How to Sync iPod with Chromebook - Crazy Tech Tricks

How to Sync iPod with Chromebook – Crazy Tech Tricks

Hello friends, Today I will tell you a method on how to Sync iPod with Chromebook. Users can sync iPad, iPod with any model of Chromebook. You can even download iTunes on Chromebook and sync iPod with Chromebook. You can sync music to iPod with Chromebook. Users can shuffle any music or sound with Chromebook. You can sync iPod nano with Chromebook.Sync iPod with Chromebook 2018

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how to download itunes on chromebook

itunes software is in high demand. many people want to use itunes software on their chromebook. but, if we talk about the itunes software version. so unfortunately there is no such version available on itunes to download on chromebook. however google play music can do our job which is to download itunes on chromebook. To access your iTunes music on a Chromebook, you must use Google Play Music on your Chromebook. so use google play music to import the music from itunes and then listen to it. let’s see how we can do it.

  1. open the web browser google chrome.
  2. now, download and install the google play music on your chromebook by clicking the add to chrome button.
  3. a popup will open, click add app.
  4. Now, wait a while and let google play music install on your chromebook.
  5. after that , launch the google play music web app in a new tab.

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that’s it. this is the best way to download itunes with chromebook.

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In the above section, we have the information that we cannot download the official itunes on the chromebook. but we can get access to our itunes music using goole play music on chromebook. Similarly, if you want to sync iPod with Chromebook, you need to use Google Play Music on your Chromebook. Before you sync ipod with chromebook make sure you have followed the above methods where i have told you how to get music from google play on your chromebook. so if you are ready to sync ipod with chromebook then we can start the guide.

  1. open google play music in the google chrome web browser and in a new tab.
  2. now, go to the menu button and then click on the upload music option.
  3. then a new page that says “listen to your itunes music with google play music“. Click the next button.
  4. then, enter a payment method and then click add card.
  5. a new page will open saying “google play music activation“, click activate.
  6. lastly, click finish and it will open the home page of google play music.
  7. click on songs to see the list of songs.

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that’s it. are you ready. In this way, you can easily and quickly sync your iPod with your Chromebook.

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this is the awesome way to sync ipod with chromebook. However, we have to use google play music in our google chrome web browser. however, it will help us to add the itunes music on it. Until now, Google Chromebook and Apple iPod have the only way to use and sync iPod with Chromebook. i hope you have learned how you have to sync ipod with chromebook. You can also share this article with your colleagues. By sharing the article on syncing ipod with chromebook, you will be amazed when you know how to sync ipod with chromebook.

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