How to Connect a Magic Keyboard to an iPad

How to Connect a Magic Keyboard to an iPad

  • to connect a magic keyboard to your ipad, you can pair it through the bluetooth menu.
  • if you have the specialized magic keyboard for ipad, you can connect it using a simple magnetic stripe.
  • You can also connect keyboards to your iPad using the charging port.
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Touchscreens can be great, but sometimes you just want the convenience of a physical keyboard. for apple users, that usually means using a magic keyboard with your ipad.

The Magic Keyboard is a keyboard made by Apple that is portable and easy to connect. but there are also two versions: the regular magic keyboard which is made for mac, ipad and iphone; and magic keyboard for ipad which is only compatible with certain ipad models.

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Here’s how to connect both versions of the Magic Keyboard to your iPad, some more options if you want a different keyboard, and tips on what to do if your keyboard isn’t working.

how to connect a normal magic keyboard to your ipad

There are two ways to use the standard magic keyboard with your ipad: using bluetooth and using the charging cable.

to pair wirelessly via bluetooth:

1. Open your ipad’s Settings app and tap the bluetooth option.

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2. Make sure the bluetooth switch on the ipad screen is on and the bluetooth switch on the back of the magic keyboard is also on.

3. when it appears under other devices on your ipad screen, select the magic keyboard option.

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If your keyboard is already paired with a different device, you will need to unpair it before you can start this process. you can disconnect by turning off the keyboard or by disconnecting through the bluetooth section of your ipad.

Alternatively, if you have an iPad with a USB-C charging port, you can simply plug the Magic Keyboard in with a Lightning to USB-C charging cable. it should pair immediately.

how to connect magic keyboard for ipad to your ipad

if you have the magic keyboard made specifically for the ipad, the process is quick.

Quick note: Despite the name, Magic Keyboard for iPad actually only works with a few select iPad models. You’ll need an 11-inch iPad Pro or iPad Air (4th and 5th generation) to use it.

1. open the keyboard and fold it into place.

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Note that if you close the keyboard on the ipad during a phone or video call, the call will remain active.

how to connect other keyboards to your ipad

ipad supports many keyboards, not just official apple ones.

If the keyboard is wireless, chances are you can pair it using the same method as a regular Magic Keyboard. just put the keyboard into pairing mode and open your ipad’s settings app.

and if your keyboard has a wired usb connection, you can connect it to your ipad through the charging port. just keep in mind that depending on the keyboard and ipad you have, you may need an adapter to turn the usb cable into a lightning cable or a usb-c cable.

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what to do if your ipad keyboard doesn’t work

if you’ve followed all the instructions but your ipad doesn’t respond or recognize the new keyboard, don’t panic. there are some quick troubleshooting steps to take before assuming something is broken.

  • restart ipad and try pairing again. your ipad may just need a quick software update.
  • if you’re using a wireless keyboard, make sure it’s charged or has fresh batteries.
  • verify bluetooth is on for both ipad and keyboard.
  • if you are using magnetic magic keyboard for ipad, turn off ipad for a few seconds and then turn it on again. attach it.
  • make sure your ipad is fully up to date.

and if you’re using a magic keyboard, you’ll also want to make sure your ipad is actually compatible. Regular Magic Keyboard is compatible with almost all iPads released in the last five years, but iPad Magic Keyboard only works with the 11-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air (4th and 5th generation).

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