How to Reset Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds & Headphones - Swift Moves

How to Reset Skullcandy Wireless Earbuds & Headphones – Swift Moves

skullcandy is a cheaper alternative to some of the top-of-the-line products that cut costs with a cheaper exterior and inferior sound quality.

Despite this unfortunate reality, these headphones are incredibly popular with younger audiences due to their lower price point and can be found in almost every retail store in the country. There are a number of different skullcandy products ranging from $200 all the way up to eight dollar earbuds that can be found at your local walmart.

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So, whether you have some comfy audio earmuffs or are stuck with miniature wireless earphones, this article will have you covered.

something that is never covered well in the instruction manual is the process of re-establishing the bluetooth connection from an audio device to a smartphone, computer, or whatever listening product you choose. To provide you with clear and concise instructions for relocating your music source, let’s go over how to reset each skullcandy product a person may own.

skullcandy headphone reset & headphones

As much as I hate to admit it, one day there will be a product that skullcandy launches after this article that won’t appear on the page. To help out these future friends in need, we’re going to go over a very basic rundown of how to reset skullcandy products, regardless of what type of earphone or headphone you’ve chosen to own.

While we won’t review the location of the buttons and switches found on your headset, you can rely on the instruction manual to get a general idea of ​​where each necessary menu item is located.

  1. To reset your skullcandy product, you will need to make sure it is not currently paired with any smart devices you currently have.
  2. Go to the device your headphones or earphones are on, pair, and delete the skull candy from the list of compatible devices in your bluetooth menu. you can also turn off bluetooth to be absolutely sure you forget about your headphones.
  3. turn off your skullcandy headphones or earphones. wait a few seconds to make sure they turn off properly.
  4. once the skullcandy headphones are off, press both the “+” button on the volume rocker and the power button. hold both for at least five seconds.
  5. if done correctly, your skullcandy product will now successfully reset and can be paired with a new device of your choice.

how to reset skullcandy indy evo

the first product we’ll review today is the subtle and aesthetically pleasing indy evo headphones. Whether it has a minimal black exterior or Budweiser’s special cover, the instructions for resetting these stylish headphones are the same.

  1. Just like the instructions above, go ahead and unpair your headphones in the bluetooth menu of your smart device. you can also disable bluetooth to ensure they are not paired yet.
  2. press and hold the main power button on both earbuds for a total of six seconds to turn them off.
  3. once turn off, press and hold the same power button for no less than 10 seconds.
  4. after the ten seconds are up, place your indy evo earphones in their case and wait for the corresponding led lights to flash red . now you can remove them from the case, the earphones will turn on by themselves and the led will turn blue while they connect to each other.
  5. an audio message will inform you when the earphones have been paired.
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After this, the headphones can be paired very easily with any device of your choice.

how to reset skullcandy earbuds tell me

reset skullcandy tell me earbuds is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Follow the instructions below and this process should complete in less than a minute, if not less.

  1. turn off bluetooth on your smart device and forget about headphones in the compatible bluetooth devices drop down menu.
  2. take the headphones out of their case and in a few moments they will turn on by themselves .
  3. double check that your headset is not connected, then press one of the headset buttons twice and hold for no less than two seconds.
  4. congratulations, you have successfully reset your skullcandy earbuds tell me.

an alternating red and blue light will indicate that you can now pair your headphones if you wish.

how to reset skullcandy jib earbuds

For those of us who like a pair of headphones that look like a miniature jump rope strewn across the back of our neck, and who wouldn’t, the skullcandy jib earbuds are an ideal choice.

  1. first things first, make sure your device has forgotten your skullcandy jib earbuds and has bluetooth turned off.
  2. now take the earbuds out of their charging case and turn them off. this can be achieved by pressing both power buttons for at least four seconds.
  3. When both earbuds are off, press both buttons again for at least ten seconds. this will reboot your earbuds but will also go through a power on and off process once more.
  4. your earbuds will turn on by themselves if done correctly and the lights will flash blue to indicate the earbuds are connecting to each other .
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Congratulations, you have successfully reset your skullcandy jib earbuds!

how to reset skullcandy push earphones

A personal favorite of mine, these little hearing isopods fit snugly in your ear, unfortunately they don’t reset that easily. however, they look really cool. this is an objective truth and in no way the personal opinion of the author of this article.

  1. you guessed it, turn off the bluetooth of your smart device after forgetting the skullcandy earbuds from the drop down list in the bluetooth menu.
  2. take the push earbuds out of their charging case and turn them off manually.

(the instructions listed by skullcandy from here on out are admittedly a bit confusing, try to follow me).

  1. press both power buttons on each earbud for no less than six seconds.
  2. if they are not off, be sure to turn them off now.
  3. once they are fully turned off, press and hold both power buttons for at least ten seconds, this will restart your headphones.

To check if you followed the instructions correctly, put both earbuds back into the charging case afterwards. if the led is red, take them out of the box. this will cause both earbuds to turn on and both led lights will start flashing blue. congratulations, you’ve reset your push headphones despite skullcandy’s convoluted design.

how to reset skullcandy sesh earbuds

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One of the most affordable wireless options on the market today, these earphones have a fairly simple setup to reset them to default pairing settings.

  1. remove your sesh earbuds from the list of compatible devices in your bluetooth menu, then turn off your bluetooth on the currently paired smart device.
  2. now take out only the left earbud and press the button six times, this will make the light flash red and turn off the headset. now you can put the earphone back in its case.
  3. now do everything in step two exactly as you did before but with the right earphone in place.
  4. If successful, the earbuds will start pairing with each other the next time they are removed from the charging case. you can determine this by an audio warning beep.
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none of that! now you can pair your sesh earbuds with any device you see fit to connect to.

how to reset skullcandy crusher headphones

If you’ve decided to opt for wireless headphones instead of in-ears, feel free to breathe a sigh of relief. The process of resetting your skullcandy headphones is incredibly easy, despite the lack of practical information that can be found on the internet on the subject.

  1. press and hold the top and bottom buttons on the right side of the earbuds and wait for the leds to flash yellow for three seconds.
  2. remove the skullcandy earbuds from any all bluetooth compatible lists you have on your smart devices.
  3. The headphones should now reset properly.

If this process seems simple and easy, just thank your lucky star that you didn’t buy the skullcandy push earphones.

how to reset skullcandy hesh & riff headphones

Whether you use skullcandy hesh headphones or prefer skullcandy riffs, they have a nearly identical reboot process.

  1. Please remove the skullcandy earphones from any bluetooth compatibility list and then turn off bluetooth on your smart devices.
  2. At the same time you will want to hold down the volume down button and the home button of your headphones for no less than three seconds. after the led flashes, an audio message will inform you that it is disconnected.
  3. the earphones will start pairing, indicating that the earphones have successfully reset. to be absolutely sure they have been reset, wait for a vocal tail saying “pairing”.

not so bad, huh? your headphones are now ready to pair with any new device you choose.


There are many reasons why we may need to reset our wireless headphones and the inability to do so due to lack of instructions is time consuming and frustrating.

With articles like this, you can confidently resolve any issues you may be experiencing with your skullcandy device. If you need any pairing or reset tips for other headphone brands, be sure to check out our other articles for more information!

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