How to Configure NVR for IP Camera on a Network? | Versitron

How to Configure NVR for IP Camera on a Network? | Versitron

The safety of property and people is an important requirement for any business. Nowadays, companies are investing in various types of security solutions to improve the security of their businesses. Over the years, Network Video Recorders (NVRs) have become one of the most popular security solutions. They are used with IP cameras to improve security. what makes them superior? how to configure nvr for ip camera on network? this post discusses everything you want to know about nvr and how to configure it for ip cameras.

what is nvr?

a network video recorder (nvr) is a system that features a software application. this system is designed to collect and store the videos captured by all the cameras connected to the network. nvr records these videos to mass storage devices. unlike other storage devices, there is no dedicated video capture hardware and the software is run on a dedicated device. nvr is generally used in ip video surveillance systems, and they are capable of transmitting video/audio data in a single cable.

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Network Video Recorder

A Brief Introduction to NVR Setup

nvr can be configured with or without a power over ethernet (poe) or non-poe switch. poe switches are used with cameras that support poe. The cameras connect to the NVR’s POE ports and do not require individual power adapters to work. non-poe models do not have ports to connect cameras. however, they have a built-in scan function that can scan the camera on the same network. poe models also use the scan function.

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To setup the nvr for ip camera on network using poe switch, you will need some components and accessories including power cable, ethernet cable, sata cables, security screw and power cable for installation of the hard drive. Most manufacturers provide technical assistance during the connection process or also provide an easy-to-understand instruction manual with the product and accessories.

nvr is very similar to digital video recorders (dvr). DVR is mainly used with analog cameras while NVR is used with IP cameras. it is basically a dvr of an ip camera.

Configuration of IP Video Network

How to Configure NVR for IP Camera with a PoE Switch?

you can find ethernet switches for ip surveillance in different configurations. setup starts with a hardware setup. this is how you can proceed with the hardware configuration:

When these steps are done correctly, the connection of the nvr and ip camera can be done easily. installing the software is the next step in the setup, and this can be easily done by following the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.

how to configure nvr for ip camera without poe switch?

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As discussed above, nvr without poe switch does not have ethernet ports on its back panel. use external power adapter or external poe switch to power each ip camera. As nvr with a poe switch, the configuration of nvr for ip camera without a poe switch also starts with the hardware configuration. here’s how to proceed:

recording will be enabled only when users add the cameras to nvr. this can be done easily by referring to the steps in the instruction manual.

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important questions about nvr setup with ip camera answered

here is everything you may want to know about ip camera nvr setup:

In addition to all the steps and points covered in the post, it is always important to check the compatibility of the nvr with the ip cameras on the network. Also, it is important to make sure the NVR supports the camera resolutions because many of them cannot support 12MP or 4K security cameras. Along with these, it is also important to use quality poe switches for the connection. versitron offers poe media converters and switches in different configurations.

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