can be very stressful, if you want to do it quickly and safely, we recommend that you use a specialized tool designed for that use.

In addition, this tool prevents the computer from being damaged by updating the wrong version of drivers and compromising the functionality of the system.

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get driver fix

3. update wireless network drivers

When you download and install the latest driver for your wireless adapter, it resolves any issues, such as wifi showing limited access in windows 7.

You can get driver updates from your device manufacturer’s website, or from other sites, or install using device manager (but this is when an internet connection is available).

Here’s how to use Device Manager to update your wireless network drivers:

  • right click start
  • select device manager
  • search for network adapters and click to expand
  • right-click the name of your wireless network adapter and select update driver software
  • click search automatically for updated driver software. if you find one, follow the instructions to install it. if not, check the manufacturer’s website.

4. check and reset hardware

  1. click start
  2. select on and click shutdown
  3. unplug the power cord from your wireless router/gateway or modem/wireless router
  4. unplug the power cord from your broadband modem
  5. wait five seconds and then plug the power cord back into the wireless router and wait for the lights to turn on and reflect normal internet and computer activity.
  6. turn on your computer and do a full setup once it loads windows. if it doesn’t connect automatically, click the network connection icon in the notification area and select your network.
  7. click connect

if this doesn’t help when wifi shows limited access in windows 7, try performing a system restore.

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5. perform a system restore

  • click start
  • go to the search field box and type system restore
  • click create a restore point
  • enter your administrator account password or grant permissions if prompted
  • in the system restore, click system restore then click choose a different restore point
  • click next
  • click a restore point created before you experienced the problem
  • click next
  • click finish

To go back to a restore point, do the following:

  • right-click start
  • select control panel
  • in the dialog box. search control panel, type recovery
  • select recovery
  • click open system restore
  • click next
  • choose the restore point related to the problematic program/application, driver or update
  • click next
  • click finish

6. change your wireless environment

you can do the following when windows wifi shows limited access in windows 7:

  • move the computer and the router closer together for a stronger signal
  • remove any metal objects near or between the router and the computer, as they can block the connections
  • limit the number of devices using the network simultaneously as performance drops and when many devices are connected

note: if wifi shows limited access in windows 7 after doing these things, you can buy a different antenna for your router or set up a different router as a signal repeater.

7. update router firmware

When your firmware is out of date, it can affect your computer’s performance, security, or prevent the router from connecting to the internet.

To update the firmware, log in to your router’s setup menus and use it to update. see your router’s user guide for instructions on how to do this.

Please connect your computer directly to the router using the network cable when performing the firmware update.

8. boot into safe mode with networking

Safe Mode with Networking starts Windows in Safe Mode, including network drivers and services you need to access the Internet or other computers on the same network.

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reboot your pc and before windows 7 boot screen appears on your computer screen, press f8 to enable advanced boot options.

The advanced boot options screen should now be available. select ‘safe mode with command prompt’.

Note that if you are not fast enough when pressing f8, windows 7 will start normally. in this case, restart your computer and try pressing f8 faster.

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once you are in safe mode, run a system file checker (sfc) scan

how to run an sfc scan

  • click start
  • go to the search field box and type cmd
  • click Right-click the command prompt and select run as administrator
  • type sfc/scannow
  • press enter
  • reboot your computer

do the following to get out of safe mode:

  • right click start
  • select run
  • type msconfig
  • a popup window will open
  • go to the boot
  • tab

  • Deselect or uncheck the safe boot
  • option box

  • reboot your computer

9. configure Wi-Fi settings

  • right-click start
  • select run
  • type services. msc
  • right click wlan autoconfig
  • select properties
  • in the startup type dropdown menu, select automatic
  • click apply then ok
  • reboot your computer

10. check router configuration

make sure your router is configured to broadcast your ssid or network name and that you are connecting to the correct ssid, using the correct wep/wpa access key on both devices.

once you confirm this, use ‘windows connect now’ or wifi protected setup if available on your router. If you are trying to use wpa or wpa2, make sure your network adapter and router support this protocol.

if you can only connect using wep, then your hardware needs a firmware update (see solution 7).

11. configure winhttp proxy settings to use direct access

  • click start
  • search for command prompt
  • right-click the command prompt and select run as administrator
  • type this command: netsh winhttp show proxy. if it says direct access (no proxy server), then you already have winhttp access.
  • type the following commands:
  • netsh winhttp reset proxynet stop wuauservnet start wuauserv

Did any of these 11 solutions help to fix limited Wi-Fi access issue in Windows 7? let us know in the comments section below.

Important Note: Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows 7. If you’re planning to upgrade to Windows 10, be sure to check out our extensive collection of guides on how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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