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How to Use a Laptop as Monitor for Nintendo Switch – PC Webopaedia


Usually you would like to connect your TV with your Nintendo Switch console so that you can enjoy gaming on a big screen. however, there may be cases where your TV just isn’t working, or you may be traveling and want to unwind at the end of the night by playing some games before bed.

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Whatever the reason, if you want to know how to use your laptop as a monitor for the nintendo switch, then you should know that for this you need to connect your laptop to the console. there are two simple ways to achieve this. it’s actually not that complicated, so you don’t have to worry about having an elaborate setup. the steps are relatively easy to follow, even for someone who is not very tech-savvy. So without further ado, let us show you how you can use your laptop as a monitor for your Nintendo Switch console.

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how to use laptop as monitor for nintendo switch

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display switch on a laptop with the hdmi input port

if you want to display your switch on your laptop, you will need a hdmi input port on your computer. Unfortunately, only a few laptops have an available HDMI input port. don’t confuse your laptop’s hdmi port with hdmi input, it’s probably the output port.

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why do we say that? because most laptops don’t have the input port. if yours did, then you would probably be aware of it. in fact, only about 0.01% of laptops have hdmi function.

by far, only the alienware series of notebooks are known to have an hdmi input port. you might be under the impression that the hdmi output port works similarly, however trying to display your switch on your laptop through an hdmi output just won’t work.

an example of this is when you take the hdmi cable and connect it to the hdmi output of your laptop and the hdmi input of your television. the computer screen is presented on your television screen. All TVs have an HDMI input port by default, however laptops are not designed with that functionality in mind.

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You don’t have to worry though! Although a built-in HDMI input port is quite rare, you can connect your console to your laptop with a game capture card.

Turn your laptop into a switchable monitor with the elgato capture card

A capture card is a device that is used to load digital data through converted game signals. This is a great way to help gamers by letting them save and capture the games they love and play often. this nifty little device has the ability to both capture and stream an entire game.

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the elgato game capture card is one of the best available on the market and can be easily purchased through amazon for use. It’s a great device to turn your laptop into a monitor! if you are looking for an easy solution to get the job done, definitely no need to think about it. the device is available on amazon, you can check it through the link given below.

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elgato capture card connectivity ports

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There are a total of 4 ports on the elgato game capture card: 2 of them are input and 2 of them are output. Let’s analyze each of them one by one to understand their functionality.

hdmi input port

This is the magic port that’s missing from most laptops! the nintendo switch is connected to the hdmi input port. It should be noted that it will be impossible to use any signal that may be protected by hdcp.

a/v input (elgato hd game capture only)

An adapter cable can be used to connect the video via component or composite. an analog video adapter cable works best if you want to use s-video. the cable can be easily purchased online at amazon or through the elgato store.

hdmi output port

hdmi output sends the hdmi signal, which is then captured by your laptop in real time, allowing for a continuous gaming session.

usb port

the final port on the capture card is the usb port, which transfers the h.264 encoded video via usb 2.0 to your device. Compared to HDMI output, signals are not received in real time. a delay of a few seconds is normal during the streaming process (although this delay should not cause any ghosting on the screen). The Elgato HD game capture hardware is also powered through this same USB cable.

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additional elements required

Gathering additional items for this process may seem like a daunting task, but it’s relatively simple. all you need is two more items that you probably already have.

hdmi cable

Usually a high quality hdmi cable is already included in the nintendo switch package. if not then you can literally pick up any available hdmi cable in your home.

If by any chance, there isn’t an hdmi cable in your nintendo switch package and you can’t find one at home, you can simply buy one from amazon using the link provided below.

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nintendo base

Despite the existence of multiple adapters, it is still not possible to directly connect the capture card with the nintendo switch. A video output port is not built into the Nintendo Switch, so you won’t be able to link it with the ElGato capture card. this is where the nintendo dock comes in as it has a built in port that can be connected directly to the nintendo switch.

The Nintendo Dock allows signal transfer from the Switch console to the laptop via the HDMI cable and also allows the connection of other related accessories. USB ports can be used to load drivers. it’s more powerful than a battery and perfect for running your switch console efficiently.

The base is always included in the switch package. however, if you don’t have one for some reason, you can quickly get one from amazon using the link provided below.

step-by-step connection process

once you have all the necessary items in place, you can go ahead and start connecting your switch console to your laptop. the process is quite simple and actually quite self-explanatory. follow the steps below to connect your switch console to your laptop.

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Step 1: Locate the HDMI output port on the base of the Nintendo Switch and connect it to one end of the HDMI cable.

step 2: then take the opposite end of the hdmi cable and plug it into the hdmi input port on the elgato game capture card.

Step 3: Using another hdmi cable, connect one end to the elgato capture card’s hdmi output port.

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step 4: Similarly, connect the other end of the second hdmi cable to the built-in hdmi input port on your device (laptop, TV, etc.)

Step 5: After you have connected the hdmi cables to their respective hdmi ports, connect your nintendo switch to your nintendo switch dock.

Step 6: After confirming that your device is connected to the elgato game capture hd, you can start the elgato game capture hd software.

After you have completed the above steps, you can now play the nintendo switch on your laptop! you can also use your laptop hotspot to connect a nintendo switch to hotel wifi.

alternate capture card options

Although Envato is the best capture card available on the market for turning your laptop into a monitor for your switcher, there are other options available as well. let’s quickly go over two more capture cards if you decide not to use the elgato for some reason.

avermedia live gamer portable 2 plus

an alternative to the envato capture card is the avermedia live gamer portable 2 plus. This nifty little device is very easy to use and the installation procedure is quite simple. this proves to be advantageous for users who may not be tech-savvy or tech-versed. all you have to do is plug the hdmi cables into the avermedia live capture card.

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If you don’t have a laptop to record the games, don’t worry! avermedia capture card has a computer-free mode that you can use to record and capture gameplay in the highest quality i.e. 4k. however, all good things come with some drawbacks. although you can record in 4k, you will not be able to stream the game in 4k. however, most users don’t consider this to be too much of a disadvantage considering the nintendo switch displays a 1080p image in the first place.

razer ripsaw hd game streaming capture card

another high quality replacement device for the envato capture card is the razer circular saw. This capture card is packed with multiple features, including a headphone jack that can be used for monitoring purposes and a microphone that can be used for recording purposes. 4k support is yet another feature you can enjoy with the razer ripsaw capture card. however, one drawback is the fact that there is no separate software created specifically for the razer ripsaw capture card.

final words

If your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to the TV, there are a few options on how to use your laptop as a monitor for your Switch console. you can do this if you have a hdmi on which is quite rare. therefore, for most of us, the only way to properly connect the switch to your laptop is through a capture card. If you’re playing your switch during the day and sunlight makes your screen hard to see, check out our article on how to set your laptop screen to brighter than maximum.

now you have all the ammunition to go ahead and connect your switch console to your laptop. Don’t forget to read the user manuals for full instructions before proceeding. It’s always a good idea to keep up with hardware requirements, so be sure to read the product pages on Amazon to see if anything else in your setup needs a little more attention. good luck!

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