How To Connect Bluetooth To JVC Car Stereo

How To Connect Bluetooth To JVC Car Stereo

Today we are going to talk about bluetooth connection to your car stereo. I will give you step by step instructions on how to connect bluetooth to pioneer car stereo and put this knowledge into practice! let’s go!

First of all, let’s pair your smartphone with your car stereo. both devices must have a built-in bluetooth adapter and be visible to each other.

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#1. configuring bluetooth on your phone

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Before we start connecting your phone to your car stereo via bluetooth, please make sure your smartphone’s bluetooth is turned on. these steps are almost identical for iphone and android:

  • go to settings and check the “bluetooth” option.
  • verify that the option to detect your phone by other devices is enabled.
  • check the settings to keep your smartphone within reach at all times. Some smartphones are set to stay online for only a few minutes.
  • Important: If you don’t establish a connection with your car stereo for a while, your phone may also go out of range.

How To Connect Bluetooth To JVC Car Stereo

#2. checking out a stereo

Now let’s check if the stereo is ready to connect to the phone. most cars have a “bluetooth” button to activate device detection. some cars use voice commands to do this. Faced with such difficult situations, to know how to activate bluetooth on your car stereo, you should read your car manual. this section is usually called “streaming sound from your phone to the audio system” or “connecting devices to the infotainment system”.

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#3. connection

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To connect, there are two options: search for the radio’s phone and vice versa. In the first case, we choose your car stereo from the entire list of gadgets on the smartphone.

  • once connected, a password will appear on the screen.
  • to connect bluetooth to your car stereo, enter the password on the screen of your phone, then they will pair.
  • If there is no screen, you can find the password information in the manual. many cars have standard options, such as “111” or “1234”.

If the car is an old or used model, the connection may not be made at the first time due to poor compatibility or device failure. if there is a problem, all actions are carefully repeated again. now the device is connected to the audio system and connected to the boombox. and we have two wonderful opportunities:

  • to receive calls through the car audio system.
  • listen to music from the phone memory or from the internet.

end result

The touch and touchless gesture interfaces of modern stereo systems are not only progressive but also more convenient, this particularly applies to in-car infotainment systems. jvc is well aware of this; the Japanese company has introduced a couple of new car stereo systems with support for gesture commands on the touch screen. however, for now, these commands will need to be entered from a connected smartphone. and today you learned how to connect to jvc stereo system via bluetooth. I hope this article has been useful to you. Have a nice day!

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