How to Use HomePod Mini as Mac Speakers

How to Use HomePod Mini as Mac Speakers

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You’d think it would be easy to set up two of Apple’s smart speakers, whether they’re two HomePod Minis or two HomePods, and use them as dedicated computer speakers for your MacBook Pro or iMac. but is not. in fact, the mac menu bar won’t let you select a set of stereo paired homepods as your default speakers.

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You can designate a single HomePod or HomePod Mini as your Mac’s speakers, but not a stereo pair. It’s a bit disconcerting considering that it’s actually very easy to designate two HomePods or two HomePods Minis as default TV speakers with an Apple TV. You can also use a single HomePod or HomePod Mini as the only TV speaker for your Apple TV, but it won’t deliver that superior stereo sound.

We expect apple to release a macOS update in the near future that will allow you to designate two homepods or two homepods minis as speakers on your computer. Until then, there is some kind of hack or workaround that allows you to set up two HomePods or two HomePods Minis as computer speakers. it’s messy and really only works with apple’s own apps like music and tv so I don’t really recommend it. but if you are desperate, this is what you should do.

how to use two homepod minis as computer speakers

(note that the following steps work with two homepods or two homepod minis)

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1. make sure your two homepod minis are set to a stereo pair (see here) and are located in the same room as your mac.

2. open the apple music app on your mac, select the airplay icon in the upper right corner, and select stereo paired homepod minis as default speakers. be sure to deselect your computer speakers as well.

3. minimize the apple music application (but do not close it), open finder and select applications folder on the far left of the window. open the utilities folder and select the midi audio setup application (it looks like a piano).

4. In the new window that appears, select the “+” icon in the lower left corner. select the create aggregate device option from the dropdown menu. then check the box that says airplay under “use”.

5. minimize, but do not close, the midi audio settings app and open system preferences, which you can find in the search app. open the sound folder and, under output, select added device.

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6. celebrate, you got it.

Please note that after setting your two homepods or homepod minis as the default speakers on your mac computer, there are some complications.

First thing to know: You can only adjust the volume by tapping the “+” or “—” icons on the actual speakers, which means you can’t adjust the volume from your keyboard or the mac volume controls. It sucks, but hey, we said this was tricky.

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The other thing is that you can never close the apple music app you opened to originally set up the two homepods as computer speakers. doing so will undo the entire setup process and you will have to do it all over again.

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