How To Connect Hue Bridge Without Ethernet Cable - Robot Powered Home

How To Connect Hue Bridge Without Ethernet Cable – Robot Powered Home

After playing around with many smart devices, I can say without a doubt that the Philips Hue Bridge is definitely a must-have device in your smart home ecosystem.

I find the Hue Bridge very easy to use, so I would recommend it if you are just starting your smart home journey.

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the philips hue bridge can be connected to up to 50 different lights and supports voice control.

having recently purchased a philips hue bridge, i was delighted to discover that it works with apple homekit, unlike the philips wiz bulb.

also, since it is zigbee compatible, I used it to connect to all my other bulbs and light panels that work with the zigbee light handshake.

wondering if I could use it without the ethernet cables, I discovered that it doesn’t have a built-in wifi option.

That’s when I investigated possible methods to use it without ethernet. I figured out two ways to do it and tried it with success.

to connect hue bridge without ethernet, use a router with bridge mode and connect the device wirelessly or modify the internal circuitry of the hue bridge to be completely wireless.

possible solutions

Let’s explore both options in detail and consider the different benefits and risks associated with each.

buy a router that has bridge mode

an easy way to use your hue bridge without an ethernet cable is to spend some extra money to buy an additional component.

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You will need a wireless access point or router that comes with ethernet ports.

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In addition to ethernet ports, make sure your router has features like range extender and bridge mode.

Bridge mode on a router is a networking feature that allows users to connect two routers together.

When this mode is enabled, the router becomes a low-level switch, still transferring data but not performing any of the network access translation (nat) processes, such as ip address assignment.

This means that it allows the router to extend the reach of a network without processing the data passing through it.

Connect this router to your access point via bridge mode. using the access point and router in bridge mode allows you to use your hue bridge device without an ethernet cable.

rework of the internal circuit of the hue bridge

the philips hue bridge comes with a 802.11n/g wifi radio which is disabled by default.

you can enable it and use the hue bridge wirelessly. To do so, you can follow these steps.

  • You must first unscrew the adhesive panel from your bridge device to reveal the motherboard.
  • then solder a 1×6 header to j6 and connect a board connector to the pins.
  • finally, load the bootloader on your pc, get root access to the device and overwrite your settings.

one thing to note is that while this method shows that the wifi interface is fully operational, it can only be configured within the native linux-derived openwrt operating system.

This means that you should not only have a good understanding of linux-based operating systems and file management, but you should also know how to open a remote connection to your hue bridge using an ssh client like putty.

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This method may seem complicated. It would be helpful if you had a clear understanding of electronic circuits and computer programming.

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however, there is a risk of voiding your warranty if you try this method.


It is possible to turn your Philips Hue bridge into a wireless device. is counterintuitive due to how simple this device is intended to be in operation.

however, suppose you want to use it wirelessly. in that case, after experimenting with the two options, I suggest you choose the method of buying a bridged router and connecting the device wirelessly.

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frequently asked questions

how do i connect my philips hue bridge without a router?

There are two possible ways to connect your Philips Hue Bridge without a router.

One way is to manually enable Wi-Fi by opening the device and manipulating the hidden Wi-Fi radio inside.

The other method is to buy a wireless access point and then use this device to connect to your access point.

does my hue bridge need to stay connected to the router?

yes, the hue bridge must remain connected to your router or whatever access point you are using via an ethernet cable at all times.

what can I use if I don’t have a hue bridge?

assume you don’t have a tone bridge. in that case, you can consider the following options:

  • use philip hue bluetooth bulbs
  • use a hue dimmer switch
  • use amazon echo as a hub
  • use an ikea tradfri gateway as center
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does the hue bridge need to be in the same room?

no, the philips hue bridge does not need to be in the same room as the hue bulb.

it is enough that the hue light is in the range of another hue bulb, as they will group together to form a zigbee mesh, repeating the signal, which in turn will increase the effective range of the hue bridge .

how do i change the network on my hue bridge?

since your hue bridge works over an ethernet connection, changing your network is as simple as connecting the ethernet cable to a different router or access point.

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