Can You Play Roblox With A Bluetooth Keyboard? (Full Guide)

Can You Play Roblox With A Bluetooth Keyboard? (Full Guide)

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roblox is a massively multiplayer online game that offers a variety of game genres and styles. Whether you’re interested in exploring all the possibilities or just looking for a specific type of challenge, Roblox offers something for everyone. but can you play roblox with a bluetooth keyboard?

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you can play roblox with a bluetooth keyboard. for an ios user you can do it by adding the keyboard controls under “accessibility” and “switch controls”. For Android users, you can also play on a PC using an emulator. however, there are limitations. You won’t be able to hold down the forward button on your keyboard to run the game, but tap the forward button multiple times.

roblox game is developed to play on mobile and tablet devices. but in this article, i will guide you how to play with bluetooth keyboard and show you how to play roblox on pc.

Can You Play Roblox With A Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse

What is Roblox?

playing games on roblox is actually an online platform and marketplace. As a platform for other people’s games, Roblox isn’t really a video game in and of itself. similar to steam compared to other online children’s games.

the fact that all roblox games are created by its users distinguishes it from other platforms in the gaming business, such as steam. It’s not just about playing games on roblox; it’s also about producing games. however, these games do not originate from roblox, but from its players.

If you want to learn more about roblox, learn how to build your own world, customize your games and much more, check out the latest roblox book here.

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how to play roblox with a bluetooth keyboard on ios

this step by step guide will show you how to play roblox or any mobile game using a joystick on ios with a bluetooth keyboard. Please note that this guide will only work on iOS 13 and above.

step 1: connect your bluetooth keyboard

first, you need to connect your bluetooth keyboard to your ios device.

  • go to “settings” > “bluetooth” and make sure bluetooth is turned on.
  • find your bluetooth keyboard in the list and connect it.
  • if you can’t find the keyboard in list, make sure the keyboard is in pairing mode.

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step 2: disable “full keyboard access”

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Before managing switch controls, we need to disable “full keyboard access” for this to work. if “full keyboard access” is enabled, the “switch control” options will be disabled.

  • go to “settings” > “accessibility” > “keyboards” > “full keyboard access
  • make sure “full keyboard access” is disabled.

Can You Play Roblox With A Bluetooth Keyboard

Step 3 – Make The First Switch Control (Forward)

The next thing you need to do is define what controls you want to use on the keyboard for the different actions in the game. the first button I want to activate is the forward button, using “w”.

  • go to “settings” > “accessibility” > “control switch<“

Can You Play Roblox With A Bluetooth Keyboard Guide

  • Then go to “Switches” > “Add New Switch” > “External
  • After going to “External”, the screen should say, “Activate your external switch“. Here you want to add the different functions. Remeber this since you will do this multiple times when defining the other actions.
  • Now, press “W” on your Bluetooth keyboard. A pop-up saying “New Switch” should appear. Name it “walk forward“. Then press “Save“.
  • Press “Tap” from the menu appearing.

has created a function to walk forward using the “w” on your keyboard.

step 4: make the rest change the controls you need

Now it’s time to create the rest of the features for the game by following the steps in “Step 3” above.

the main functions you need in roblox are:

  • walk forward (w)
  • walk backward (s)
  • walk left (a)
  • walk right (d)</li
  • skip (space)

You can also add the arrow keys to move the screen accordingly:

  • move screen left (left arrow key)
  • move screen right (right arrow key)

step 5: make a roblox recipe

The next thing you need to do is make a recipe for roblox to assign all the features the game should use.

  • go to “recipes” which you can find in: “settings” > “accessibility” > “control switch” > “recipes“.
  • go to “create new recipe” and give it the name of the game.

step 6: how to assign the switch to the recipe

Now, we need to assign the functions to the recipe.

  • tap the “assign a switch” option in the menu.
  • let’s set “w” first – press walk forward (w)

step 6.1: custom gesture

This step is a bit more complicated so pay attention.

  • after you have chosen “walk forward“, choose “custom gesture“.

With this feature, you’ll need to “show” the keyboard how you want to use this feature in-game. this is the screen that appears after clicking “custom gesture”.

Can You Play Roblox With A Bluetooth Keyboard

When you see this screen I would recommend you to go into Roblox and locate where on the screen the joystick in-game are located. Hover your finger over the joystick, return to Settings (using the other hand).

  • when you return to settings, drag the screen from the center where the joystick was in the game and drag it up, just like you would when playing the game. the screen should now look something like the image below.

Roblox Custom Gesture

!! When you assign the key it’s important that the iOS device is tilted the same way as when you play the game. Otherwise, you will not get the “Custom Gesture” right.

step 7: assign all switches to the recipe (no “jump”)

  • Now, assign the rest of the switches (except “jump”) to the recipe using the same guide shown in step 6.

step 8: assign the “jump” switch control to the recipe

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all switch controls except “jump” use the in-game joystick or drag the screen. for these functions, you must use a “custom gesture” when assigning the switch controls to the recipe.

  • The “jump” function is supposed to “touch” the screen and not drag it, so you have to click “hold on point ” instead of ” custom gesture“. will still work using “custom gesture”, but can be somewhat unstable and do strange things.
  • when assigning switch control using “hold on point“, will now touch the screen instead of dragging it.

step 9 – release recipe

After you’ve finished the recipe, you’ll want to start it and activate it in-game.

  • go back to “settings” > “accessibility” > “control switch” > “recipes” and touch “launch recipe“. here you can click on the recipe you made (probably called roblox).

Your recipe should now be launched and ready to use.

step 10: turn on the switch control

After doing all of this, you want to go back to the switch control screen and activate “switch control”.

  • do this by going here: “settings” > “accessibility” > “change control
  • activate “change control”.

step 11: play roblox on your ios device

now it’s time to log into roblox to test if the keyboard works as it should.

  • after entering the game, go to “settings” and set “motion mode” to “dynamic stick” .

Can You Play Roblox With A Bluetooth Keyboard

Photo from Roblox

As mentioned above, you will have to click the forward key to move forward, not hold it down.

how to play roblox on android using a bluetooth keyboard

you can play basically all android games on a computer using an emulator like bluestacks. this way you can play the game with bluetooth keyboard and even bluetooth mouse. this is how you do it:

  • search for the best app emulator (bluestacks, memu play, ldplayer, etc.).
  • complete the installation of the app emulator.
  • open google play in your pc after launching the app emulator.
  • search for roblox on google play.
  • roblox should be downloaded and installed.
  • to start, click on the icon when the installation is complete.
  • play roblox on your pc using an app emulator.

If you want to learn how to connect a bluetooth keyboard to an android phone, please refer to this article.

how can i access roblox software on pc?

because roblox is hosted in the cloud, you are not completely free to do what you want with it. there are roblox players and there are roblox studios if you want to create your own games and share them with others.

The first step is to go to you will get where you are going by:

  • Make sure you’re logged in.
  • The green “play” button will appear after you’ve logged in and clicked on a game.
  • the download starts as soon as you click the play arrow. A pop-up window will appear to notify you that the download is in progress. another popup may ask you to choose an app from a list.
  • choose “roblox” and then click the confirm button.
  • once the player installation is complete, you can start playing.


Using the switch controls, you can play roblox with a bluetooth keyboard on an ios device. for android, you can download an emulator like bluestacks and play it on your computer.

When you join Roblox, you can be whoever you want, do whatever you want, and share your creations with the world. a worldwide community has produced an unlimited number of immersive experiences for you to enjoy!

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