How to Pair Jlab Earbuds?

How to Pair Jlab Earbuds?

How to Pair Jlab Earbuds?

How to connect jlab ear buds

Video How to connect jlab ear buds

If you’re looking for a new pair of wireless headphones, you can find a wide range of options. While most of them are fairly premium and not ideal for buyers on a budget, options like JLab offer a wide range of value for money and fairly affordable headphones. even at an entry-level price, their headphones offer pretty good audio quality. you also get several useful features from these wireless earphones for a pretty good user experience.

and in case you recently bought a new pair of jlab headphones, you’ll want to start using them right away. but before that you will need to pair your jlab earphones with your phone or any other device you want to use. In case you are unable to figure out the same from the included manual then we are here to help you. today we will show you how to easily pair jlab earphones with any device you want to use with them.

How to Pair Jlab Earbuds1

how to pair jlab earphones?

Those of you who already have a pair of jlab headphones may want to pair them right away for use with all your devices for listening to music and watching videos. Whether you are pairing your jlab headphones with a device for the first time or with additional devices, the entire process will remain the same, which is as follows:

enable pairing mode for your jlab headphones

To get started, you must first enable pairing mode on your jlab headset. this makes your jlab headphones discoverable by other devices and also disconnects them from any currently connected devices so you can pair them with others. As for enabling pairing mode on your jlab earphones, the process for the same will be different depending on whether you are using true wireless earphones or jlab wireless earphones. their respective matchmaking modes can be enabled by following the given steps:

  • jlab true wireless earbuds pairing: you need to press and hold the multifunction button on your jlab true wireless earbuds (both) for 3 seconds for them to enter pairing mode. If they are in pairing mode, the left earbud will have a white LED light and the right earbud will have a flashing blue and white LED light. some jlab earbuds may also have blue and white flashing lights on both earbuds.
  • jlab wireless earbuds pairing: similar to jlab true wireless earbuds, you need to press and hold the multi-button button on your jlab wireless earphones for 10 seconds to put them into pairing mode. once they are in pairing mode, their led light will start flashing red and blue.

find your jlab headphones on your phone, tablet or laptop

After you have enabled pairing mode on your jlab earphones, you can go ahead and find them using your preferred device. This can be any device like your phone, tablet, or laptop that supports Bluetooth connection with wireless audio devices. although, different devices will have different pairing processes which include the following on most major platforms:

  • android: if you are using an android phone or tablet, you should go to settings and go to bluetooth options. here, select the pair new device option which will show you a list of available devices where you need to select your jlab headphones to pair them.
  • ios: in case you have an iphone or ipad based on ios, you can pair your jlab earphones from the settings app. inside the settings app, you need to go to the bluetooth menu and select your jlab headphones in the other devices section to pair them.
  • macos: similar to your phones and tablets, the apple macOS also require you to go to bluetooth settings from system preferences. once you are in the bluetooth settings, you can select your jlab headphones from the list of available devices and click connect to pair them.
  • windows: with a windows computer , you can just use windows search to find bluetooth settings and other devices where you can select add a device option. now just choose your jlab earphones from the list of available devices to pair them.

complete the pairing process

To make sure your jlab earphones have been successfully paired, you can simply check its led indicator light. Once successfully paired, the LED on your JLab earphones will stop flashing or start flashing slower than before. Some JLab headsets can also play an audio signal telling you that the pairing process has been completed successfully. then you can play any media file on your device and listen to it using your jlab headphones.

How to Pair Jlab Earbuds

checking bluetooth connection

bluetooth on for jlab earboud pair

Even if you have followed all the jlab headset pairing instructions given above, there is a chance that your jlab headset will not pair. in that case you need to check if the problem is related to your audio output device or your jlab headphones. To test the same, you can first try to pair your jlab earphones with other devices you may have.

Similarly, you can also try to pair other audio devices with your device and see if it can be paired, which will tell you where the problem lies. you can simply reset the device you think is facing issues which may possibly fix your bluetooth connection, after which you can try to pair your jlab earphones once more.


Of all the wireless headphone options out there, jlab is one of the best when it comes to shopping for budget-friendly, affordable options. Not only do they offer great-sounding headphones at an affordable price, but most of these deals also offer a wide range of useful features at the same time. And in case you are also planning to buy a pair of jlab earphones then it is very important to know how to pair jlab earphones with your phone or any other device. Even though there is a user manual included with every JLab headset, following the pairing tutorial above should be much quicker and easier. If you have gone through all the information on how to pair jlab headphones provided above, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section. you can also post any questions there if you have any!

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