Connect to Home WiFi Remotely - 3 Easy steps

Connect to Home WiFi Remotely – 3 Easy steps

You have your Wi-Fi router that allows you to do all sorts of things from the comfort of your own home, whether it’s seeing someone you love, attending meetings, or even getting an education. what about all this? your router allows you to turn your home into a smart home, controlling all appliances remotely!

If remote access to a whole world of things is made possible by your home internet, how about accessing your home router remotely?

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sounds great, right? surely it is.

but wait, does that mean you can access your home internet while you’re away from home? nope.

By accessing your router remotely, I mean that while you are physically away from home, you can control your router settings. this includes a large number of options; let’s explore them next.

why would you want to access your router remotely?

When you’ve enabled access to your router’s settings even when you’re not home, you can enjoy many benefits. these include:

monitor who is using your wifi

This may sound a bit horrible or even selfish. but let’s speak clearly; necessary. when you pay for your network connection, you decide who gets the connectivity.

so when you enable your router for remote access, you can easily monitor the people who are using your router anytime, anywhere. you can remove your access or limit it. this way you make sure that no guests or neighbors are taking advantage of your home network.

You can also modify the settings to disable the guest network altogether. what that implies is that only you and your family members can use the wifi.

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take care of your children

Now, if you’re a parent, you’re probably breathing a sigh of relief hearing this. When you can access your router remotely, you can monitor and control the content your kids are watching on their mobile phone, tablet, computer, or anything connected to Wi-Fi.

If your router allows parental controls, you can set it up, making sure your kids don’t roam the banned sites in your absence. Isn’t that exactly what you want as a parent?

relieving technicalities

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This is a third and significant benefit you’ll get from allowing yourself to access your router remotely.

every family has at least one technician, or even more. With remote access in place, you can grab the services of your technician even when they’re anywhere but at home.

Whether your spouse is at work or your kids are on vacation, you can conveniently ask them to resolve your wi-fi problem without having to return. if you’re the tech person, enabling this feature will save you a hassle.

how to connect to home wifi remotely?

To enjoy remote management of your router beyond the comfort of your home, you need to have a few things. First of all, the device you plan to access your router must be connected to an internet network.

Second, you’ll need to remember some information related to your router. These include your router’s IP address, admin username, and password (more on all of these below). you can write them down somewhere for convenience or enter them into your brain’s memory.

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Leaving the prerequisites aside, let’s review and discover the three easy steps you need to follow to set up remote management of your router.

step 1: enable remote sharing

remote sharing means accessing your router from outside your home or from your personal network space. While this step will eventually allow you remote access, you must be near your router to set up remote sharing.

To enable this option, open a browser on any of your devices running on a smooth Wi-Fi network. now, enter your router’s ip address in the search bar.

If you don’t know your router’s ip address, you can easily find it on the back of your router device. an example is:

Next, you will be prompted to enter the administrator username and password. put in these credentials. once logged in, enter your router’s web portal.

now look for the remote access options. some routers refer to it as remote management. either way, you’ll likely find the option in advanced settings. once found, enable it.

step 2: enable dynamic dns

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since your dynamic ip address is somewhat public, you need to have dynamic dns to ensure your remote access connections are well integrated with your router.

by setting up dynamic dns through a dns service, you can enjoy having a fixed domain name, despite ip address fluctuation.

To have a dynamic dns, you need to find a dns provider. there are a lot of dns providers available, some with and some without payment options.

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Choose the server that is best compatible with your router. For setup, you will be prompted to set a new hostname along with a new subdomain. then enter this information into your router’s control panel.

You will notice that your domain ends with ‘:8080’. while this is the default value, you can enhance it for added security.

Step 3: Access your router remotely

here, you are done with everything you had to do. now, check all the settings to make sure it works smoothly. it would be ideal to do this from outside your home network, using an external internet connection.

to make sure the system works or not:

  • Open your phone’s web browser.
  • Enter your router’s ip address (same as used in system settings) in the search bar. you will get to a login page.
  • enter your username and security key and login.

and there you are! all your remote access features available to you beyond your network.

Here, you can check who is using your internet connection, enable parental controls, and identify your connection speed.

closing words

You probably never knew the superpower your router actually possessed until now. is loyal to its services for you even when you are far and beyond.

Make sure you get the most out of them, so the odds are still in your favor when things change.

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