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note for not being able to connect to the app:

Reading: How to connect lefant to wifi

lefant robots only support 2.4ghz wireless networks.

The following will help ensure your wireless router works with your left:

  • Depending on your wifi router model, there are a couple of different ways to tell if your router is dual band. the best way is to look up the model of your router on the manufacturer’s website. some wireless routers even have dual band written on the router itself or on the package it came in.
  • Another way to find out, without looking up the model of your wireless router, is to look at the name of your Wi-Fi network. Your Wi-Fi router may be broadcasting two networks, with different names to indicate the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. this is a good sign that you have a dual band router. Every router will name the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands differently, but you can usually tell just by looking. For example, the 5GHz network may have 5, 5G, or 5GHz as part of its name. the other may have 2, 2.4g, or 2.4ghz as part of its name.
  • It is also possible that your router is a dual-band wireless router that is currently set to broadcast only on one band, meaning you will only see one network name. seeing a network name does not necessarily mean your router is not dual band. you should check your router’s manual or the support section of its website to be sure.
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If you’re still having issues, please contact us and we’ll walk you through the steps.

Where can I download the mobile application used by the robot vacuum cleaner?

After purchasing the robot vacuum cleaner, the user can see the instruction manual that comes with the package. there is a tutorial in the instruction manual to install the mobile application. if you lose it, you can also consult customer service for related downloads.

How can I buy the replacement of the accessories used by the robot vacuum cleaner, including filters, side brushes, water tank and mops?

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If related accessories are missing, users can contact our customer service staff to reissue or purchase them.

work with a lot of noise.

clean main brush, side brush, dustbin and filter, reassemble and observe. (if the dustbin has been washed, make sure it is completely dry before using)

the robot circles around a direction.

The wheels may be blocked with hair, please clean them with tools. (if the phenomenon persists, contact our after-sales service)

Can’t find the charging station?

The charging station is placed against the wall, each side is 0.5 meters, and there are no obstacles in front of 1.5 meters. away from signal interference, such as router TVs, mirrors, windows, etc.

what is the freemove technology feature?

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The robot vacuum cleaner will avoid the probability of getting stuck in advance, such as the bottom of the sofa, bed, carpet, threshold, wiring area, etc., allowing almost fully automatic cleaning without interruption , without the need for manual intervention.

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My robot is broken, what can I do?

provide your order number, with the video clip for an explanation. we’ll help you troubleshoot with the solution.

how long will robovac clean after a full charge?

a fully charged robovac will clean approximately 120 minutes in standard mode on hard floors.

How long does it take for the robot vacuum to charge from 0 to 100%?

about 5-6 hours.

what is the lowest height the robovac can go through?

The lowest height the robot vacuum can pass is 80mm/3.14in.

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