How To Connect Fake AirPods To Android - Techfixhub

How To Connect Fake AirPods To Android – Techfixhub

In today’s guide, I will show you how to connect fake airpods to android smartphone. So please note that original Apple AirPods do not work with Android devices. however, other earphones work perfectly with android phones.

Connecting your fake airpods with your android phone is as simple as pairing your phone with another bluetooth. yes you heard me It’s easy as you all think. this article will show you all the procedures to follow.

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airpods is currently one of the best and leading wireless earphones. Unfortunately, only iPhone and iPad users can use the wireless headset. but guess that? Some unknown companies have finally come up with the fake AirPods which can work properly with Android and other non-Apple devices. main looking fake airpods, it looks exactly like the original airpods, but it is fake and cannot be compared with main airpods in any way.

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many android users want to have the original airpods but don’t have the money to buy the airpods or iphone to use the airpods. However, many android users are already buying the fake airpods while some are looking for how to pair the fake airpods with their phones.

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Before I show you how to connect fake airpods to android, I’ll first answer just one question that a lot of people google.

do fake airpods work on android?

yes fake airpods work perfectly on android. fake airpods can work with ios with all full features like the original did. The original airpods can be connected with android phones, but some of the exclusive functions can’t be displayed on the android phone. for example, the power on screen and much more.

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the connection works by bluetooth. so the new version of bluetooth will be set down with the old version. but the transmission speed depends on the previous version.

how to connect fake airpods to android

As I said before, connecting your fake airpods with your android phone is as simple as pairing your phone with another bluetooth. Although some additional steps are required to pair both, however, this guide is here to show you the correct procedures to follow.

  1. put both airpods back into their charging case.
  2. now start the cover and examine the status light.
  3. press and hold the button on the back case for a few seconds.
  4. There is a LED inside the case that flashes white once it enters pairing mode. (It should only take about three seconds to hold the back button to enter pairing mode.)
  5. Once you’re in pairing mode, head into the settings app on your phone and find settings bluetooth.</li
  6. From there, start searching for a new device and tap airpods when you see it in your list.
  7. That’s it; once you touch it, the fake airpods will automatically pair with your android phone.

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now you can start using the fake airpods like the original airpods, however don’t forget what I said earlier. Fake AirPods look exactly like Apple’s top AirPods, but they don’t have the same features and can’t be compared to Top AirPods in any way. so there are also several interesting features in the fake airpods setup. if you pay to enable the pro version, you will start getting a persistent notification giving you an update on how much battery you have left.

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Now you have learned how to connect fake airpods to android. Therefore, there is a lot of confusion between airpods and android, and I think this article has helped to clear some doubts and confusion.

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