Bluetooth Headset, LEVN Wireless Headset with Microphone heaphones-Complete FeaturesInstruction Manual - Manuals

Bluetooth Headset, LEVN Wireless Headset with Microphone heaphones-Complete FeaturesInstruction Manual – Manuals

Bluetooth Headset, LEVN Wireless Headset with Microphone heaphones-Complete FeaturesInstruction Manual – Manuals

How to connect levin bluetooth headphones

bluetooth headphones, levn wireless headphones with microphone headset



  • product dimensions5.4 x 4.7 x 2.4 inches
  • item weight2.79 ounces
  • department call center agents/remote workers/truck drivers
  • on-the-earon-the-ear
  • wirelessconnectivity technology
  • form factorsingle-ear headphones
  • battery life up to 35 hours
  • charging methodcharging base or usb cable cai noise cancellation99.9%

levn is proud to stand behind every product it offers as one of the leaders in bluetooth headset products. He is passionate about design research and technological innovation to create simple and convenient products around the world. with last minute updates and advances, they ensure the comfort and satisfaction of their clients

product description

ambient noise cancellation

Levn Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones use advanced ENC technology, it can prevent listeners from hearing background noise by pre-calculating the frequency band of ambient noise. No more awkward remote work!

two connection methods & broad compatibility

Levn bluetooth headset uses bluetooth 5.0 technology to support the connection of computers, mobile phones, phones and other bluetooth devices. For devices without Bluetooth function, you can use the USB dongle that comes with the device to connect. Connecting this pc headset to computer via usb connection method is more stable and there is no delay in transmission.

mfb hands free. button

levn bluetooth 5.0 thanks to the mfb button on the earphone, you can easily go out with the phone call. The mfb of the headset may not be compatible with the pc software. you need to answer incoming calls on the laptop. wireless workspace: 33 feet / 10 meters, device for a short time, call center, office, telecom, home, classroom, skype, zoom, voip, webinar and webinar, and voip, webinar, go.

mute button

Our wireless bluetooth headset supports mute function during calls. If you need to temporarily hang up the call, you can mute the call to freely block your voice so that the listener’s terminal cannot hear anything. note: the mute feature is only useful for phone calls.

long-lasting battery and exclusive charging base

This bluetooth headset is equipped with a 350mah battery which provides up to 35 hours continuous working time and 110 hours standby time. Provides stable and long-term service for call center agents, employees, and remote truck drivers. What’s more, this wireless earphone comes with a plug and play function, you can use the pogo charging dock to download or use the c cable downloads for downloads.

how to connect levn bluetooth headset to your pc?


via usb dongle connection:

    li >

  • then you need to press and hold the multifunction button to enter pairing mode. the indicator light on the usb dongle will flash blue and red consecutively and you will hear a guidance voice saying ‘pairing’
  • the device pairing will be successful when it heard paired and now the led indicator flashes solid blue

via bluetooth connectivity:

  • on your device, press and hold lehs010’s mfb button for 5 seconds to enter pairing mode, making it discoverable by computer. the indicator flashes blue and red consecutively. you will hear the voice say “pairing”.
  • on your pc, select start > settings > bluetooth and amplifier; other devices > add bluetooth or other device> bluetooth> Click on the model number on the device. A window will appear showing that the bluetooth connection is complete.

sound settings

The headset’s microphone and speakers may be disabled or not set as default devices on your computer.

  • right click the speaker icon on the bottom right and then click open sound settings
  • select [lehs010 top] as output device (speaker)
  • select [ lehs010 top] as input device (microphone)
  • make sure [lehs010 top] is selected as both input and output, then close setup.

verdict so let’s start by saying that it’s really classy. I like the way it looks and it’s wireless. the headset is quite light, comfortable and the call quality is very good. plugging it in was easy and it seemed to have decent battery life and that seemed to be more than enough to get you through the day. overall, the headphones are great.


  • great sound quality
  • noise cancellation
  • lightweight
  • adjustable headband
  • microphone function
  • adjustable microphone
  • bluetooth connectivity
  • great battery life
  • volume control
  • mute toggle


  • inconsistent

frequently asked questions

  • does it have a mute?yes, this headset has a mute button that you can simply press to mute the call
  • noise reduction is it automatic? ?yes, this feature works automatically when you turn on the headset without any additional operation
  • will this work with skype on my bluetooth enabled laptop?this headset comes with a usb adapter so you can connect it with your device, plus you can also connect directly via bluetooth
  • how well does the headset mic cancel out ambient sound?these are cancellers Active noise reduction headphones block out surrounding noises extremely well.

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