How to know whether your Apple Watch is connected to the internet or not

How to know whether your Apple Watch is connected to the internet or not

you need internet on your apple watch to use siri, make facetime calls and more. If you’re not sure if your Apple Watch has Wi-Fi, Cellular, or Internet connectivity or not, this tutorial has you covered. It will show you the different ways your Apple Watch can access the web and what its little network connectivity icons mean.

Internet Connectivity on Apple Watch

Quick Check

To quickly check whether your Apple Watch has an Internet connection or not, press the Digital Crown to call Siri. now, make a request and if successful, your apple watch will connect to the internet.

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Using Siri on Apple Watch

Being a watch owner, if you want to learn more about this topic, please continue reading.

internet connectivity on apple watch

apple watch can connect to the internet in three ways: wi-fi, cellular (on cellular models), or use internet from your iphone >.

To get started, open the watchos control center by swiping up on the watch face. If you’re inside an app, touch and hold the bottom of the watch face and pull up to bring up control center. your apple watch is connected to the internet if you see any of the three icons mentioned below.

1. green iphone icon

this means your apple watch is connected to your iphone via bluetooth and you can use the internet of your iphone. you will see this icon more often.

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even if you turn off wi-fi on your apple watch, the wearable device will use your iphone cellular (5g, 4g, 3g) or iphone wi-fi connection to access the internet. but if mobile data and wi-fi are also disabled on your iphone, the watch obviously also loses internet access.

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use case: your iphone is charging on the nearby table and you make a facetime audio call from your apple watch or use siri on it.

Green iPhone icon Apple Watch

2. Wi-Fi icon

When your Apple Watch is not connected to iPhone, but only to a known Wi-Fi network, you will see a small blue Wi-Fi icon instead of the green iPhone icon. this means your apple watch can connect to the internet even without the iphone nearby.

To verify, go to iphone settings (not control center) and turn off bluetooth and wi-fi. this will disconnect apple watch and iphone. In a few seconds, the little green iPhone icon in Control Center on your Apple Watch will be replaced with a Wi-Fi icon.

use case: you are at home or in the office and your iphone is turned off. Your apple watch is independently connected to the previously bonded known wi-fi and you can make facetime audio calls, use siri, download apps, etc., on your wrist.

Wi-Fi icon Apple Watch

3. Green bars or dots

If you have a cellular model of the Apple Watch and you’re out of range of your iPhone or known Wi-Fi, your watch will use mobile data to use Siri, make Facetime calls, and anything else that requires Internet.

Green cellular bars Apple Watch

The big green oval cellular tower icon signifies your Apple Watch is connected to mobile data. And the tiny small green bars (or dots) show the signal strength.

Cellular options Apple Watch Control Center

Source: Apple (In modern watchOS versions, dots are replaced by bars in the top-middle of the Control Center.)

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Use case: You go for a morning run, leaving your iPhone behind. Your cellular Apple Watch can use mobile data to make FaceTime calls, use maps, etc.

what does the red iphone icon with a slash on apple watch mean?

The tiny red phone icon means your apple watch is disconnected from the iphone. once you enable bluetooth on your iphone and apple watch, the devices reconnect. as a result, the red iphone icon is replaced by the usual green iphone icon.

if your iphone is not nearby, but your watch is connected to wi-fi or cellular (on cellular models), this red iphone icon is not displayed in control center.

Red iPhone icon Apple Watch

How to access Wi-Fi on Apple Watch

  1. open settings and tap wi-fi.
  2. tap wi-fi to enable or disable it .
  3. The Wi-Fi network that your Apple Watch is connected to appears under Wi-Fi. touch it to change auto join settings or forget this network. the other networks are listed below choose network. you can touch one from here to connect your apple watch.

Wi-Fi Settings on Apple Watch

The Wi-Fi icon is also present in the watchOS Control Center.

how to access bluetooth on apple watch

  1. open settings, scroll down and tap bluetooth.
  2. go past connected bluetooth devices or icloud (like airpods) to watch the bluetooth toggle. you can enable and disable bluetooth from here. tap (i) next to a device name to forget/delete it.

Bluetooth Settings on Apple Watch

Since your Apple Watch and iPhone connect to one another via Bluetooth, the watchOS Control Center does not have a Bluetooth icon to prevent users from accidentally or quickly turning it off.

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your apple watch and iphone use a combination of bluetooth and wi-fi for airdrop, airplay, find my, location services, fast transfer of screenshots from apple watch to iphone and more.

see the following:

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